Overseas Territories Consultation

The UK Government is currently asking for contributions to their work on a White Paper on the relationship of the UK to its Overseas Territories. This initiative was launched (I believe) in September 2011 and the deadline for contributions is, I understand, 2359hrs on December 31st, 2011. That leaves just over a week for anyone who is interested in contributing.

They have created a website for this purpose, complete with some information and questions.

I will spend the next couple of days reviewing their site before deciding whether or not to contribute. I will leave it up to others to decide if they want to do the same, or if they wish to put their responses together in this thread, which I’ll send to the FCO, either as an appendix to my own contribution or as a separate document.

Without reading over their information so far, I will say that I think we need a new Constitutional Convention to modernise and reform our relationship with the UK (in as much as we remain a colony), and I would like each Overseas Territory to have a representative (an MP) in Westminster. Furthermore, I think that these OT-MPs should have a veto vote of some kind on matters relating to the territories.

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