“Parliamentary & Extra-Parliamentary Activities”

NB – This is a continuation of a 2002 manifesto, drafted with the intention of organising a ‘democratic socialist’ (DS) Party for Bermuda.

Bother parliamentary and extra-parliamentary activities are to be followed by the DS. The DS seeks to form a majority government – that such an event would see the dissolution of the current Westminster system and the development of a new democratic system is irrelevant; the current system is to be viewed as a powerful tool for realising this change.

When the DS fails to form a majority government, it will seek to defend and advance the interests of the workers as best it can, while continuing a constant critique of the right and holding up an alternative democratic socialist system.

Even when the DS enters parliament it is to maintain extra-parliamentary activities. These include the aforementioned activities with organised labour, as well as communication with the community throughout the parliamentary term (as opposed to canvassing solely during election campaigns), and critiquing the current system while providing an alternative model – that of democratic socialism.

All available media is to be used to this end, with a ‘party organ’ [newspaper/website] being viewed as an invaluable tool for this purpose (ideally both printed and online).

Terrorist activities are to be avoided as these tactics are counter-productive, aiding only the ruling powers. Self-defence of the DS and the workers is advocated however.

The DS seeks as smooth a transition to democratic socialism as possible, but has no illusions (practical experience has shown this) that the ruling powers (Bermudian and/or international – UK/USA) will simply allow democratic socialism to be established without any resistance. As such, the DS must study and learn from past events (locally and internationally) and be prepared to actively defend the gains and interests of the working class.

This point must be stressed, as many would seek to distort and slander the position of the DS on this point; the DS always advocates the non-violent transition to democratic socialism, but based on all prior historical experience, is willing to, when – and if necessary – to defend the gains and interests of the workers actively and with whatever means are available to it.

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