Why The Bermuda Democratic Alliance MPs Should Resign

First off I just want to make it clear that, yeah, I do not support the BDA, not by far. I have in my posts been rather critical of them for what I can only describe as their schoolboy approach to politics to date. I have been critical of their failure to launch with any credibility or platform beyond ‘we’re not the UBP’ combined with a failure to clarify how, exactly, they are different from the UBP. Having said that, I do welcome them as having the potential to really change our political landscape, and recognise that a good opposition is vital for having a good government, and that is the basis for my criticisms (apart from sheer ideological differences).

Now, as I see it the BDA faces two main challenges if it wants to be taken seriously. The first of these is that it needs to clarify that it is not just the UBP in new clothes. The second is that it needs to really tackle the issue of race which is, whether we like it or not, a central aspect of politics in Bermuda, very much intertwined with class issues. These two challenges are of course interrelated, but my focus here will be more on the first challenge.

The BDA was founded by three sitting UBP MPs, at least three high-ranking UBP Officials or prominent members (Micheal Fahy, Sean Pitcher and Wayne Scott). Right of the bat the BDA was faced with the need to differentiate itself from the UBP. It hasn’t really done anything on that front since, except to repeat vague phrases about how they weren’t the UBP and were instead ‘for a better way’ without really explaining how they were better or different from the UBP. Polls show that so far the BDA has only split the UBP vote and have failed to capture any support from the PLP.

Now that the BDA has solidified their position with their Party Conference on February 20th, electing its Leader, Deputy Leader and Chair, developed their Constitution and ‘appointed’ their Executive, the BDA is able to start differentiating themselves from their UBP parent. Having put their house in order, or at least setting the foundation, their MPs, who were elected as UBP MPs, should resign their positions and contest by-elections. Doing so allows new candidates to be potentially put forward, or for the incumbent MPs to receive a mandate for their actions and the new Party. In the process they get to test their new machinery, focus their members and build their credibility in the populace.

An ideal time for the BDA to do this would be March 20th, exactly one month after their Conference. This, and the resulting time period between their resignation and the by-election, should give it more than enough time to prepare and properly contest the by-elections. If the BDA professes to be for a ‘better way’ for politics in Bermuda, and they have the support from their constituents that they say, then they have nothing to fear and everything to gain by contesting by-elections.


70 thoughts on “Why The Bermuda Democratic Alliance MPs Should Resign

  1. While on the topic, I think the Finance Minister should resign too because of her crappy performance. Wud’ya think?

  2. For once JS, I agree with you, except for your absurd use of the race card

    likewise, Furburt is an idiot in search of a microphone,an embarrassment to himself, along with Darius tucker , both sucking up to the plp now , hoping for a ticket on de gravy train as Judas Jahmal and Rolfe got dem checks to keep coming in!

  3. “it needs to clarify that it is not just the UBP in new clothes”

    What exactly do you mean by this? What would the characteristics be of a party that was not “just the UBP in new clothes”. Must they have diametrically opposite policies to the UBP in every aspect, or are they allowed to share some of the same ideological beliefs?

  4. Johnny, I think that most people are so pissed off with local politics that they wouldn’t come out to vote in a by election anyway.
    We have all had a gut full of nasty, inept politicking and its not putting food on the table.

  5. I’d say if you want to generate a real debate on the BDA you need to sharpen yr critisism and move on from just repeating, vague and tired critism that the BDA is vague – its the pot calling the kettle black here.

    “to repeat vague phrases about how they weren’t the UBP and were instead ‘for a better way’ without really explaining how they were better or different from the UBP.”

    this is a snoozer johnny – if you dont bother to try to engage with whats going on locally you’ll never move on from this spot.

    “Polls show that so far the BDA has only split the UBP vote and have failed to capture any support from the PLP.”

    polls? really? lets just except polls for what they are – if you dont think there is any dissatisfaction within the community – black white ubp plp etc. etc. then you’ve been living on a different rock than this one –

  6. The entire PLP should resign out of shame for that budget. Nothing short of criminal what they have done to my country.

