Bigger Than Jesus?

I gotta say, I was shocked to read the RG article today about Minister Butterfield complaining (and threatening a boycott of) about the AME Church not providing her and Deputy Premeir Burgess and Attorney General Scott ‘preferred seating’ at the front of the Church. A clear sub-text in the article is that the Govenment representatives felt particularly slighted because they were offered seats behind the Opposition Leader, Mr. Swan.

Minister Butterfield apparently went of on a tirade about Churches needing to learn Government protocol and invoking the Queen of England and US Government representatives to ask if they would have suffered the same apparent indignity. The Church itself apparently has hitherto had a policy that all people are VIPs in the face of God and there is no preferred seating arrangements, with seating apparently being based on time of arrival than anything else.

It’s incidents like this that show how decadent and elitist the party has now become. It is so far out of touch with the grassroots or a sense of humility that it is almost unbelievable that they are complaining over such percieved slights. The Party has no shame it would appear, and definitely seems to think that, in the eyes of God, they are VIPs in need of special treatment more than other members of the congregation. The attempt to invoke foreign dignitaries and ask how they would have been treated is irrelevant. If the policy of the Church had been that no one is more important in the eyes of God, then that is the policy.

Minister Butterfield should issue an immediate apology to the AME Church and the other Ministers involved (Messers Burgess and Scott) should publicly distance themselves from this affair. I cannot say that the sentiments expressed by Minister Butterfield are that of the Party (in the sense of its public face), but unless the Party publicly rebukes her and her apparent fellow petty Minister, that will remain the perception. I am not a Christian, this is true, but for party members, and high-ranking ones at that, to articulate such elitism as to imply they are somehow bigger than Jesus (to be poetic) is the height of decadence.

Apologise now or face the consequences of the public’s and grassroot’s wrath at your peril, is all I can say.


15 thoughts on “Bigger Than Jesus?

  1. this doesn’t smell right and smacks of rg trix – i’m still amazed that u of all ppl starling take the rg as gospel r u gonna quote fox news next – also if u haven’t heard obama gave osama a muslim burial at sea bcuz obama’s really a muslim – read it in a newspaper so its gotta be true right

  2. I’m told that Minister Butterfield forwarded the incriminating e-mails herself. She had no shame, it seems. You’ll note also that many of the most elitist arrogant sayings are direct quotes.

  3. @ alex – who told you – i’ve yet to see them – can we stop dealing in hearsay were is the proof – if it is true then fine but the gazette has not earned the respect to be taken at face value in regards to politics in bda

  4. @vanz – The article heavily quoted the e-mails from the Minister and showed a picture of them.

    Also, the most outrageous and incriminating statements were direct quotes from the Minister herself – if these were fabricated then she would have already filed (and won) a libel suit against the paper.

  5. “…if it is true then fine…”


    Shoot the messenger, ignore the actual problem.

    I love how Vance has the nerve to talk about respect, after all the lies and racist demagogy he’s partaken in. Who’s closer to Fox News style than Mr. Chapman?

    If the Gazette is lying, then Minister Butterfield should and could sue. She hasn’t. She hasn’t even denied this happened, which she surely would if it didn’t, no?

    But it’s all the RGs fault, right?

    Must be an election coming soon…

  6. 1. i stik by my contention that it doesn’t smell right – the racist gazette is trying to paint the mps as simply being arrogant for the hell of it, as usual they are putting in some facts leaving out others to shape the story to their agenda – also didn’t teh church apologize -if so aren’t THEY admitting that the error is on their part – pls give me some of the incriminating statements as i have not seen them – 2. most ppl get that the gazette is not 2 b taken seriously 3. libeling and slandering ppl in bda seems to b a national affliction that never seems to get to the legal level so i don’t put any stock into the fact that no libel suits have been filed – 4. unlike the US i think u have to pay upfront to sue someone – who has the
    $$$ for that

  7. Though you are filled with hate, I have nothing but love 4 you Uncle Elvis. after all of these years surely a smart guy like urself has to see the blatant bias in the racist gazettes’ writing and coverage.

    [I moderately edited this post – JS]

  8. “the racist gazette is trying to paint the mps as simply being arrogant for the hell of it, as usual they are putting in some facts leaving out others to shape the story to their agenda”

    Then have a look at the responses from the people, no doubt many of whom are PLP voters. If both the RG and these people were unfairly criticising the Ministers, then (putting the cost of litigation to one side), you would have thought the MP’s would have responded.

    “also didn’t teh church apologize -if so aren’t THEY admitting that the error is on their part”

    One can apologise for all sorts of reasons. But – even if the fault was theirs, it doesn’t take away from the MP’s their arrogance.

    The key thing at the end of the day, is that there is always
    more than one way of skinning a cat. A quiet word with the church in question AFTER the event would be all that is necessary.

    Sadly, neither MP could see that, preferring instead to shout “respect me” from the top of their lungs.

    And you wonder why people don’t.

  9. Yer funny vanzer…

    Get over it, will ya, it’s 2011. U sound so stupid the way u go on. Face it, the plp is history, dude. Bwaa-ha-ha-ha!

    [I slightly edited this post – JS]

  10. “………after all of these years surely a smart guy like urself has to see the blatant bias in the racist gazettes’ writing and coverage”.

    I think most national daily’s are biased. Not sure about the racist bit, but biased certainly.

    Bermuda’s problem is not that the RG might be biased, it’s that the island is too small to have a flourishing alternative media so you can get a balanced view.

  11. @ yawn starman, i’m confused as to what ur definition of finished is- i read that the mid ocean is finished, the UBP is finished and the BDA is finished – u must be confused and the Bwaa ha ha – r the white dudes till doin’ that – wow

  12. @vanzer – Well, since the PLP decided to libel me on their blog I certainly agree that libel and slander are alive and well in Bermuda… but we must remember that Larry Mussenden won an apology from the Mid Ocean News. We would expect Minister Butterfield to do the same, except that truth is an absolute defense.

  13. @alex – don’t know about u being libeled – but considering what i read on the awm blogs in bda there’s a lot of cyber libel going on – as far as mussenden – that’s one person – if the plp were to seek apologies from the racist gazette it would’ve been a fill time job starting in the 60s

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