Out with old, in with the new

Well, we are approaching an interesting period now that Dr. Brown’s time as Leader is more or less done. He will of course continue as Premier and Leader until the October conference, but he is now mostly a mere caretaker. His role will be to just carry on the day to day functions of government and perhaps have a few meetings.

One thing that I think all Bermudians will agree is that his tenure has been eventful and he has overseen some great changes, many of which we will only come to appreciate in the years to come. He has certainly been one of our more controversial leaders, and there are certainly plenty of people who will be happy that his time as Leader is practically over.

It is no secret that I had some ideological issues with Dr. Brown. Beyond that I disagreed with much of his approach to politics, much of which I found overly machiavellian and counter-productive. Nonetheless, I have to admit that I have been impressed with his successes and general strategy (just not his tactics). Of particular interest to me was the social phenomena that, to me, he represented. Kind of a mutation of the original radical Black Power movement into a Black capitalism/nouveaux riche movement. The parralls between the radicalism of the ANC and its subsequent metamorphisis into the present day ANC were very interesting to me. This development isn’t necessarily wrong, and reflects some significant changes within the PLP’s support base, and Bermuda as a whole.

Anyway, there will be plenty of time to discuss the pros and cons of Dr. Brown’s leadership. Some will say that we are now seeing the end of bling. Others will say we are leaving a golden age, others will see just the opposite.

My focus now is on the future, and Dr. Brown’s parliamentary farewell speech on Saturdy morning seems to have served as a starters pistol for the leadership campaign.

There are thought to be three potential candidates for the PLP’s Leadership. Terry Lister, one of them, has officially launched his campaign today with a news conference held at Alaska Hall. Paula Cox and Dale Butler are the other potential candidates, and I expect them to confirm this in response to Mr. Lister’s opening.

I personally am looking forward to a leadership campaign which will last from now til October; there will be about three months of each candidate setting out their policies and engaging Party members – and the wider community – in this discourse. This offers both the Party and the country a great opportunity to heal divisions and set the course for the Party and the country for the next four years, and perhaps even longer. This is an exciting opportunity and one that I hope every member will sieze. It could even see an influx of new members excited by the ideas being openly discussed.

I am adopting a neutral position on the Leadership contest. I hope to critically review the positions of each candidate and will hope to contribute to the exciting process that the Party is about to set out upon.


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  1. “One thing that I think all Bermudians will agree is that his tenure has been eventful and he has overseen some great changes, many of which we will only come to appreciate in the years to come.”

    Hi Jonathan,

    If you have the time at some point, could you list what “great changes” you mean. Doesn’t have to be detailed, perhaps a list of sorts.

  2. Poor people are the barameter in politics less jobs, less hope and more crime. we have been raped by an evil man and another wants his turn next.

  3. when will ya party get the child rapists off the streets and have the laws protect children n families?

  4. Sara,
    what is with your obsession wit Dr Brown? Jonathan’s post is more about the leadership campaign and what is coming next.

    I really wonder how some of you will survive when you start going through Ewart-withdrawal after October.

  5. I will feel so much safer after October I tell you. I can’t wait and you certainly won’t see me going through withdraw. I asked a simple polite question, he doesn’t have to answer it, but I have every right in this world to ask it. The sooner you and everyone else in Bermuda learns that this is a democracy the less stressed you will all be. I didn’t even say anything negative about him in that post. It just goes to show how desperate you are to make people look bad when they don’t even say bad things. Just because you say it doesn’t make it true kEN… I think this motto would be a help to the PLP in general. Have a wonderful holiday:)

  6. From BermyOnionPatch

    Who will Bermuda blame now???? It’s bigger than “the Doc”….
    What-a-gwan Massive,
    On Friday July 23rd 2010Premier Ewart Brown made his last official speech in the House of Parliament . In it he waxed poetic about not being able to have achieved some of his goals during his tenure as Premier. Although the RG made a big fuss over his brief statements about independence, the majority of the speech was about the way that political leadership (especially being an outspoken black leader of a historically white racist colony) attracts a certain level of intense scrutiny and negative attention and that this negative scrutiny & criticism challenged him during his tenure and how he thinks it will also challenge the next Premier.

    Still, over the past few years Ewart B has become Bermuda’s “public enemy number one”. This was due to a combination of his own bad behavior AND plenty of media slander from the white community along with the help of jealous negroes and mindless nuppets! As a result, the very name of ‘the Doc’ (Premier Brown) has become the touchstone for everything bad in Bermy…..Basically the OPC thinks of the Doc as just another politician (a fallible human with problems just like all of us) and as we have stated before we don’t support the entire British Colonial Racist Capitalist system but speaking in day to day practical terms the Doc has made a number of policy decisions that we (& thousands of other black people) fully support. We lot here at the patch wanna go on record again to say that we are not a part of the EB Fan Club who thinks that the Doc is totally perfect BUT on the other hand we are aware & awake enough to know that Premier Dr. Ewart Brown IS NOT the source of all of Bermuda’s problems as many people would constantly claim (e.g. – the BEB – Blame Ewart Brown Party members)!!! For a full explanation of the OPC’s thoughts on Brown check out our July 9th 2008 Post.

    So now that Ewart Brown is packing up and leaving the position of Premier in a relatively short while, the OPC wants to know who will everybody blame now that ‘the Doc’ is no longer Premier???

    Who will white people blame for “creating racism” in Bermy?

    Who will the black nuppets & uncle toms blame for ‘dividing the races’?

    Who will the UBP blame for making “racial” speeches in the Parliament?

