First Look At Dale Butler’s Campaign – Part Three

The Second Launch Speech

I am in favour of his idea for a Whistleblowers Act and setting up a system to investigate accusations of corruption. In being in favour of this I am not implying that I think there has been incidents of corruption under Dr. Brown’s leadership, or under the previous PLP administrations. I do think though that the PLP should seek to make sure it cannot be accused of corruption, and setting up the above would only benefit the Party and contribute to increasing public trust in the PLP as government.

I don’t have a problem with ‘an agressive approach to help small business’ but I would like to know more about what this actually involves and means.

I am very much in favour of releasing Mr. Commissiong’s report on club development, and I have been disappointed that the workers clubs have been mostly ignored over the years rather than being used as the backbone for social rehabilitation.

I am all in favour of increasing the power of the Development Application Board.

I am indifferent to drug testing for MPs.

I don’t really know what to make of his idea of ‘a full-time entertainment show’.

I don’t know what giving taxi drivers ‘ambassador status’ means. I would be in favour of setting up an ambassador program where taxi drivers complete a program consisting of Bermudian general knowledge (of relevance and interest to tourists), and giving them a certificate and perhaps subsidies on completion though.

His comment on letting ‘independence be addressed by its advocates’ really doesn’t say much other than maintaining the status quo.

I have no issue with his ideas about a referendum bill on the issues of decriminalising marijuana, the issue of conscription, independence and gambling, but I personally would have liked to heard his own positions on them. At the moment his positions seems to be a general cop-out to be honest. Far from ‘Team Bermuda’ having presented a ‘new vision for our common cause’ his campaign policies so far seem rather lacking in substance, for the most part.

I do acknowledge that there is only so much one can do to flesh out policy in a speech or two. For the most part one can only highlight ones intentions, as people don’t always have the attention span to deal with policy-heavy speeches. However the speeches should be backed up by policy, and give the impression that the policy highlights are based on some substantial, fleshed-out policy positions, and for the most part I don’t get that from Mr. Butler’s speeches. Ideally the launch would have been backed up with some campaign literature which focused, in greater detail, on some of the policies touched on by his speeches. Even better would have been the launch of a website with these policies fleshed out and the ability for people to pose questions.


One thought on “First Look At Dale Butler’s Campaign – Part Three

  1. The only comment I have is about the “Ambassador status”.

    40 years ago, similar was in place. Drivers took exams etc and were given a little blue flag to fly front and entre on their vehicle.

    This is nothing new.

    If and when Bermuda becomes attractive for tourists not just cruise ship arrivals ( we all know what they do) I can see this being re-instituted.

    Then again, we have lost so many drivers who took the time to go out of their way……..

    The new Bermuda cannot ever be compared with it’s past nor be mirrored.

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