Hoping This Isn’t True…

I’ve been out all day so I only just got a chance to check my emails and the RG. I see there are reports that MP Wayne Furbert, former Leader of the UBP, is to join the PLP.

I am seriously hoping this is a wind-up.

I’ve written several times, here, over on the now defunct Progressive Minds and I believe on the various forums, that I am strongly opposed to Mr. Furbert joining the PLP. I am strongly opposed to this for various reasons, not least of which is Mr. Furbert’s questionable pyramid scheme model, his former position of UBP Leader where he was heavily critical of the PLP, and because of my general disgust of political turncoats.

I also criticised Jahmal Simmons’ joining the PLP, even though I do consider him a friend, although Mr. Simmon’s joining the PLP is far more palatable than Mr. Furbert doing so, but I would strongly oppose him being put forward as a parliamentary candidate.

Of course anyone can join whatever Party they want. I understand that. But that doesn’t mean I welcome some people, like Mr. Furbert, into the PLP. I really do wonder how those same members of the PLP who brutally criticised Mr. Furbert when he was UBP Leader can now welcome Mr. Furbert with open arms. The double think must cause some serious whiplash.

If this is true, that Mr. Furbert has joined the PLP, on the plus side it does resolve one problem for me. That was whether I would rejoin the PLP when I got back home or focus on activities outside of the PLP. Personally I cannot, and will not, be a member of the PLP as long as Mr. Furbert sits in the House as a PLP MP. Had he quietly left politics when he left the UBP and quietly, some years later, joined the PLP in a personal capacity, I could possibly live with that – possibly.

Should this be true – and the Party does not enforce a by-election and a new candidate (Mr. Charles Clarke for example would be an excellent MP) – then it truly shows how far the PLP has degenerated since 1998. At least in 1998 it had the promise of standing for something. If in 2010 it is able to absorb someone of Mr. Furbert’s character and history, then it stands for nothing except opportunism and power. It would no longer be a Party that I could support, even as critically as I have to date – largely due to my increasing disappointment with its failure to live up to its potential and heritage.


34 thoughts on “Hoping This Isn’t True…

  1. I agree 100%.

    If Mr Furbert at any time, chose to resign his MP seat and run in a bye-election either as an Independent or as a PLP member (although the PLP may have chosen a different candidate), fine.

    But this move shows that he is in it to collect a paycheck, without regard to how the constituents in Hamilton Parish West voted.

    No respect.

    Wonder how PLP members who have been at the receiving end of Mr Furbert’s criticisms when he led the UBP must feel now.

  2. We should look up and post some of the criticisms (and smear) that various members of the PLP have said about Mr. Furbert, then compare them to any new comments about his move.

  3. Yeah I bet many of them are eating crow right now, and Brown must be pleased as punch to have a former UBP leader licking his boots now.

  4. wayne furbert has teeny tiny mouse balls thats why hes thrown away any credability or integrety he may have had to jump on the pay check money wagon of the plp instead of making his indipendence status in the house count for something by being a political spoiler and introducing bills that actually help the non eliete bermudians people.

    stewart hayward did a good job as a indipendent…

    wayne u r a disappointing chump of a politician



  5. This is just another example of the depths to which this Island has sunk in the last 4 years. According to the news, he wants to be Minister of Tourism and Transport. Proof he is in politics for all the current right reasons – screw the people and Island, he’s in it for himself. Ex UBP; refused membership to the B.D.A., welcomed by the PLP. If Duane Dill is a B.D.A. House n**** according to Rolfe, then Wayne must be the PLP equivalent.
    Now let’s sit back and see if there are any PLP members out there who have any principles and ethics and stand up and publicly denounce this despicable person, and the PLP for welcoming him.
    This PLP Government has to be the epitomy of moral degredation, deceit, incompetence and sleaze. All the Cabinet Ministers and MP’s are equally culpable, even Dale Butler who resigned his Cabinet post, but remains an MP.

  6. Jonathon – I think you are holding back a bit there. Come on, tells us what you really feel 🙂

    Damn, I have never see you so fired up over a matter this you are with #6

  7. From Mr. Chapman:
    “if in the year 2008 u as a blk man find that the likes of albertha waite, tilman darrell, WAYNE FURBERT and shawn “drug dealer” crockwell the type of govt. that u want then u r either a fool or a sell out – u pick one.”