    Who will the UBP, BDA, VRA, the RG, Sun, and Babylon’s bloggers blame for gun crime?

    Who will white hotel owners blame for “ruining tourism”?

    Who will David Ezekiel Bread and the Exempt Company Cartels blame for raising their operating costs?

    Who will the BDA blame for pulling the “race card” in Parliament?

    Who will the UBP blame for employing too many “foreign consultants”?

    Who will the RG blame for “secretive” govvamint deals’?

    Who will the rich white folks blame for trying to take their money?

    Who will Stuart Hayward blame for “destroying the environment”?

    Who will the RG blame for wasteful govvamint spending?

    Who will the disgruntled black worker blame for firing him/her?

    Who will Larry Burchall blame for traffic congestion, racism, global warming, constipation, the high price of watermelon during Cup Match, the black stripes on Cowpollies and every other thing that bothers him???

    well………. who is to blame Bermuda????

    Basically anyone who is even halfway honest has to admit that all of these issues were here BEFORE Ewart Brown’s premiership and the OPC knows for a fact that ALL OF IT will remain after Ewart B leaves office!!! Black Bermudians need to acknowledge that this island’s problems are embedded in this white-run colonial system which is aided along by the selfish behavior of many of our own in non-political positions (bankers, re-insurance workers, lawyers, judges, miseducation directors, social workers, police officers, etc.) . Maybe on the day after Ewart has left the Premier’s Office and these problems STILL EXIST maybe some of u dummies (black or white) will wake up and realize that Bermy’s problems are way bigger than ‘the Doc’…

  7. Sara,

    I think that after October, no matter who wins the leadership there will be a segment of bermuda that will then transfer all of their anger and angst of Dr Brown’s administration over to his successor. I believe that you dont think this will happen, but from the outside looking in, this same segment didnt like Jennifer Smith, didnt like Alex Scott, didnt like Dame Lois, didnt like Freddie Wade…simply put, some people will never accept a PLP administration. Dr brown perhaps just made himself an easier target, because he didnt back down or cowtow. But the principle is that there will always be a segment of society that is uncomfortable with a PLP government.

  8. @ kEN,

    Of course their will always be that segment. But what you and others don’t quite get yet is that NOT EVERYONE is that segment. The island isn’t divided into two distinct groups as you would like to believe. People had legitimate problems with Dr. Brown’s and PLP decision making over the last 4 years. I think deep down inside you know what those poor decisions have been. Point being, those that don’t like these decisions aren’t always either UBP or PLP. There are a lot of us that stand in the middle and I think you know that. The UBP will ALWAYS find fault with the PLP, that is there job as the opposition. One only has to look at the Republican party and Democratic party in the U.S to see this method. It is politics, plain and simple.

  9. FYI – Some posts were stuck in the spam filter, so apologies to all for that.

    @ Sara – My use of the word ‘great’ can be applied in both the positive and negative senses. I don’t think that Dr. Brown’s leadership has been wholly bad or wholly good. Some has been good, some has been bad, and a lot of what he was able to do in his term (even if he simply forced us to confront some things, like the gambling question) might not be noticeably good or bad for some time still.

    As Ken noted my emphasis was instead on the leadership campaign that has just kicked off, as I see that as much more important (and full of potential for us all) than spending my time and energy right now analysing the good and bad of Dr. Brown’s term. When I have the time I plan to critically review Mr. Lister’s proposals, as well as those of any other candidates once they reveal them.

  10. Death penalty for child rapists only miseducated negroe cowards are afraid to slaughters dogs who commit crimes without a reasonable explaination.. also social services will be centralized and segregated from law & order citizens with armed security with the right to shoot suspects dead on sight.

  11. When you have time. Irony is a bitch Johnathan.

    Maybe thats why your site is more or less a sounding board when the mases get bored.

    Best of luck. Oh you can print this if you want. Hope you find time. Christian and Limey seem to run everything so I guess were all just Anglicans at the 33 degree.

  12. Ironic that you Mr. Starling give this women a voice. Ah!! thats right freedom of speech.

    Mrs Furbert, you’ve made your millions. Your a high profile person in this Government.

    The ball is in your court. Deuce………………………………

  13. Ah, good I was hoping that Ken and Laverne would post something so we could get some info from inside Alaska Hall instead of heresay. I didn’t expect them to post the same thing (well, not verbatim anyway) but what can you do. Oh and have had a little look at bermyonionpatch or whatever…I mean wow. If you’re going to link to something, may I suggest a site giving an award for the longest time a fugitive can spend on the run is not the best example?

    I know I won’t get an answer, because it’s so much more fun to just dance around facts, but what does kEN/Ms. Furbert think of the simple fact that our debt has risen by almost $1bn during Dr. Brown’s relatively short stint? Put in context, it has gone up by roughly 9x, in 4 short years.

    Now it would be one thing if Dr. Brown had come in, mortgaged our island to kingdom come but had actually delivered $1bn worth of improvements. But look around:
    Are schools better?
    Are roads in better shape?
    Do we have more air passengers?
    Do we have more hotel beds?
    Do we have less crime?

    Anyway, like I said the odds of a response that actually address the facts is limited.

    Anyway, onto the leadership election, surely it’ll just be whoever can best keep Black Bermudians voting PLP. It’s all politics after all, and the PLP are in the politics of winning elections. If only at some point they’d get into the governing thing…

  14. I wonder if there’s any chance of some references to the quotes in the Onion Patch article Ms. Furbert posted here.

    They refer to “media slander”, which is not only incorrect (it would be libel, unless there’s a TV and Radio conspiracy I don’t know about), but is not backed up with evidence.
    I’m not claiming that it’s not there, but we keep hearing this lie… er… claim, but those making the accusation never seem to point to all this “media slander”. Also… “media slander from the white community”? There is NO evidence of this. The only “slander” going on here is by the writer.

