“De-militarisation & the Bermuda Defense Forces” Part One

NB – This continues the ongoing transcription of a 2002 ‘Manifesto for a Democratic Socialist Bermuda’, which I wrote for the purpose of initiating discussion about organising a democratic socialist (DS) Party in Bermuda. I am reproducing it here for it’s historical interest, it’s role in the genesis of this blog itself, and for the purpose of stimulating discussion in the future.


The DS opposes the presence of any foreign military troops and equipment within Bermudian territory, and views such a presence – however innocent in appearance – as a form of foreign aggression towards Bermuda. The DS opposes all military that is offensively oriented as a whole, and refuses to allow Bermuda to be used as a refueling stop by NATO (primarily the USA), especially as long as NATO is viewed as maintaining a Pax Americana.

Foreign troop presence serves either as a direct threat to Bermudian sovereignity, or indirectly as a mechanism of NATO maintaining its global hegemony through the awe (both wonder and fear) that their presence instils in the population. Furthermore, all military outside of its own national territory carrying offensive weaponry (as opposed to purely self-defense purposes), while perhaps not being used to ‘pacify’ Bermuda and Bermudians, either has that potential or it may be used against fellow humans, directly or indirectly, with the majority of its victims being little more than innocent pawns in a game between national boss-classes. This is to say, the DS has a radical pacifist vision for Bermuda in these matters.

As a matter of tactics all foreign troop presence is to be protested along these and various other grounds (depending on the context) until Bermuda is declared a military free-zone. All foreign military presence beyond that time will be required to wilfully surrender their equipment on entering Bermudian territory, although they will have their vessels (minus munitions) released and serviced sufficient to allow them to return to the nearest alternative port. Failure to comply in this manner would subsequently be perceived as an act of aggression towards Bermuda, and will be treated accordingly.

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