“Self-Reliance & Sustainable Development” – Energy Production

NB – This continues the ongoing transcription of a 2002 ‘Manifesto for a Democratic Socialist Bermuda’, which I wrote for the purpose of initiating discussion about organising a democratic socialist (DS) Party in Bermuda. I am reproducing it here for it’s historical interest, it’s role in the genesis of this blog itself, and for the purpose of stimulating discussion in the future.


The steps mentioned in the previous section would greatly reduce our consumption of imported fuels, but not render us independent from them. However, the technology for renewable resources does exist, and Bermuda can and should implement them.

Solar power is an obvious option, and the rooftops of Hamilton alone may be converted into a large collective solar power plant in this way. Additionally, a large solar power plant may be constructed on the former baselands (Morgan’s Point) and solar panels may be installed throughout the island on residential roofs. [This to be done with care not to detract from the aesthetic appeal of our white-washed roofs.]

Solar power may be further supplemented with hydrogen-based plants, with the hydrogen being made available from desalinisation plants.

Some power may also be generated by exploiting the tides, especially through Flatts Inlet, and the swells off south shore. The potential for wind-based power requires further study however, but small turbines may be possible throughout the island.

Aside from rendering the island virtually energy independent, these policies would enhance tourism (through the focus of ‘green tourism’), reduce pollution greatly (especially by removing the general threat of a catastrophic oil spill on our shores), and reduce the ‘leakage’ of hard currency out of Bermuda.


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