    Here are a few of the claims…

    “Who will white people blame for “creating racism” in Bermy?”

    This one has quote marks, so surely that means that some representative of white people, or a large enough group of white people have claimed that Dr. Brown has created racism. I don’t think that this is true. I don’t think that ANYONE has EVER accused Dr. Brown of “creating racism” (again, portrayed here as a quote, it needs to be pointed out).

    “Who will the black nuppets & uncle toms blame for ‘dividing the races’?”

    This is incredibly offensive and racist, the use of “uncle toms”. Also, it’s presented as a quote. I don’t think the writer would be able to find a quote to back up this claim.

    “Who will the UBP blame for making “racial” speeches in the Parliament?”

    Are they saying that he didn’t?

    “Who will the UBP, BDA, VRA, the RG, Sun, and Babylon’s bloggers blame for gun crime?”

    “Babylon’s bloggers”? Now THAT is something I may have to do a t-shirt of!
    Any chance of a link to where ANY of those accused ACTUALLY blame Dr. Brown for the gun crime?
    Didn’t think so…

    “Who will white hotel owners blame for “ruining tourism”?”

    Back up? No? There’s a quote in there… any chance of a link to a story where several white hotel owners blamed Dr. Brown for ruining tourism?
    No? Figgered.

    “Who will David Ezekiel Bread and the Exempt Company Cartels blame for raising their operating costs?”

    This one? Link? Back up your accusations? No?

    “Who will the BDA blame for pulling the “race card” in Parliament?”

    a) Are you claiming he didn’t and b) did they?

    “Who will the UBP blame for employing too many “foreign consultants”?”

    Um… he DID hire too many foreign consultants!
    I’m not sure if this guy gets it, but THEY’RE THE OPPOSITION! That’s what they’re SUPPOSED TO DO!

    “Who will the RG blame for “secretive” govvamint deals’?”

    Is there anyone else TO blame for them?
    Did someone else do these secretive deals?

    “Who will the rich white folks blame for trying to take their money?”

    A) it’s not just rich white folks that are complaining about him trying to take their money and B) should they just shut up and let him take it?

    “Who will Stuart Hayward blame for “destroying the environment”?”

    Did he? Did he say specifically that Dr. Brown was singlehandedly destroying the environment? Another quote… verification?

    “Who will the RG blame for wasteful govvamint spending?”

    Who else SHOULD they blame? He was in charge for it.
    I suppose some blame should be laid on the Minister of Finance, too, but he WAS Premier. Surely he should have some responsibility…

    “Who will the disgruntled black worker blame for firing him/her?”

    Has THIS even happened?

    The writer is covering all the bases… does ANYONE like Dr. Brown?

    “Who will Larry Burchall blame for traffic congestion, racism, global warming, constipation, the high price of watermelon during Cup Match, the black stripes on Cowpollies and every other thing that bothers him???”

    Ah, the blanket denunciation without actually addressing points. So cowardly. To scared to actually take on Mr. Burchall, so just take potshots at him. Pathetic.

    So, what we have in that article, posted and linked by two different people who, one would assume, think that there are salient points in it.

    Closer inspection show it to be racist, lies, overstatement, fantasy, a complete rewriting of reality, propaganda, and… well… outright, Glen Beck-like demagogy.

  15. the plp have a choice between 2 clowns & a cog.

    and for the Kool-Aid EB sheep, read Larry Burchall in Bermuda Sun,
    “Dr. Brown’s towering legacy: a mountain of debt… $970,499,438 mountain of additional National Debt – and four Uyghurs without passports”

  16. the families n victims of child rapists have the right to sue the govt and the plp party for damages.

    and every right to kill the rapists and the political party members that stand in the way of proper anti child rape laws

  17. I suppose what Ms Furbert is really pointing to, by use of the BermyOnionPatch thread, is that the PLP have had 12 years to fix at least some of the problems they feel they inherited, but in reality, they have actually failed to address and sort them.

    It isn’t Dr Brown’s fault – but the PLP can’t fix it either.

    So, in some respects, the idea of worrying about who will take over from Dr Brown is irrelevant.

    Isn’t it?

  18. Mike,

    I suppose what Ms Furbert is really pointing to, by use of the BermyOnionPatch thread, is that the PLP have had 12 years to fix at least some of the problems they feel they inherited, but in reality, they have actually failed to address and sort them.

    They’ve had twelve years and with rare exceptions have done nothing to solve the problems (or even attempt to solve the problems).

    Does anyone actually believe the education system is better than (or even as good as) it was when the PLP took office?

    It isn’t Dr Brown’s fault

    As the saying goes “the buck stops here” (in this case EFB’s desk).

    .. but the PLP can’t fix it either.

    Don’t quite know what you mean by that. As the government that’s their job. They can at least try.

