Taking Stock

I apologise for the lack of posting. As some readers may know I recently left Bermuda to return to Scotland, after being on island for the last seven months. In that time I had hoped to secure permanent employment, but, quite frankly, the job market, especially in my field area, is not all that great at this moment at time. As such, I have returned to Scotland and resumed academic studies, having been offered a terrific opportunity of a fully-funded doctoral studies in urban studies. I am honoured to have been offered this opportunity, and look forward to the challenges that it will involve.

As part of the relocation to Scotland I have had limited computer and internet access, but I hope to make arrangements for a computer this week, and should be able to post more frequently afterwards.

In the time since my last post though I have had the opportunity to engage in a little introspection. I personally find such moments productive, an opportunity to take stock of where one is and what one has done, and, from there, look towards where one may be going, which is partly in ones own control.

One of the subjects I have been considering over this time concerns what it means to be a ‘revolutionary’. One of the original intentions of this blog was to introduce revolutionary theory, based on my readings of Marxism, in a Bermudian context. I haven’t always (at all really) done much in the way of realising such a goal. For the most part this blog has been devoted mostly to reflective and reactive commentary on local Bermudian politics, and occasionally some international matters.

I hope that, with the ‘job security’ of the next three years, I’ll be able to redress this lack of theoretical discussion here. I don’t claim to be a ‘theoretician’ by any means. I will, however, just simply do my best to explain my own thoughts on what I personally see as key theoretical questions and how my positions on these relate to the ‘practical’ actions or positions I have taken over time, and how I came to develop (and continue to evolve) these ‘theoretical’ positions. I welcome any feedback that these may cause; otherwise I am happy to just commit my thoughts to writing for the benefits that this alone provides to ones own thinking.


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