    I guess things have changed in two years…

  8. Dear Vanz,

    Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

    Everyone else who is able to constructively post on the internet:

    I can’t believe anyone is surprised. Wayne’s a nice enough guy, but please if you can’t tell that he’s not the most difficult person to persuade, well I don’t know. The exact same reasons all the PLP’ers criticised him when he was in the UBP (weak minded, does what he’s told) are now those that have seen him join the PLP. Plus, I’m quite sure, a few promises…

    Anyway, comes back to Jonny’s point on the BDA members resigning then having a by-election. Course it won’t happen because it’s not the PLP’s way of doing things, but wouldn’t it be nice for our politicians to not suck, just for a change?

  9. Also, if Wayne Furbert’s ideology now fits into the PLP leadership’s what exactly do the PLP stand for?

    The only thing I can see is re-election. It’s all about winning. Who cares what the prize is, or why they got involved in the first place.

    Beat the other teams, stand on the podium. Governing? Why bother?

  10. robert if the plp members had principles n ethics, we would have seen an entirely different level of good governance from them as a party along with the highest levels of accountability via the membership upon the mps and the premier

    not to mention they would have fbeen following the founding members principils to the letter and working for the betterment of conditions for the working class to remove the imbalances that still exist here

    furbert deserves the plp n the plp deserves him

    may they all rot in hell 🙂

  11. Of course it is a free country. And the PLP is free to render itself hypocritical and paint itself as a Party of opportunism and not ideology. And I am free to call it as such if I see it as such.

  12. Actually have to agree with you on your last two paragraphs John.

    Remember what Smokey said……”Only you can prevent Fubert fires”…………..

  13. Funny, I guess now that Wayne has joined the PLP, that automatically means he is no longer an uncle tom!!!

  14. From Mr. Chapman:
    “if in the year 2008 u as a blk man find that the likes of albertha waite, tilman darrell, WAYNE FURBERT and shawn “drug dealer” crockwell the type of govt. that u want then u r either a fool or a sell out – u pick one.”

    lol I cannot believe I am actually agreeing with Vanz…took a couple years…but you know, he is not far off the mark now.

  15. i guess i was wrong about wf -turns out he’s smarter than i thought 🙂 – however shawn crockwell is still a confused, allegedly former drug dealer

    as usual js u and ue, sara etc. are out of touch with how bda really rolls – its like u live in a bubble called the royal/racist gazette

  16. Awesome! Thanks for proving our point, Mr. Chapman.

    Txt Talk? Check.
    Hypocricy? Check.
    Attack on how people that actually live here are “out of touch”? Check.
    Attack on the Gazette? Check.

    Guess things HAVEN’T changed in two years!

    Ridiculous little man.

  17. Come on guys….stick to the thread. You’ve been at each others throats for years. Lets move on as Mr. Furbert has………….bawahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. “um, yeah – u and sara et al have it all figured out, right?”

    Don’t recall anyone saying I had it all figured out,ever.
    And with the state of affairs in Bermuda right now, it appears nobody has anything figured out.
    Is WF an uncle tom vanz? you can answer that since you support the PLP.

  19. Brilliant!

    Tell you what, Vance… I live here. Every day. I talk to people, face to face. I listen to what they’re saying.

    Can’t say the same about you, can we?

    Who has a better idea of what’s really going on here? Someone who lives here or someone a thousand miles away?

    In addition, please don’t project motivations onto me.
    I’ve never claimed to “have it all figured out”. Not once.
    I HAVE, in fact, repeatedly said that I DON’T have it all figured out and am looking for answers.

    Unlike you who is oh-so quickly backpedaling on the disgusting and vile things you’ve said about Mr. Furbert, now that he’s joined the PLP.


  20. ue, u don’t see a pattern in ur thought process? – do some personal inventory and see what all the people that u diss have in common and see what that says about u – if u know anything about wf and his family, church, upbringing etc u would know that his ubpness was only but so deep. – but hey, ur genetics allow u to be deep and to figure complex issues out while the rest of us are just motivated by shiny things like money and plp rhetoric – alas we are not complete beings like u and sara who can see clearly

  21. Oh! It’s ‘cuz I’m white that I can’t see the commendable things about Mr. Furbert that you (suddenly) can see.

    Two years ago, he was an Uncle Tom, now he’s an upstanding person with a solid upbringing.

    And the reason isn’t because now he’s PLP, it’s something deeper that I, as a white man, am incapable of seeing.

    What’s it called when you think someone is inferior because of the colour of their skin?

    I love how you attribute all these motivations because of my race, simply because you’re being called on your hypocrisy.


  22. Vanz, I really want to understand your thought process, could you try writing in clear thought form instead of beating around the bush?


    Now THAT is funny! Seriously.

