2010 Westminster Election

I’m still not feeling any real energy surrounding this election. Maybe it’s just my constituency, I don’t know. I haven’t had anyone come round canvassing here, and I understand that they have a somewhat different approach to canvassing here anyway. I’ve had fliers through the door from Labour, the Tories, the LibDems, UKIP and the SNP, but I haven’t seen any activists out and about, not even stalls in the High Street, or signs on lawns or windows. It’s a bit different in Edinburgh, I’ve seen plenty of LibDem, SNP and Green Party signs there, none for the Tories or Labour.

Unfortunately due to work obligations I missed the hustings I wanted to attend, but I’ve tried to watch the Leaders Debates on the telly. Seeing as I’m not interested in either of those three (Tories, LibDems and Labour) they really didn’t hold my attention though. Just a few talking heads squabbling. Reminded me of a bunch of crows fighting over a scrap of bread.

I don’t trust the Tories one bit. Quite frankly their politics and mine are fundamentally opposed. I have had some fun looking at how the Tories are trying to cloak themselves in traditional socialist ideas, what with workers cooperatives and all. The Tories really have no chance at all of getting elected in my constituency, or anywhere in Scotland for that matter. Was out for happy hour with some co-workers on Friday, and one of them came out as a Tory and started advocating we all vote for them. Seriously, the whole bar just went silent, not just my table. And then a deluge of anti-Tory arguements erupted throughout. Tories really are not welcome here. They are unelectable and irrelevant from the Scottish perspective.

I have a long standing contempt for New Labour in all its forms, of which the PLP is very much one of them, although currently more of a Clintonite-Obama model than a Blair-Brown one, at least in the dominant source of inspiration. All the same, if I was living in England I would consider voting Labour in order to keep the Tories out, although my decision would be dependent on the political allegiance of the Labour candidate, as well as whether or not the Green Party was running there.

I really don’t trust the LibDems. I like some of their policies, but I’ve always found them to be fence-sitters, cherrypicking from Tory and Labour policies with the desire of trying to please everyone. Which you can’t. They just come across as opportunists to me, and wishy-washy ones at that. I have not been attracted to them like many other leftists have been, although I can appreciate the reasoning of thoses leftists that have. New Labour is dead, and it has damaged the Labour Party greatly in the process. Many people are now abandoning the Labour Party in favour of the LibDems partly as a sign of protest to the failed New Labour project, and partly because the LibDems are modelling themselves now as somewhat to the left of Labour.

I am a member of the Scottish Socialist Party. If I was in England I would have either joined the Labour Party and their internal socialist caucus the Labour Representation Committee, or the Green Party and their ecosocialist faction. Scotland provided me with a functioning and viable option in the form of the SSP. As noted in my previous article though, my branch isn’t contesting my constituency, focusing on upcoming local and Scottish elections instead. The Green Party and the Trade Union Socialist Coalition isn’t running either.

I’m leaning towards the SNP as a result. The SNP is the only party contesting my constituency that is opposed to Trident and advocating instead that the money saved from scrapping Trident go towards public services. Scrapping Trident would free up enough funds to prevent the public sector cuts being advocated by the Tories, Labour and LibDems. Both Labour and the Tories share the same pro-Trident position, and the LibDems aren’t questioning the need for a nuclear deterrent, just wondering if it could be done cheaper.

I don’t understand why the UK needs a nuclear weapon system at all. As far as I can tell it’s more about the UK continuing it’s delusion of being a major power and keeping it’s place at the UN security council table. Forgive me if I think investing in people trumps investing in weapons of mass destruction for the sole purpose of ones national ego. Misplaced priorities as far as I can tell.

There is an independent running in my areas, a Susan Archibald, who I’ve heard good things about too. She’s very much pro-worker and campaigns on behalf of people with disabilities. I’ve also heard she has some generally progressive politics too. I’m hoping to learn more about her positions before this Thursday. Otherwise I’ll be voting SNP.

The best outcome for me is a hung parliament, with strong a government of coalition (de facto at least) of the LibDems, Labour and the SNP/Plaid Crymu (and Greens if they get in in Brighton and Norwich). Even if that parliament only lasts for a year, I would expect it to see electoral reform passed, with some form of proportional representation implemented for the next election.

There is also a lot of organising going on beneath the surface here. The unions and workers all over are preparing to defend themselves against the coming storm. Lots of eyes are on Greece at the moment, and movements are being planned accordingly. It should make for some interesting developments over here at any rate.