  7. James T. You are equating disatisfaction with the one into support for the other. As UBP has proven by their lack of substantial support, that is not the case usually.

    And again, this simple attack the messenger not the message appears to be something both the PLP and BDA supporters have in common… What of Jon’s message is vague? What in particular do you disagree with? What are the facts you would use to back up your points?

  8. Bermuda has for too long debated politics and policy by comparing apples and oranges, those being the UBP and the PLP.

    Independents ruled years ago until party politics et al. All other matters regarding race, lost opportunites, discrimination have been addressed.

    The UBP is a thing of the past and did wonders for this country. The PLP were a formidable opposition and did good work with checks and balances when the shoe was on the other foot.

    If things were right, we would not be having this back and forth. The Global mess we are in is just that. Some countries are faring better and have an average stable government, Bermuda has too an extent but the lies and deception from our leaders mouth affords me the right to say wake up, stand up. Half the population is PLP and supporters but I would’nt count any chickens yet. The “Rooster” and a few of his hens may have a stable house but the ‘muskovi ducks’ and feral chickens that support them are tired of having to clean up the mess and await the burden of the last hatchlings that will suffer the broken egg shells they thought were being addressed.

    When the platinum hits the fan many will be damaged by the ‘weight’.

    Mark my words…………………………………….

    El Rummo…………………………….

  9. To those that voted for the PLP in 2006:
    Are you going to take any responsibility for this when future generations ask you, how could you have been guided by so much tom foolery?
    Are you going to try and make things right for your country the next time these elite out of touch leaders court your vote?

  10. I don’t know about anyone else, but the last election I voted in was in 2007. Is that the one you are referring to, Sara?

    Are you saying conversely I should be going around blaming everyone who voted UBP back when and allowed for the many travestys that happened under their rule?

  11. Alsys,

    Why not blame those who voted for the UBP for what happened on their watch? They are the one’s who are responsible. They can take credit for a heck of a lot more good that the UBP did too. I can’t see how anyone could say the same for the PLP with a straight face. Quite the opposite as far as I can see and I haven’t seen one list of achievements that would come close to swaying me.

    Don’t blame me though, I didn’t “make it happen”.

  12. I take full responsibility for my vote as well as my actions. Always have, always will.

    But that has nothing to do with taking responsibility for someone else’s actions or choices. This is not puppetry, nor should it be.

  13. @ Justin – I have long been an advocate of introducing a right of recall policy where any MP, even the Premier, can be forced to contest a by-election. I believe the Canadian Province of British Columbia has just such a policy (as do some others and US States), and I think it is something we should adopt here.

    @ Phil – I’ve said this before but I see the BDA as Bermuda’s own new (we had the NLP) version of the UK’s Liberal Democrats. I am sure you are familiar with them, but I see them as taking a bit of Labour and a bit of Conservative and making their positions accordingly. I don’t mind the BDA sharing some positions with the UBP, I’ld expect that. Heck, in truth the PLP and UBP are both very much parties of the centre today as it is. However, due to the very nature of the BDA’s formation, formed by disgruntled UBPers, and their current MPs being elected as UBP MPs, it is very easy to disregard them as merely old UBP wine in new BDA bottles. Fighting a by-election and getting a popular mandate for the BDA would help rebut some of that perception; furthermore there is no reason to expect that the incumbent BDA MPs will actually be the BDA candidates for these by-elections, something which could be welcomed as well.

    @ James T – Not sure what to make of your criticism there. Can you tell me what the BDA is about beyond rhetoric? And who ever said there isn’t dissatisfaction within the community?

  14. Alsys,

    That might be a valid excuse the first time we let the PLP rape us. Fool me once…

    Voting is a right and with all rights come responsibility. If those who “made this happen” think they are not responsible, that might go a long way to explaining the PLPs success in the face of their continued excess.

