“Against Stalinism”

NB – This is a continuation of a 2002 manifesto, drafted for the purposes of organising a ‘Democratic Socialist Party’ of Bermuda (DS).

While the DS views the Russian and Chinese revolutions as tremendous successes by oppressed peoples against their oppressors, and significantly bettering the majority of people within both Russia and China, it – the DS – thoroughly opposes Stalinism. Stalinism, the rise of an elite bureaucratic caste which arose in both states, and signalled the failure of the respective revolutions, was the success of a counter-revolution from within.

To the DS, Stalinism is equated with the fascism of Hitler and Mussolini, using socialist rhetoric in name only – a much more extreme version of the ‘wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing’ that we currently see in the ‘Third Way’ social democratic parties (such as the PLP). Just as the DS must study and oppose the Third Way, so must we study and oppose Stalinism in all its forms.

The DS must be prepared to defend itself from slander that would confuse democratic socialism with both social democracy and Stalinism.

Thanks to the West’s Cold War propaganda, brandishing the DS as advocating Stalinism is an easy, and perhaps inevitable, tactic of the bosses in all their forms.


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