BPSU 2nd Vice-President Elections – March 18th, 2010

This Thursday is the by-election for the post of 2nd Vice-President at the Bermuda Public Services Union. Polls open at 0830hrs and close at 1730hrs at the BPSU HQ.

As I understand it the role of 2nd Vice-President involves overseeing union affairs and support the employees of BHB. The individual serves on various high-level committees representing employer/employee interests, including negotiations. In the absence of the President and 1st Vice-President the individual assumes their roles.

There are two candidates for this by-election, Brother Jason Hayward and Sister Jacqueline Simons.

Over the last week and a bit I contacted both candidates and asked them if they would be willing to answer a series of questions from me which I would then post on the blog to help raise awareness of the election and what the respective candidates were all about. I have decided to give each candidate their own thread, more for ease of reading than anything else, both of which can be found below, in no particular order.

I am not endorsing either candidate, my only intention is to increase awareness about the election, the candidates and the cause of organised labour in Bermuda today. I hope to extend the same opportunity to other unions when I can. Furthermore I should just make it clear that the participation of both candidates on this blog does not mean that either of them subscribe to my far left politics.


4 thoughts on “BPSU 2nd Vice-President Elections – March 18th, 2010

  1. Thanks for the posting of their views. BTW, you need to fix the link for Hayward, it’s formatted incorrectly.

    It looks like it will be a close race, both seem quite well-prepared.

  2. Good catch, thank you. I’ve corrected the links now.

    Yeah, I think they are both very impressive candidates.

  3. What with all this “Brother and Sister” stuff. Is that party lingo or BIU lingo…..

    Are these people you refer too members of the Scotish Lodge “Mull of Kinfire”………………

    You were never a Brother John. You were just a “House Honkey”……………………………………Just like Commissioner Smith….et al. I call them Paw Paw Onions one higher than a Paper Onion……………………..

    Gotta run…..joining the “BOWEL” movement………………………….

  4. by his responce to the tax increase question

    jason whatever his name is…. is a joke

    all bermudians need to be employed by the pbsu so we can take a financial hit via the increased payroll tax and not have to worry cause we are makin big bucks.

    organised labour sucks balls cause they only care about the workers that pay them dues

    and his response to social issues is also retarded

    what happened to keeping up the pressure for proper wages in bermuda. and bringing the workers wages above the poverty line so that people dont have to engage in anti social behaviour to make ends meat.

    and 4 u cal call him impressive some what shows your committment to the working class @ starling

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