War criminal to speak in Bermuda?

Reading the RG Online today I see in the Business section that Business Bermuda has arranged for a Mr. James Woolsey to speak at their AGM on February 22nd. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal; on the face of it Mr. Woolsey has of late made his name evangelising about ‘green capitalism’, and with the recent focus on this theme (even Premier Cox has been extolling its virtues as one of the new industries for Bermuda, along with aquaculture, space, and Islamic finance).

However, Mr. Woolsey is also a former CIA director and has been involved in a series of crimes against humanity throughout his career, principally in his CIA role in aiding and abetting US orchestrated state terrorism. Most recently he figured prominently in the neoconservative think tank ‘Project for the New American Century’ which heavily influenced US policy under President George W. Bush. He was also a strong advocate for the Iraq war, being one of the first – in the hours immediately after 9/11 – to accuse Iraq of being involved in that atrocity and call for war against Iraq. He later allegedly went on to profit from the war itself and it’s subsequent occupation, being heavily involved with the now disgraced Ahmed Chalabi. Today he is one of the leading hawks calling for war with Iran.

I do not have the time right now to here lay out the full case against Mr. Woolsey, I have only been able here to provide an outline. I hope that readers will spend some time doing their own research on this individual and come to their own conclusions about his role as a war criminal.

To me, he played an active role in facilitating the illegal war and subsequent occupation of Iraq, and continues to spew forth hate speech regarding Arabs and Islam (he once famously, I believe, described all US Muslim organisations as fronts of miltant Jihadists, for example), as enough to regard him as a war criminal.

He is being brought here no doubt to speak on Green issues. The local Greens, such as Greenrock, should carefully investigate his background and work out their position on him.

For those who were active in the resistance to the Iraq war, notably the Bermuda-4-Peace movement, I would hope that they have sufficient time (about a month) to both investigate this person and organise accordingly.

I myself will seek to provide more detailed information on him shortly.

Ideally I would like to see a campaign directed against Business Bermuda for bringing this war criminal here, as well as an attempt to arrest him for his crimes.

Some initial links concerning Mr. Woolsey:



On his war profiteering:



There’s a whole load of YouTube videos regarding him too:


NB – While Business Bermuda does not advertise an email address on their website (should anyone wish to register their opposition to their support for this war criminal), they are advertising an essay competition for the event. The topic of the essay is ‘Bermuda – Physically Small but Globally Significant’. While the competition is for 13-19 year olds, perhaps readers may wish to register their protest through this way? After all, Bermuda arresting a war criminal surely would be globally significant. Perhaps our schoolchildren can be encouraged to research this war criminal and write on it also? All essays are to be emailed to ypackwood@businessbermuda.org.


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