  15. And my point was, what are the PLP voters going to do about it at the next election, anything? We know what they did about the UBP in 1998, they voted in a NEW party. Now, moving to the present and future, what are they going to do about it @ the next election?

  16. “Rape us”? Right. Okay. Honestly, I don’t understand why such the offensive imagery but okay. Personally my issue isn’t with the PLP on a whole but the current administration. Which has really only hit it’s stride in recent years. The PLP has made quite a few steps forward under his reign. Could there have been more? Yep. Have they made missteps? Hugely. But to imply nothing is extremely disingenious and shows your prejudice more than the others. Ie (before you jump down throats and the like), to disregard the all because of the mistakes of a few is to say basically there is nothing “this lot” could do that you’d like, the good or the bad. If that’s your bent, cool, but be clear.

    Again, I nor one other singular person besides those who made those parliamentary decisions “made this happen”. Just like I take no responsibility for other bloggers words will I take no responsibility for the actions of people who sit under the same political banner. I have my say here and in other mediums the same as anyone else and that’s all I can possibly be responsible for. Seriously. I mean, come on, shy of forcibly holding the premier down how else is someone supposed to make him do or not do something?

    Remember this is the Westminister system. We do not vote for the premier, we vote for the party. By your reckoning, you should be only blaming those in his constituency… or is that too small of group of people for you to get angry with?

  17. @ Sara – At the time (1998) there existed two political parties that were viable potential governments. At the moment I don’t see either the UBP or BDA as being capable of forming a viable government. Which isn’t to say our current PLP government is great, or even good. And its entirely possible that by 2012 (I believe the next general election has to be called then) the BDA will have matured, or the UBP changed, and the situation will be different. There may even be another Party in the fight too for all we know.

    Parliamentary politics is not, however, the only or best political options available to us to effect change.

  18. Sara, you’d have to ask each and every one of them if you truly want an answer and most of them, like most voters period, aren’t sitting on these blogsites. You’ve got two years to make your way around the island. Good luck with that.

    But truthfully, it’s voters period that you have to ask. 65+% of the eligible voters actually showed up at the last election. Those that didn’t vote, are you blaming them as well?

  19. Oh the irony. Johnny your mislead. The NLP was a breakaway group of disgruntled blacks and a few whites, regardless of “liberal democrats et al.

    The BDA are a group of people that are fed up with the strong arm of the PLP and a dead UBP. It’s simple as that.

    Come on guys. …….30,000 voters can’t get it right? Crap….there are more voters on a square city block in New York.

    Everyone is a cousin, everyone knows most. It’s just a big disfuntional family with the heads taking control over family policy and ruling by thumb.

    Basically, if you all sit back and review your comments and feelings the ones that call the UBP similar to a destructive and divisive force…..their DEAD……………

    Now anyone who comes alongs that is white or associated with the UBP or the new and dynamic BDA is part and parcel too the old colonial/UBP………………..

    Maybe some of the fools who call for insurection and blood have a point but that idea has been addressed and is not valid in this day and age in Bermuda.

    So………….PLP all the way….just another version of the above.

    A great day too all and may the Platinum Force be with you all.

    El Rummo.

  20. Alsys,

    I never implied they did nothing. More harm than good but not nothing.
    Sorry if the imagery offends anyone but I think I’ll stand by it.
    So assuming you voted for the PLP in the last election, is what the administration is doing now surprising you somehow? It seems to be exactly what their track record indicated to me they would do if reelected. Maybe I’m just a genius.

    On topic… Johnny’s main point is right although I’m not sure I agree it would be a sound tactical move. I just think that any politician that crosses or has crossed the floor should resign.

  21. @Jonathan. Let’s hope that the BDA are a bit more successful than the Lib Dems (bless ’em).