Impact on Bermuda?

I’m not sure what the impact of the election is going to be in Bermuda. None of the three main parties really say anything about the overseas territories in their manifestoes. I need to reread their finance chapters again to see if they have anything directly relevant to us.

The biggest impact I see is the potential for the LibDem boost in the UK to have a ripple effect on the Bermuda Democratic Alliance. I see the BDA being of the same cloth as the LibDems, and a success for the LibDems could also boost the BDA too.


9 thoughts on “2010 Westminster Election

  1. your “long standing contempt for New Labour” mirrors my contempt for the “new ” PLP.

    They are a disgrace to the dedication and memory of Freddy Wade, Eugene Cox, Walter Brangman,and many others

    in Brown’s plantation ,they have become worse than the UBP , a gang of thieves and charlatans, lining their pockets,propping up a Machiavellian carpetbagger ,the Hollywood jet setter,making a mockery out of responsible government

  2. bermudians need to out source governance to the uk untill bermudian politicians r deemed fit by bermudians to run the country based on 21st century standards.

    the uk needs to reform bermuda since we have had 50 yrs worth of politicians who cannot and dont have the political will 2 reform bermuda to address all the inequities that still exist here.

  3. So much for the “peoples labor party”

    now the battle is BIU vs public services union

    George Scott,former PLP MP and BIU organizer, heads the ceder bridge board, he is trying to force middle mgrs to sign contacts where they agree to being fired at any time

    but middle mgrs have refused,and joined the public services union.

    Last night the ceder bridge board fired the schools IT mgr ,Mr Ible

    today the public services union, took the board to supreme court for contempt

    Your in Scotland, where is your allegiance?

  4. Black Press, does that same rule aplly to ‘Berny Made Off’ ?

    Good article there John. I’m not much into this Westminster/Eastminster/ North or South anymore.

    Just reflecting on the past 15 years of Bermudian politics and up to today, I just give up.

    The rich are leaving, local companies are getting what they can, the gang bangers are making a killing ( pun intended) and a certain portion of the left behinds are being rewarded with no thought of the future and the children.

    You can have all the XL’s, Ren Re’s and freeking “Ree-Runs” all you want. The lack of moral fibre and responsibility will be and shall be the demise of the 400 years of Hubert Smiths “Another World”.

    Gotta run……..just bought 500 acres in Wyoming. Nearest town, 23 miles. The rest I’ll share latter.

    Thanks again John for the subject but as can be seen by the response/s people are looking after themselves and planning for most part.


    …..where the hell is Rodney King when we ned him……..

  5. @ Sal – My allegiance is always to the workers themselves, not to any of the organisations that profess to be for the workers. I need to study the case more, but it really doesn’t make much sense and puts some BIU/PLP members in a rather bad light. There are labour laws and the like for a reason, and I don’t see why those laws have not been applied. I plan to try and find out more about the case in question before writing a full piece on it.

  6. Yah yah..your right once again Johnny. “to the workers themselves” ? What a statement and I don’t even have to hold you too it because over the years and all your writings you’ve shown that and I once again commend you for that.

    As for study, you just want to impress me and others again. Say what you want and…..well you know the rest of my thoughts.

    Your comments are thought provoking and do get reaction from the ones that know it all.

    Glaynlivit hall ahrahn……………………………………………..

  7. Jonathan,
    You are I’m sorry to say, a sucker and will suffer with many. I point to your post in response to Sal relating to the events at Cedarbridge in which you refer to the law. The PLP as lead by the Premier applies the law as it sees fit. An analogy which I like to use, and it applies to the UBP at the last election, is this. Two boxers enter the ring. One is the reigning champion who fights according to the Queensbury rules. The other is Ewart. The bell goes and as the two fighters engage, Ewart kicks the other in the privates, then chops his neck as he falls. He is deemed the winner. If you play by the rules against the present regime you are history. This is down and out gutter politics and fighting. Forget the law or ethics and fight dirty. Try and be decent and you are destroyed. Then people wonder why the Island is in the state it’s in.
    By the way, presumably you didn’t need a work permit to get your job in Scotland? Fortunate to have a UK Passport issued in the name of the unelected Head of State that also allows you to work freely and buy property without restrictions. If only Bermudians who marry foreigners were that fortunate in Bermuda.

  8. Personal attacks again. Welcome Johnny to the world of put up or shut up.

    And Bryce, don’t even go that route.
    Apples oranges………

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