Reignition – Sort Of…

As per my previous post, I am preparing to resume blogging actively. Also, as noted in that post, I am going to experiment with what I am going to call ‘meta-blogging’. I haven’t researched to see if that’s a new term or even if it’s a novel idea, but after taking a few months off from blogging, I thought I may as well try something slightly new.

Basically I intend to have a constellation of blogs, each with their own particular focus, and together they will collectively operate as a single blog. At least that’s the plan. I outlined in that earlier post my general intention, and I’ve now had time to get the blogs dedicated to Islamic Economics and Marine, Agri/Aqua-culture & Planning more or less ready. I hope to have the other blogs up shortly.

I intend to move my political and theoretical postings, that is, the essence of Catch-A-Fire, to a more appropriately named blog shortly as well. This site itself will continue to be in operation; in fact it will serve as the ‘mother-site’ for the constellation of blogs. Whenever I post a new article on a blog I will post a summary of it here, so readers can use this site to generally skim my overall postings. Of course, the previous postings here will remain where they are and available for review.


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