Stoking the embers…

It has been a while now since I even logged on into wordpress, however I am gearing up to resume my blogging activities. It will take me a little while to warm up and really get going again – it’s been just under half a year practically – but I expect to be fully up to speed for the New Year.

As part of the ‘reignition’ of my blogging activites I am going to make a few changes. In particular, I have been toying with the idea of a ‘Ring of Fire’ (yes, I was listening to Johnny Cash at the time…) in the sense of a constellation of blogs, each with their own theme and focus.

Over the years of running this blog I’ve created a few others which are not publicly known. Some of these were set up as initial ideas (such as changing to a more appropriate address) that were never followed through; some were set up pro bono for other entities who then decided not to pursue that approach; and some were simply set up for the purpose of experimenting with behind-the-scenes aspects of wordpress. It seems a waste to just have them idling in cyberspace, so I plan to utilise them in new ways. It will be an experimental approach, and may fail, but I reckon it’s worth a try.

I’ll roll these out over the next couple of weeks, but in general my intention is to create the following:

1) Start recontributing to Bermuda JEWEL; contributions there will focus largely on policy analysis and critiques of such things as Throne and Budget Speeches.

2) Restart my blog focused on my experiences in Scotland with a focus on exploring Scottish culture, cuisine, politics and places. A particular focus of this blog will be highlighting opportunities for further education in Scotland for Bermudians.

3) Two separate blogs will highlight some key policy themes being pushed by the current PLP Government, namely the Blue/Green Economy (marine resources and renewable energies) and Islamic Finance. The former will seek to focus on marine issues, agricultural and aquacultural issues and planning matters, and the latter will attemt to focus on issues of Islamic Finance, philosophy and the politics of the Middle East and North Africa.

4) I plan to dedicate an entire blog to matters of Bermudian labour issues (industrial action, labour legislation, organisation, media, etc.).

5) ‘Catch-A-Fire’ will remain a site devoted to general political/economic commentary on local, international and theoretical issues. I stress that I will be doing this from now on from a purely independent and socialist perspective rather than my previous position as an independent pro-PLP blogger. The difference may be subtle but I think it should be noted.

As noted, I hope to roll these out shortly and to have active blogging going again relatively soon.


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