    However, I agree that the BDA MPs should resign and fight a by-election, as should anyone else who quit the party under whose banner they were elected (Wayne Furbert and Donte Hunt should do the same, and Jamahl Simmons should have done so too). It’s only fair to their constituents, who may have voted for party, not the person.

  22. alsys,

    The question was more figurative so that those that aren’t happy with the way things are can reflect on it, just like they reflected on it in 1998. Obviously, we all want to believe that if he does step down this year, things can only go up, but after his colleagues sat idly, issuing improper unpopular SDO’s, getting the best contracts, spending right along with him, I’m not so sure that will happen. They are just as guilty of eating that apple, so I feel they as well can’t all be trusted at this point.

    Let me be clear, I am NOT blaming them, any more than I would not blame the many voters pre 1998 that continued to vote UBP in spite of the fact that the PLP was a viable option.
    IMO, putting blame isn’t the answer, what people choose to do about it moving forward for the future is all that is important.

  23. If you all want to step back for a moment and reflect on Dr. Browns comment about “We had to deceive you” then you might acknowledge that the PLP deceived you.

    If you don’t get it then we are all truely f………………………..

    Reality is a “Beach” and it has been washed away and maybe recovered by pumping back what was discarded down the system off Tee Street.

  24. The BDA has tried to provide an alternative from a different perspective – no platform but asking for Bermudians to get involved and have input into a new political scene. Many have decried their efforts, saying what do they stand for, offshoot of UBP, more of the same. Have those people even thought that they could actually provide the input? No, easier to sit on the sidelines and criticize. Easier to sit on the sidelines and demand a platform. Take, take, take. Pretty much sums up the apathy that is so prevalent today in Bermuda. There can be few who would disagree that in 1998 voters wanted a change of Government. Following the honeymoon period, and basking in the seemingly endless flow of money, the PLP Government could do no wrong. I would submit that the wheels came off when the Hon Eugene Cox died, closely followed by the election of Dr Brown as Premier. The island has gone to hell and a handbasket since then in 4 years with debt rocketing with nothing to show. The Premier has worked and abused the system to his own ends and to the detriment of Bermuda, and few of the supporters have publicly objected and all have been led like lambs to the slaughter.
    In a book titled Jamaica Farewell, written in the late 1970’s during the time of Manley’s destruction of Jamaica and coincidentally when The Premier was also in Jamaica, Morris Gargill a renowned journalist and lawyer wrote this:

    Manipulated by the slave traders and slave owners, given false hope by freedom, ther self respect all but destroyed, and desperately poor for three centuries, the unfortunate people of Jamiaca are urgently in need of wise and expert leadership. Instead of contributing to the support of England, our people are contributing to the support of a new elite and their thirst for power. Once again, as they have been betryed for three centuries, our good people have been betrayed”.

    There is more to the background to this, but there is a rather familiar tone to the message that has a local impact.

  25. “It’s only fair to their constituents, who may have voted for party, not the person.”

    Um… “who MAY HAVE…”?

    I don’t think there’s any doubt, is there?

  26. @ Robert – To compare Dr. Brown with Mr. Manley is a bit of a stretch I think. Mr. Manley was a committed socialist while Dr. Brown is anything but that. Your point about building a new elite however, I don’t dispute that.

    Anyway, to your main point…

    If the BDA wants to get people involved they need to show how they are different from both the PLP and the UBP. Right now they honestly just come across as disgruntled UBPers and they have yet to really show why they couldn’t work within the UBP – that is, what in their position is different from the UBP? And if they want to attract PLPers then they need to give them a reason to be attracted. While some people will jump on board simply because they are ‘new’ and an unknown quantity, the vast majority of people apply the lesson of ‘look before you leap’ and would like to have more of a reason to join and work with them than what the BDA has given so far. They have at least 300 members, and that should be enough for them to at least flesh out at least the skeleton of a policy, and I expect them to go ahead with that.