  19. the plp politicians and the plp party are guilty of poor governance in multiple areas

    they cant even see the importance of keeping child rapists off the streets with properly working legislation

    so vigilante justice should include dispatching politicians along with the criminals they have allowed to roam freely amongst us

  20. He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
    — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

    Don Coleman’s GlobalHue is accused of ripping off the government of Bermuda by overbilling its $13 million tourism advertising contract. In a report by Bermuda auditor general Larry Dennis

  21. Maybe Penny Hill said it better that BermyOnionPatch. Her eloquence is outstanding, don’t you think?

    Dear Sir,

    After eleven years of catastrophic mismanagement by the PLP government, Bermuda has sunk, beyond rescuing, to a Third World country disturbingly similar to the Turks and Caicos. The good ship “Bermuda” was handed over in 1998 in pretty good repair and financially sound (sadly, no longer true!). Yes, there were obviously things that needed changing and, like all governments in power for too long, the UBP had become complacent. I think the PLP was broadly welcomed across the community, with anticipation of genuinely good things to come. However, sweeping in with a strangely vengeful attitude from the start, they have, instead, proceeded to destroy socially, economically and environmentally.

    Management skills generally seem to have been sadly lacking. For starters, think Berkeley, think Bermuda Cement Company, think new mega-ship pier.

    We have Ministers spouting terms like “fiscal prudence” and “modern governance”, and touting failure as success at every turn. In fact, we clearly still have a naive government that does not have a clue about good governance (bad words!) and what that actually means, no, worse than that, doesn’t want to have a clue!

    I thought that all new governments, ministers, MPs, and senators had training sessions in what their responsibilities were, and how to behave in their varied roles. That would appear not to be so when in doubt, be rude and crude! (Mr. Speaker, where were you during the recent outrages in the House?) Equally worrying, we seem to have developed a civil service that is hugely politicised and poorly disciplined, with department heads and supervisors all too often not having a clue what their subordinates are supposed to be doing with subsequent abuse of the system and falling standards. “Without fear or favour” – what a joke!

    Premier Brown has shown himself, again and again, to be the most duplicitous of men, bringing fear, trickery and division to government at every level. That’s not the way politics is supposed to be! I had always believed that that a solid middle class (black and white) would keep Bermuda stable, no matter what. Instead, those responsible middle class families and couples (worried about their kids’ education and the violence in which we are now living) are quietly moving away, permanently, to the US, Canada, UK, Australia, you name it, and leaving that growing gun-wielding gang culture holding us all to ransom in daily fear. This is more than unhealthy, it is terrifying!

    Also terrifying is the PLP’s apparent acceptance of the shockingly bad behaviour on the part of so many of its politicians. What happened to honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour and fair treatment of others? I thought those were the core values on which the PLP was founded, and which every member was supposed to embody. Clearly no longer so!

    Yours totally disillusioned (yet again),


    Hamilton Parish

  22. Blankman

    You are quite correct. It is their job, to at least try and fix it.

    Re: Education. We have had 7 Ministers in 12 years. We have had 4 Chairman of the Board of Education.

    And between them, they haven’t fixed it.

    Now, I don’t know all of the reasons why not. I’ve read Hopkins (front to back) and I still believe that until they sort the Ministry itself, there will be no real change in the outcomes from education.

    This year, we have seen City & Guild introduced. Amazing isn’t it. We were teaching that here up to 2001, until the PLP stopped it.

    What have we lost in those 9 years?

    Twelve years to put back Technical Education after the Tech School closed (what) 37/38 years ago?

    What have we lost as a result?

    I have long advocated that education should not be under the control of politicians – and for one reason only. It becomes a political football.

    EVERYONE and his dog thinks he knows best. And they don’t.

    It’s wrong to play politics with our children’s lives. It always has been, it always will be.

  23. What people still need to realize is that Dr Brown is leaving Parliament in October. And we need to start looking forward instead of backward, whether you love him or hate him.
    The unfortunate aspect of all of this, is that his successor, whoever it shall be, may well get a honeymoon period, but after a few months, the media and the opposition will go after this person just as vigorously as they did he. And it largely comes down to the fact that it is a PLP government, and to some a Black government.
    I hope I am wrong, and that people will focus solely on issues. But my experience has shown me that this is unlikely to be the case.

  24. @ kEN, a letter you may find very interesting

    Dear Sir,

    I totally agree with the letter of Clinton Paynter (Royal Gazette, July 21) written on July 4. However, I need to comment on his letter written on July 5 (Royal Gazette July 20) which is no doubt the result of the frustration expressed on July 4.

    He must recognise that the past of overt racism, which he did not experience very much, influences the present economy, which he is experiencing. The overt racism of the past is the reason for the tremendous economic disparity which exists today and of which he is no doubt a victim. Whites were accumulating generations of wealth from which their current offspring are benefiting, while blacks were excluded from much of the economy with advertisements that read “only Whites need apply” and thus their offspring, like Clinton Paynter, are still struggling.

    But there is another and more important way in which the past influences the present. To understand this one needs to make a distinction between “the white executive” or “white people” and the philosophy of racism which insists on the right of supremacy of white people conceived by a white philosopher and from which white people have benefitted. The reason the distinction must be made is because black people, reared in the same culture, have absorbed the same philosophy which has proven so very destructive to them.

    That is the reason that Clinton Paynter could write the letter which he did on July 4. The PLP have enhanced the economy of various white communities without doing anything similar for the black community, always sufficiently insensitive to the black community to justify their actions.

    Many white shareholders grew more wealthy with the sale of the Bank of Bermuda to HSBC. It was a major shift in policy which did nothing for the struggling black community. Perhaps it made them more powerless because there was now a very wealthy Institution, economically more powerful than the Government itself.