    Where did you mention race? Everywhere!
    That’s all you talk about! You’ve referred to my “melanin content” in the past (Oh, wait, that wasn’t you, was it… that was your imaginary Facebook persona… er.. friend… the same one that wrote str8nochaser, the blog that you “didn’t” start… right?), you’ve outright said that, because I’m white, I’m a racist.
    What else could you mean by “genetics”?
    You projected that motivation onto me, that my “genetics allow u to be deep and to figure complex issues out while the rest of us are just motivated by shiny things like money and plp rhetoric”

    What else could you possibly mean?

    Any answer for that? Or is this going to be same ol’ same ol’, you running away from any questions like a cowardly little boy who’s not getting his way?

    Just to give YOU some advice…

    “do some personal inventory and see what all the people that u diss have in common and see what that says about u”

    Because that line sure as hell has NOTHING to do with me.

    Unless what you mean is that the thing they have in common is blind loyalty to a political party AND a willingness to lie, slander and smear anyone that dares disagree with them, disgustingly using race as a weapon, ignoring any point made, only to go on the attack for no reason…

    Then, yeah… I think what that says about me is that I don’t like lying racist trolls.

    Or did I “diss” someone else?

    Don’t you have any new tricks, Mr. Chapman?
    Or is this going to run the same track as it always does?

    Why don’t we just cut to the chase and get to the part where you email me, whining about me “Picking on you” and begging me to stop… or are we going to do the “It’s just a comedy bit/social commentary” thing first?

    To get back on track, before we get TOO derailed…

    YOU said horrific things about Mr. Furbert (and so many others) in the past. That’s undeniable.

    Now your song has changed and he’s suddenly no longer unworthy as a politician, simply because he joined the PLP.

    You were “wrong about him”, right?

    Do you retract everything that you’ve said about him?

    And, will you explain WHY you’ve had this change of mind, if it’s NOT the simple fact that he’s joined the PLP?

    I mean, is that all it takes for someone to change from worthless to laudable? Just joining a political party?

    Or is there more?

  24. u ever hear of the term banana republic?

    If bermudians were an educated people who were partiotic and valued its constitution the voter abuses, breeches of the constitution in cases where voters have been disenfranchised, and their democratic constitutional rights broken when an elected official changes his political alliance while that official holds office, and then being allowed to do so while the constitution doesnt say that = a breech of the bermuda constitution.

    This would not be tollorated in a real democratic country, bermuda truly is a banana republic like many have claimed.

    This would not be happening in the usa canada uk and real world non micky mouse countries.

    Any change in the status of that elected official that effects the grounds under wich he has been voted in on

    That should trigger automatic by elections like we saw in the death of former minister nelson bascombe.

    …..the creation of the BDA party should have equalled a by election

    ….jahmal simmons moving to the plp = by election

    ….now mr wayne……. some have stated that he is doing this to prop up his personal finances. After all political office is a recesession proof job now isnt it?

    any crossing of the ailse = by election

    any crssing of the isle past present or future = by election.

    For a long time both political partiees have been breeching the constitution.

    and because we have an ignorant non patriotic non involved via civic responsibility to enforce accountability

    this dirty backwards type of politics akin to the transference of power via divine right instead of via democracy.

    All public officials guilty of recieving a paycheck from the people while illegally an MP needs to be arrested for theft and be forced to refund the taxpayer.

    Where are the constitunal lawyers there should have been
    supreme court battels a long ass time ago.

    Bermuda is corrupt, the uk needs to take over and reform it like they did the turks, this way all the system related issues negativly effecting the people and preventing ADVANCMENT OF THE FAMILY STRUCTURES, and overall prosperety which is balanced and does not have or support an eliete class who control all the wealth.

    A bottom up system of governance with no political parties

  25. UE, u seem to have some pent up issues that u need to work out, good luck w/ that. to end, i’m glad that yet another ex ubper has seen the light and has chosen to be on the right side of history – i’m guess that makes u upset – but keep screaming – i’m sure it’ll work out in the end

  26. Nope.

    Not screaming, no issues.

    Surprise, surprise, you’re wrong again.

    Have you EVER been right?

    I love that you can dismiss all the vile things you’ve said with “He’s come over to the right side of history”…

    Rationalisation at its finest.

    Maybe you should come live here for a while to see what the “right side of history” has done to my country.

  27. Thing about you being wrong about WF vanz, now means you could be wrong about the PLP, you can rationalise it, deflect, or try to bs your way through any way you like. WF just made you eat your words, which is always fun to watch in my books. I’ll have to thank Wayne next time I see him.

  28. …another ex ubper has seen the light and has chosen to be on the right side of history…

    But wasn’t it Jamahl Simmons who once said, “the leopard don’t change its spots.” Or doesn’t that apply if someone is doing something you approve of?

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