Reflecting on the past…

I was in the garage earlier today, rifling through some old boxes I shipped to Scotland in 2008. I didn’t find the document I was looking for, but I did come across an old notepad from 2002. This notepad contains several drafts of a document I was writing in order to clarify my thoughts on Bermudian issues and politics in general. My intention was that is should serve as a ‘founding paper’ of a ‘democratic socialist’ movement in Bermuda.

While I never finished it, completing only fourteen of the twenty-two chapters I set out to write, the act of writing it helped me develop foundational positions on a number of issues which have since informed my actions and political positions since.

Seeing as I had thought I had long since lost this document to the ravages of time, and out of curiosity to see how my own positions have changed since 2002, I am going to publish it here. My thinking is that it could give some insight into my own development, as well as potentially stimulate discussion, as per it’s original, unrealised, objective over a decade ago.

It’s far too large to write as a single post, so, what I’ll try and do is publish it chapter by chapter, and give my 2012 thoughts on it as a ‘comment’ afterwords. I welcome, of course, additional comments on each piece.

For background purposesAt the time of writing this document I was living mostly in Toronto, working odd-jobs and looking for more permanent employment. I returned to Bermuda in December of that year, after almost a year of looking for full-time work (my biggest obstacle was immigration issues in the post-9/11 environment), joining the Regiment in January 2003. I wrote this in between shifts or during meetings of various underground movements I was involved in at the time in Canada.


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