    White Bermudians had had too much pride in themselves and in Bermuda to have sold the country in that fashion. The PLP Government had the money to bail out the Bank of Butterfield, from which a Canadian bank profited, but which meant little to the struggling black Bermudian, except the few who had lost all, or most, of their savings by the actions of the bank. That was a very big investment but not to address the economic disparity. They have ensured that another bank has grown and prospered in the white community while they did all that they could to obstruct the efforts to establish a bank in the black community. We understand when the UBP thwarted Sir John Swan but with all the financial skills the PLP have acquired, with their political power, there is only one reason they not only obstructed the efforts to build a bank but destroyed a black construction firm which they could have helped to build. When we consider the unduly high interest for the bonds that they offered to the rich alone, we know that the struggling black community which voted for them is not a priority with any of them.

    Even the current Premier who has made race an important item on his agenda has demonstrated that he places more significance on the white community than on the black community because he has spent most of his energies and brilliance of mind on challenging the racism of whites rather than on advancing the economy of the black community, either collectively or individually, other than anyone close to him as a matter of Government policy.

    The Mirrors programme, which is excellent, and the scholarship, or funds raised by the Three Brothers, does not begin to speak to what he might have done if he had adopted an affirmative action policy for black Bermudians such as he seemed to have established for black Americans. None of his major battles were about addressing the economic disparity between blacks and whites. Blacks certainly did not gain any economic benefit from the Uighurs, and as racist as the Corporation has been, blacks have no reason to believe that it will benefit them if the Corporation is taken over by the Government. All of the enormous sums they have spent so far has not advanced the economy of black Bermudians.

    For the most part, those who had contracts under the UBP have them under the PLP. The majority population in this country is black, a few of whom have done very well for themselves but most of whom are like Clinton Paynter, struggling, and I do not think that the PLP had them in mind as they spent the taxpayers’ money.

    We may not have anywhere else to go but we must begin to understand the extent to which the philosophy of racism still influences us when after 12 years a black Government voted for by black people has acquired financial skills and political power and has done nothing to address the economic disparity of the two communities but have used them to enhance the economy of the white community.


  25. Ken,

    Read the US or UK newspapers – including the trashy ones.

    Every media source goes after politicians. It’s irrelevant whether it is the PLP or not. And you know it is.

    Politicians lie, they cheat the world over. And to think that Bermuda is any different to that, is naive in the extreme.

    As for going forward, well there I sense is the difficulty. Not in terms of the idea, but in the way one goes about it. I sense you have a different definition of “backward” than white people do.

    If you have been blogging for any reasonable length of time, you will recall that even on LIB, the main message when Dr Brown became Premier was…..”good luck Dr Brown”.

    We didn’t prejudge him. We wished him well after Alex looked to be slowing.

    Like you, it’s difficult for me to change my spots. I too am looking forward to focusing on the issues. I sense (regretfully) that with the Burch’s, Burgess’s and now DeSilva’s in there….that really isn’t going to happen.

    I live in hope.

  26. Two ‘responses’ neither addressing any points. Surprise surprise.

    As to Ms. Furbert, I’m not sure how quoting a letter from a clearly biased, angry person is any better than quoting a web blog from a clearly biased, angry preson. Nor do I understand how that is supposed to help with the discussion. But then, that’s probably not the point.

    Whoever inherits Dr. Brown’s ‘legacy’ will be starting at such a disadvantage. They will, however, be given the boost of ‘at least he or she is not Dr. Brown’ which was similar to what followed George W.’s departure in the US. I think if it is anyone other than Paula Cox, the media will actually be so relieved that they’ll have a very long honeymoon period.

    Whoever it is, they inherit a Bermuda divided, poor and shooting itself. So good luck with that.

  27. Ms Furbert

    I have to agree with you. I think you have a winner there with Penny’s letter. Lol.

    No doubt some in the PLP thought the same about the UBP over the years.

    Just goes round and round – doesn’t it? Sad.

  28. The cost of incarceration needs to be calculated in the costs of construction ie: 100 jobless blacks to reduce a budget defecit could cost the tax payer $18 million year more.
    Giving contracts to portuguese and foreigners is the legacy of Brown. Every foreigner is white even the black ones. A white com[pany with black workers empower blacks more than a black company with portuguese and jamaicans.
    Contracts should be given based on the percentage of black local workers who vote or destroy arrogant black politicans.
    A King who does not respect the poor is a king who will be destroyed by the poor.
    Without access to Browns mail we will never know the 400 million in Swiss bank accounts or not.

  29. I have every confidence they will Ms Furbert.

    But you know something, I am quietly confident that I could have written both Ms Hill’s letter, and your reply!

    Enjoy your evening.

  30. I agree with Mike. It’s somewhat depressing how predictable and inevitable the exchange is.

    Dr. Brown is bad. He has done suspicious things. I can’t wait for him to go. We’re in debt because of him. I don’t like him. I told you I didn’t like him before he got in. Bermuda is screwed.

    The very fact that is writing into this racist newspaper to express her racist views is thanks to Dr. Brown’s hallowed leadership. If not for his courage, heroism and grace, Bermuda would not be where it is today. In fact, such is his resplendence that any person, white or black, who dare question his actions or motives must do so only through ignorance or racist tendencies.
    The lady may not remember when all real Bermudians had their mortgages pulled by the colonial overlords at the bank. But I do. And Dr. Brown does. And we will not forget.

    I blame the RG for printing both sides.

  31. Why always blame the RG. It’s not their fault. It all stems from Whitehall….( oh the irony).

    Blame the Governor it’s all his fault and that stoopid Sir George Somers.

    Just imagine if the Spanish or the French had settled here. We’d all be running with the bull^%$! or be an annex of Haitti.