    Fighting by-elections is a way to energise their members, focus them on policy development and, potentially, give them a huge boost, both internally and externally.

  27. Starting to agree with Jonny on this one – BDA had (s?) a real opportunity to become a player in Bermudian politics due to the antipathy shown towards both of the established parties. But instead they seem a bit reluctant to get going.

    I’m still pretty sure that if they manage a compelling offer and, say, those 3 can get re-elected there are more MPs currently in the house that would join them. From both sides.

    But they do need a platform, constitution, whatever you want to call it. And they need it soon and they need it made public. Then then need to be loudest opposition in the house.

    Think we’ll see it…?

  28. Good point “Lost”……..

    But step back and reflect on you “3”…….

    3 does not a party or policy make. What they do is their choice. They made it, they want support. They alone will deal with what transpires.

    Why should we tell them what to do when they took the the bull by the horns and yet some want to send it too slaughter.

    They have a name. Most posters hide behind…..I think you get my point.

    A great day too all…..off too Ewartgypt………………..they have a conferance on young pointy things and I may learn something from it……………..

    El Rummo.

  29. They seem a bit reluctant to get going……..

    Your words LIF echo more loudly than you think. Just think about the “Twenty ” that keep the bolgs/forums going. The ones that bitch and moan about everything and their positions and the effcts on their families/single/married et al. The ones that spend all day online that have all the answers, the route too them.

    Yet not a soul with tell us whom they are yet decry all other opinions and debate face too face.

    Don’t forget yah cussin……….oopps thats an online thing or yah know.

    Put up? Shut up………..Then again, I’m white, went too an all black school in an all black neighborhood in an all black island with an all black government with a few token honkeys…………………

    And you wonder why Bill Zool won’t print my words………………….

    Gotta run…………….Oct 10th is comming and I need my licence to walk under the licence thing……………………….

  30. Can someone help me locate ‘Don Loco Hobo’. I’m in Hamilton but just can’t seem to find it.

    Oh well…like the rest of the place it’s falling apart……………….

    Call soon..I’m leaving shortly……….and would love to see this gallery………………

    Maybe there is an office near where I can drop my cheque off for the BDA………………….

  31. The BDA is worse than both parties. at least the two parties mention poor people. The Bda so far are chasing the middle class upper class vote only.
    Poor people loose again. So sad look at those racists complaining about homeless people in tents at Cmart. time for action on race where is commissiong?

  32. “So sad look at those racists complaining about homeless people in tents at Cmart. time for action on race where is commissiong?”

    At the Olympic Club working out with all the other rich people!!!!!

  33. Poor people loose again. So sad look at those racists complaining about homeless people in tents at Cmart.

    Are you kidding me????? Lets address this fact here and I apologise for being off topic here Jonny. First off it’s known that there is a lot of drug dealing going on. Second, those poor people living in tents somehow manage to always have a beer or two in their hands. Three, only tents I’ve seen there is a bivy that they setup to cover their heads from the sun or rain, othere than this they setup shop each and every day. The “racists” as you call them have only complained as they are becoming a public nuisance. They stop people from utilising the park “favorite expression was that you can’t park there you are blocking my view”. People have, several times been chopped there and come running into C-Mart for safety. Sorry mate, these guys have to go, problem is that no one is doing anything about it. The police say it’s a Parks issue and the Parks say it’s a police issue. I’ve been down there several times to look around and saw no tents and no evidence of them dwelling in the caves. All I see as I pass their each and every day are the same men, drunk, causing a nuisance for the residents and store owners, and defecating on public grounds.

    Jonny, again sorry, back to the topic at hand…..

  34. A few questions for red party:

    You may very well be correct in who the BDA has extended its reach towards intially, how should they show that they’re concerned about those considered lower class? Have Saturday/Sunday morning open mic events in certain neighbourhoods?

