Congratulations to the New Cabinet/Senate

I just wanted to offer my congratulations to the new members of both the Cabinet and the Senate.

I admit, I was somewhat surprised by some elements of the selection to both the Cabinet and the Senate, and I do wonder if the personal aptitudes of the individuals involved make them the best suited for their appointed positions. However, I do believe they are all dedicated and hard-working individuals and, with any luck, they will grow into their new positions.

I am intrigued by some elements of the new Ministries, but for the most part I think they are okay and generally progressive.

I admit there is some concern that Premier Cox might be perceived to have attempted to make appointments for the sake of Party unity rather than on the basis of best possible aptitudes. There is a risk that in so doing, in trying to please everyone (and there are some appointments designed as concessions to non-PLP), one risks alienating everyone.

At the moment though, I am willing to give the new appointments the benefit of the doubt, and I offer my congratulations to them as such.

11 thoughts on “Congratulations to the New Cabinet/Senate

  1. Just to update this:

    After thinking more about the appointments, and after having the opportunity to read over the details of the new Cabinet responsibilities, as well as hearing from some of the new appointees, I am more confident about their selections. There may still be some teething problems, but overall I am looking forward to watching events unfold.

    I will be reading over today’s Throne Speech and will try to comment on it afterwards. I am also curious what these developments mean for the UBP and the NewBP-BDA. Both Opposition Parties strike me as two ships sailing aimlessly at the moment. It seems almost as if the UBP is a ship with no sails but with a rudder, and the NewBP-BDA are a ship with no rudder but plenty of sail. Neither is a recipe for success. The UBP has cohesiveness but no steam while the BDA seems to be little more than hot air, blowing this way and that with the winds.

    One gets the sensation that the BDA risks losing whatever popular support it once had due to their prolonged ambiguity and the tendency of its main spokespersons to echo the positions of the UBP. While Dr. Brown’s Premiership possibly helped animate them, with his departure one wonders what will continue to motivate their Party. There is likely an election in the next twelve months, and unless the BDA clarifies their positions rather than their zombie-like chanting of their mantra of ‘a better way’ they seriously risk sailing straight into oblivion.

  2. I am already breathing fresh air. I can’t believe how different it feels to have more women in power. It just feels so much safer. I am going to think positive on this PLP government because it just feels so much better now that he is gone. Good luck to Paula Cox and the new ministers. Here is to moving forward!

  3. party politics still needs 2 b banned…..

    we r watin n watchin… 100 days go guick,

    politicians inn political should not b trusted

  4. n all govt contracts should b frozen till they r reviewed by the ag, and we still excpecting accountability from the missing money from the past cabinet.

  5. @black press, I agree with you. The country deserves accurate answers for these project cost overruns and missing monies. And persons directly involved need to be identified.

  6. The country deserves accurate answers for these project cost overruns and missing monies. And persons directly involved need to be identified.

    Sara, I agree. But it’ll never happen. Paula is too loyal to the party to risk investigating something if there’s the slightest chance that the investigation will disclose wrongdoing on behalf of anyone in the inner circle.

  7. So whats he Attorney General suppose to do with regards to the comments made by you’Blankman’. Turn a blind eye?

    According to the Constitution, anyone can take proceedings.

    What your saying is the Premier is above the law. Please clarify via your annonomous position.

  8. Getting out of this recession is the most important thing right now for the good of the people. Standing still means we all sink for thirty years plus.

  9. The red party would raise immigration tax to 100% the money to go unemployed bermudians.
    raise departure tax to $5000 for non tourist travellers and raise the retirement age to 75 all pensioners affected report to financial assistance for evealuation. Once we get on our feet we can drop the age back down to 65.

  10. Absolutely correct Rayed Partie………….

    Free guns to those between 70-85 years old so they can attempt to shoot the buggers that come in the window if they don’ drop their glasses whilst trying to see which end is up…………..and!!!!!!!! when your 95 you can get free groceries at….oh thats more stores….can’t do night farming, prescription is no good on your monical……….

  11. Pensions should be illegal in countres that do not have income tax. Millionaires are raping the kitty. How much Brown collecting?
    War pension Act 1969 really was for the wives of soldiers. Remember that every Rememberance day.

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