  32. Cant blame the Brown if the people are suckers. Unemployed workers loved when he called Grant Gibbons a dog even though they are homeless. People are looking for a race hero an that is what he is. I know some people who lent him money and he paid it back.
    If he would use his power to create jobs like the casino debate he would have been more productive instead of threatening a 10 year recession with this corporation annex nonsense.
    The cabinet and the backbench are weak in macro economic knowledge.
    The worst criticism is his delegation skills lack of talent in cabinet. He should reconsider his departure and challenge his challengers to debate. Especially the casino issue.
    Just a man trying to feed his family. With an illiterate black following u cant blame him.
    Most have never even seen a trust fund.

  33. I am not gonna get in dialogues about the virtues of Dr Brown. In my opinion he and the PLP govt have done some great things, but they have also done things I have not agreed with. You wont get consensus on this issue…

    My point is that come October 30 or whenever the change over happens, the vultures that have attacked all of our leaders, but Dr Brown especially will come out in full force against our next leader.

    They already began Jan 1 this year attacking Minister Cox, and if Terry Lister or Dale Butler win, they will also attack them religiously until they try to destroy them. And it isn’t becuase they dont like Cox, Lister or Butler as individuals, it is because they can’t accept a PLP administration…won’t accept a PLP administration…and they realize that the Opposition parties at this time are not capable or ready, and therefore their only chance is to destroy the PLP.

  34. @kEN

    Wrong, Eva finally sees what many of us have seen well before her. Please re-read her letter. She no longer thinks too highly of Dr. Brown as you can see from her letter. She knows actions speak louder than words. That is why she none too pleased with this current PLP.

  35. Sara, I wonder how many letters to the editor that Dr Hodgson has written that you have disagreed with and disregarded over the years.
    Its funny, how some of you will hate on a person until they write or say 1 thing that supports your view and then all of a sudden you begin championing them.

  36. @ kEN,

    Sorry, but I have never said anything mean about Dr. Hodgson thank you very much. You really shouldn’t go accusing people of things unless you know for sure. I have always agreed that there is a huge economic disparity between blacks and whites on this island. But what has this PLP government done to change that? Give Zane and Dennis all the contracts? They aren’t black kEN.
    It’s all talk and no action with those guys. Can’t you see you been duped and Eva knows that, she is a smart lady.

  37. Sara,

    Are you willing to list “all the contracts” given to Zane and Dennis? It seems as if you’re just as confused as Dr. Hodgson on that issue.

    If you want, I can list the initiatives that the PLP has put in place to address the economic disparity between blacks and whites. FutureCare, ChildCare, Economic Empowerment Zone, Mature Student loans, no death taxes on primary dwelling, increase in pensions for seniors, no car license fees for seniors, etc. etc. All of those things help to close the economic gap. Maybe you think the PLP should just hand out checks to the less fortunate.

  38. From the horses mouth. Laverne, you show your TRUE colors by making statements like that about “Dr. Hodgson”.

    I defend you and then you go and shoot the messenger that helped put the bread on your table.

    I give up, on you.

  39. Ken,

    Ask yourself the question. How can a few bloggers, letters to the editor etc destroy the PLP.

    Isn’t going to happen – is it?

    I do think you are right in that if your next leader continues to perform as of late, then the attacks will continue.

    You can’t go on simply incurring debt. You’re already spending more than you earn. You wouldn’t run your personal finances like that – would you? You’re already spending $250K per day repaying debt – when it should be available to spend on any of the social issues we face.

    You cannot continue to have a Premier laying his/her head on a $1,000 – $3,000 per night pillow, while some of our people are still living in sheds at the bottom of gardens.

    If you don’t create a reasonable dialogue with IB, you will face the situation where the jobs drain will continue, and those jobs will not be available to Bermudians.

    You’ve got to get a grip. And you (the PLP) has failed to do that, for whatever reasons.

    And, until you do, you will be “attacked” as you put it.

    If you want, you can take the view that you can continue to simply ram stuff down everyone’s throat, or you can be more open. You can continue with the Burch’s of this world and his attacks on democracy, if you want.

    You are in power – likely to remain so – so have a ball and enjoy. And then, when it all falls apart, as it will at some future date (see UK), someone else can pick up the pieces, because you guys won’t be around to do so.

    Someone else can decide that either (a) we need to tax people more or (b) we have to tell Seniors we can’t continue with Futurecare as it is, because we can’t afford it.

    Someone else will have to take the very hard decisions that need to be taken in Education, which politically you are not prepared to take. One day, you will wake up to the fact that a child’s education and future, is more important than local politics. So far, you haven’t done so.

  40. But what has this PLP government done to change that? Give Zane and Dennis all the contracts? They aren’t black kEN.

    And they’re not union either. Go figure?????

  41. It’s up to workers to join unions, not companies to encourage their staff to join unions. If the workers at Correia and Island Construction are dissatisified with their conditions of employment, they would make the move to become unionised. Obviously the workers at those two companies are happy.

  42. Ms Furbert

    I am a little confused.

    1. Don’t trade unions actively recruit anymore?

    2. Are you saying that the only unhappy workers are/were those that are TU members now?

    3. Does the BIU not want to grow it’s membership and – by extension – its income?

  43. Mike,

    You need to farmilarise yourself with the Trade Union Act.

    Why would a worker want to join a union if he is satisfied with his conditions of employment?

    You must be aware that unions in Bermuda have other income, other than membership dues.

  44. Hello Ms Furbert

    I did spend 30 years in IR in the UK.

    People come together and join a trade union for a whole raft of different reasons – other than they are unhappy with their conditions of employment.

