Three Fundamental Questions

I believe that there are three fundamental questions that a ‘revolutionary’ must seek to answer, and to periodically return to. Each of these three questions themselves lead to a cascade of additional issues growing organically from them. Nonetheless, every ‘revolutionary’ needs to at least develop (consciously or unconsciously) their general positions on these fundamental questions.

These are:

(1) Why be a ‘revolutionary’?

(2) What is the ‘problem’ – what is one being a revolutionary against?

(3) What is to be done? This means, how does one realise the revolution; how does one ‘solve’ the problem and realise the ideal which led one to becoming a revolutionary in the first place?

As noted above, the revolutionary must constantly return to these three fundamental questions. The nature of the problem itself is in a constant state of evolution, as is the revolutionary’s perspective and understanding of the problem, and knowledge of how to go about resolving the problem. The understanding of the revolutionary ideal that motivates the revolutionary can also change over time. And ones understanding of the nature of the problem greatly informs what strategies and tactics should be employed by the revolutionary; the nature of the problem can change in reaction to these, and new strategies and tactics need to be developed as a result.

Over the next couple of posts I hope to give my answers to these fundamental questions and address at least the initial issues and additional questions that stem from these.


2 thoughts on “Three Fundamental Questions

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