Still here, just busy…

My apologies to readers who may be wondering what’s going on with the blog.

First off, no, I have not packed up and given up on this blog or Bermudian politics in general.

I’m just real busy at the moment. I’ve started a new job and it’s a bit manic at the moment while I get up to speed with the subject matter, and I’ve had to hit the ground running something fierce. It’s a pretty exciting and interesting job however, and I’m really enjoying it. Only thing is it’s taking up a lot of my time at the moment. I expect to have more free time over the next week or two and will be posting more as I get further ahead with work.

Besides work, I’ve also been focused on the UK general election. To be honest it’s been a particularly boring campaign from my perspective, at least so far. I personally am expecting a minority Labour Government, supported mostly by the Liberal Democrats.

My UK constituency is Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath, and my MP is none other than the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. So far I’ve not been impressed with the campaigns of either major Party. It’s really been lacklustre and very much a tweedledum, tweedledee and tweedledem situation. I don’t like New Labour one bit, and I certainly won’t be voting for the Tories. I don’t think I can vote for Mr. Brown as I strongly dislike what he, along with Mr. Blair, did to the Labour Party. The Liberal Democrats have some interesting policies, but I’m not overly impressed with them.

I am currently a member of the Scottish Socialist Party, but unfortunately we decided not to run a candidate at this time, and instead we’re going to focus on local council and Holyrood elections that will be coming up next year, as well as build up our branch and community activism. If the Green Party was running in my riding I would vote for them instead, but unfortunately that isn’t an option. Which leaves me mostly with a choice between an Independent, Sarah Archibald, or the Scottish Nationalist Party. The SNP’s election manifesto is the only one (apart from the socialists and greens) that I agree with quite a bit, and the SNP really is the ‘other’ party in Scotland; it’s between the SNP and Labour here. I’m hoping to arrange a meeting with the Independent candidate over the weekend, and I’ll report back on that then.

I should say that Gordon Brown is pretty much a shoe-in for winning this constituency. The SNP will come a distant second here, followed by the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives here will do well to even beat an Independent candidate into fourth place; they really are pretty much non-existent here.


2 thoughts on “Still here, just busy…

  1. Glad to see you back old bouy. It’s good your busy. Keeps you out of the pubs etc.

    I am a member of the ‘SSDP’ a leftwing branch of the SSP; the Scotch Social Drinkers Party.

    Anyway stay busy and when you get time, I ‘ll be looking forward once again to some of your thought provoking thoughts.


  2. I’m sure though that you’d be excused if you indeed took time away from blogging – I think that for at least a few bloggers it’s a reality. Things here over the past few months would dismay the biggest optimist of all, I wager.

    At least in the UK political spectrum there are more varied options in terms of candidates, platforms. Maybe Westminster works better there, after all.

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