    Free legal advise is one of the key ones, especially in the UK.

    Maybe Bermuda Unions don’t provide as comprehensive a range of benefits as the UK ones do.

    But – heh ho….if you’re happy not looking to optimise your income, I guess that’s your right not to do so.

  45. PS:

    After 30 years of UK Employment legislation from 1970 to 2001, the very last thing I want to do is read the Trade Union Act.

    You have 40 years to catch up on in Bermuda. Employment rights that would make your members dizzy with delight.

    You’ll get there. Slowly.

  46. As a republican this West minister system is corrupt. the legislature needs to be separate from the executive. the people should decide who rules the executive.
    In the UK the media is aggressive and elusive but here the government can oppress and persecute opponents with leglislation and the police. Thank God we are not Independent, the US and UK are doing a poor job protecting Bermudians form corrupt Governments fortunately this has not led to terrorism.
    As this is Emancipation month black slaves need to be free political corruption. How much money houses and trust funds do these candidates for the Premeirship have?
    How much did they have in 1998?

  47. 1998?

    Hell, the only people who have a voice are a bunch of expats and LaVerne.

    Junny….mycomments wereshort and brief, to the point and did not attack.. Vatz up.

  48. It’s up to workers to join unions, not companies to encourage their staff to join unions. If the workers at Correia and Island Construction are dissatisified with their conditions of employment, they would make the move to become unionised. Obviously the workers at those two companies are happy.

    Which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a purportedly labour government is awarding major contracts to non-union shops.

  49. in non corrupt countries union companies always get a percentage of government work to ensure the propriety of blue collar workers.

    the hospital job that correia construction has on is a government job…that has a lot of foreigners workin while bermudians r out of work…this is a taxpayer funded development and bermudians r being turned away from work being told we r not hireing
    n a job from whats been said on the floor of the house has not been put out to tender

    n the company has received a large number of these types of non tendered govt jobs. priced in the tens of millions of dollars.

    a real union would have shut this island down a long ass time ago like the old school BIU

    so y does a union that was once so strong….sit n watch stuff?

    some can say since the plp govt let them off de hook for the berelery bond that they have been castrated

    some would say the union is a part of the culture of corruption in bermuda, n benifit by allowing current conditions to exsist. IE the current membership of the biu is quite enough to make it a profitable business, they dont have to risk anything to ensure that proper working conditions for all are enforced in bermuda across the board in every area of labour.

    thus benifitting bermudian workers in the process ensuring a proper standard of living for those in the trades, with garunteed work.

    the union did nothing to stop the growth of the over heated construction industry pre recession …never made mention of it in fact….while others in the community warned that the overheated construction sector will crash if not slowed down.

    it was advised that they construction industry do phased construction in bermuda….to slow the pace od development stretching it our over the course of time…ensuring steady hi paid work for bermudians and reducing the need for forigners.

    n others could say the plp itself is now devoid of any connection to real labor any more cause all the people in it r eletists and run the country as such….so much like the former ubp government that jullian hall publically stated that” the plp is out ubping the ubp”

    u have become what u once hated and fought afainst because r are now running the corrupt system u former black berets and black panther wann bs

    the workers now have to unite to make a change in the system that has let us down

    time to outlaw party politics and drop the westminster form of government for bermuda.

    party politics is the root of all evil in bermuda


  50. sarah….the fiinance minister herself has admitted that the things lavern furbert is bragging about accomplishment wise for the plp is not good enough and does not go far enough to close the divides

    and she is actively working on various reforms to address these short falls in performance.

    barack obama gave away checks to the people of the usa…it was called a stimulas package

    “Maybe you think the PLP should just hand out checks to the less fortunate.”

    this type of talk reeks of hatred for the poor and is the same mentality that the queen of france had when she said “let them eat cake”

    n this commin from someone who makin her money from the workers cause she workin in de union

    talk about biting de hand that feeds u

    the less fortunate in bermuda are the workers.

  51. Mike,

    With all you experience and knowledge, maybe you might want to join one of the unions and help out. There’s the BIU, BPSU, ESTU, BUT and BPS.

    Blankman, do you know of any construction companies in Bermuda that are unionised. If you know your history, you would know why the Construction Division of the BIU is so small.

    Black press, as usual, you’re talking gobleycock. You never make sense. By the way, when did I give you permission to call me by my first name? For your information, not all workers are poor, and not all poor people are workers. Poor you though!!

  52. Ms Furbert

    An interesting thought.

    Having read the papers this morning, and the account of yet another ‘down tools’ by your members in breach of domestic procedure at BTC, I may just do that! Lol.

    Why do you have domestic agreements that you ignore?

    Goodness knows what your members would have done had the bonus not been discretionary!

  53. Mike,

    You need to direct your questions to the Presidents of the BIU and the BPSU. I’m just the administrative assistant at the BIU.

  54. Laverne,

    Since there are no unionized construction companies are you saying that the union, at least in those areas, is not needed? Or that it never was needed?

  55. Blankman,

    Why don’t you answer your own question? Or, at least, do some research and see how non-unionised construction workers feel?

  56. free up the spam filter

    the plp is now as corrupt as all the other institutions in bermuda including the biu

  57. Why don’t you answer your own question? Or, at least, do some research and see how non-unionised construction workers feel?

    Clearly happy – otherwise they’d unionize.

    And, if they’re not happy an obstensibly “labour” government would only deal with union shops.

