New Bermuda Blog – Focus on Planning & Design Issues

I meant to post this earlier but somehow it got dropped by the wayside, so my apologies for the late announcement!

While many blogs in Bermuda have either fallen dormant or have become sporadic in their activity – with much of the current discourses, political or other, now occurring on Facebook, Bernews and the RG online – it brings me great pleasure to announce the formation of a new blog – Planning & Design Bermuda!

This new blog focuses, as one may guess by it’s name, on issues of planning and design in Bermuda. It’s creator, Aideen Ratteray Pryse, is a former planner and a consultant for planning matters in Bermuda, and so she brings a wealth of experience in these areas. As matters of planning have moved increasingly into the public focus, with various SDOs and upcoming issues like the National Infrastructure Plan, the redevelopment of the Hamilton waterfront, the new City of Hamilton plan and the start of the new Bermuda Plan, I expect this blog to make an important contribution to the public discourse, and I welcome it’s arrival on the scene!


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