  58. the kiss of death:

    “The Royal Gazette
    Bermuda, Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    A new Premier? Paula Cox should definitely not be our new Premier. She did and said nothing while money was being spent and spent. She was indeed a “cog in the wheel” we do not need a follower but a strong, fair, non racist leader! Mrs. Cox has not done the job of watching our finances therefore will be unable to lead Bermuda. Let’s all get behind Mr. Lister and have a country we can all be proud of.



    poor Lister

  59. The real issue is about public debt to help the poor or publiic debt to build political empires.
    Cutting the budget will sink us further into recession. But without anti corruption laws P.Cox can be charged with using debt to fill her pockets like the Doctor was in BHC.
    Who paid for the press conference ?
    Is she using her ministry to manipulate votes?
    Poor delegates should vote for but the middle class should support Lister to crush the workers with poverty and low wages of useless budget cuts.

  60. From Friday Aug. 13 Royal Gazette

    Hodgson speaks out on cement contract

    By Tim Smith
    Dockyard cement silos: Now being run by Maxem.

    Race activist Eva Hodgson has again called for Government to close the economic divide by giving black Bermudians their share of construction contracts.

    Dr. Hodgson says she was pleased Jim Butterfield lost the Dockyard Cement Facility contract — but was disappointed it went to Maxcem.

    Premier Ewart Brown’s administration has repeatedly been accused of failing to distribute contracts fairly, with recent critics including Government backbenchers Ashfield DeVent and Terry Lister.

    Dr. Hodgson says Dennis Correia — boss of Maxcem, which won the ten-year cement contract yesterday — has benefited regularly while struggling black Bermudian companies have missed out.

    “Just as there was a deliberate effort to demean us and exclude us, this Government and our future leader must be as deliberate in attempting to ensure that the economic gap is closed,” she told The Royal Gazette.

    “One way of doing that is by looking at to whom they give such things as contracts and rentals.”

    Myron Piper, of Island Cement which also wanted the contract, says the way the lease was given out favoured Maxcem and “made a mockery of black empowerment and the democratic process”.

    Mr. Butterfield, whose Bermuda Cement Company held the cement lease for 40 years, sold up after West End Development Company (Wedco) told him he would have to shell out for a costly relocation of Dockyard’s two silos.

    However, Wedco has ruled Maxcem will not necessarily have to rebuild the silos.

    Some say that process was designed to remove Mr. Butterfield. Dr. Hodgson said: “They can do it to Jim Butterfield, they can do it to other people. I think they should because how else are you going to narrow the economic gap?”

    Progressive Labour Party leadership challengers, Deputy Premier Paula Cox and Mr. Lister, have both pledged to turn down the volume on race discussions.

    “Both have said we must move forward together, but for the average man on the street, they don’t see any likelihood of moving forward together,” said Dr. Hodgson.

    “Blacks and whites can’t move forward together because there are extreme differences in economic, cultural, social and political backgrounds. To simply say ‘push aside the differences’ may be easy for the Deputy Premier and Mr. Lister, but for the man on the street, that’s not likely.

    “In some ways the PLP has exploited the black community because even before the current Premier we would hear PLP supporters insulting black UBP people, calling them Uncle Toms, which implies that all blacks should vote PLP.

    “They didn’t return the compliment by doing what they could for the black community. They said they were governing everybody.

    “I think the voters need to be paying attention to those who want to be our next Premier. Paula Cox has reminded us of the enthusiasm and the euphoria throughout the entire black community in 1998.

    “It’s well for all of us, particularly in the black community, to remember why there’s been such euphoria, because there’s been such disappointment since 1998 that we might even forget not only how euphoric we were but why we were so enthusiastic.

    “Sometimes the political elite in the PLP have been far more effective in punishing those supporters whom they might dislike than they have been in coming up with ideas and proposals to benefit the entire black community.”

    She called for residents to demand their MPs tell them how they plan to end economic disparity.

    “The current Premier has said black Bermudians have a malaise and they are soft,” she said.

    “I think the black community has been very soft in how they react to the PLP and leadership. They have not demanded that they reward the black community as a whole in how they voted for them.

    “Our leaders [Dame Jennifer Smith, Alex Scott and Dr. Brown], all three of them, seem to be more concerned about the comfort of the white community than they are about addressing the economic, social and cultural gap in the black community.

    “The fact that the PLP go on trying to please whites says something about the psychology of black people generally.”

  61. Sara,

    So now we’re all in agreement with Dr. Hodgson. She’s been writing books, letters, talking on the radio for the past 100 years and no one paid attention. Now that she’s disagreed with something that the PLP has done, you want everybody to read what she has to say. Have you read her book?

  62. Ralph Commissiong said on a talk show there is nothing wrong with a black man having shares in a white construction company this is empowerment. Am not Cromwell Shakir this is corruption if this company gets a ten year contract.

  63. You mean one day we might read that you’re in agreement with Dr. Brown? Wonder of wonders!!

  64. You mean one day we might read that you’re in agreement with Dr. Brown?

    I’m in agreement with his departure if that’s what you mean.

  65. With Dr. Brown gone Bermuda can get back to the way it used to be, where we all got along as one big happy family.

  66. Ms. Furbert, that was a VALIANT attempt at misdirection and at painting me, based on nothing whatsoever, other than the colour of my skin, as being opposed to Dr. Brown in everything.
    Now, I understand that you are an ardent supporter of his and will… and have… do anything and say anything to continue that support, but surely even you have to admit that there ARE things that are a basis for a lack of support for the man!

    I did notice that you successfully evaded the point, though…

    par for the course.

  67. while u lot hero worshipin ya false leader in de glorious send off drinkin ya champaign….remember ya leaders have let de people down….have a great party plp

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