    Who were the racists involved with the story about the people camped out at Ducking Stool? The residents that live nearby who complained about the cursing and the smell? Or the Cmart owners? What comments did they make that were racist?

  35. Red Party
    The BDA is worse than both parties. at least the two parties mention poor people. The Bda so far are chasing the middle class upper class vote only.

    Not true, we’re chasing everone’s support and our attention lies first with the common every day Bermudian citizen as demonstrated by the events we have held and supported. I refer to our very public backing of the Rise Above, Bermuda group, the soup drives we held on Christmas Eve, the fact that our very first public meeting was held at the Leopards club (Which was attended with a full room), the fireside chats in various members living rooms where their neighbors are invited and lets not mention that our platforms are being craftd by people with the common Bermudian in mind to boot. We still have a ways to go, but I’m confident that we will get there.

  36. What has the “Big Conversation” done to help the poor red party?
    What has the PLP done to help the poor red party? Raised payroll tax, oh yea that’s right, that DOESN’T help the poor, now does it?
    Before you go around accusing the BDA of what they are NOT doing, you should tell your beloved PLP to take a nice look in the mirror.
    People aren’t buying the b.s. anymore.
    Rolfe, the lead man on racism is busy at his elite Olympic Club calling his colleague racist disgusting names.
    Is that who you want leading the fight against racism?

  37. Sean

    If the word “common” has different connotations in BDA than elsewhere in the world, then that’s fine.

    If not – it might be wise to stop using it. The thought of yet another proletariat group in the political arena is worrying.

  38. Mike,
    I think you read too much into what I’m saying. For example I consider myself a “Common Bermudian”. Maybe it’s my own personal connotation, however I do not imply class, but rather using another word for the phrase “Average Bermudian”. (That better for ya?)

  39. You can tell who is on the friends and family plan by the blind loyalty.
    Otherwise, only a complete idiot would be okay with what this government is doing.

  40. Funny thing when I first heard rumors that Dr. Brown came back to get revenge and destroy the island I just didn’t believe it. Thought is was ridiculous because nobody could be that fooled into electing a leader that wanted to destroy their beloved island. But as I have found throughout life, sometimes the rumors are true.

  41. Libel and slander are a ‘beach’. One day the truth will come out and I will be exonerated. Until then, a great whatevers left Bewartafull day………………..

    El Rummo

  42. Sean

    Thanks. As I said, it’s a phrase that may have different connotations to where I hailed from.

    Average, I understand.

  43. The pink party has not came up with one social program for the poor. Rise bermuda just smiling like a monkey black useless liberals prostituing death to boost their resumes and CV’s only.
    Workers must vote for workers not lawyers doctors and businessmen.
    Education has produced a house of lords not house of commons.
    PLP Government are rapists of the poor workers who vote for them millionare children do not need free college or bus rides.
    The BDA hates poor people the BDA is wicked and evil. The BDA are worse than the UBP and PLP together. Harry Veira racists.
    Prove yourself.

  44. What type of Government takes tents from poor people they have failed during this recession?
    This recession demands suspension of camping rules to allow free year round camping in all government parks!
    Workers for workers not lawyers and doctors!

  45. Workers love negative politics not long boring technocratic speeches.
    Only a negative party can destroy the PLP.

  46. Red Party
    Wow, why do you seperate everyone like that? Wouldn’t it be better for EVERYONE to work for the same goal?

    By what reason do you allegate that the BDA are racist? How has the BDA been wicked or evil? Those are strong allegations, I can only assume you have facts. If so I want to hear them.

  47. Nobody has to destroy the PLP, they need to hold politicians accountable for actions. When people finally realize they infact DO HAVE THE POWER and a politicians job is to make us feel powerless!!! The dirty little secret is we do hold the power!!
    The PLP is destroying itself, no longer standing for the very issues they were founded upon!!! They know that you will never go back to UBP, its a no brainer for them.

  48. BS beats Brains!

    red party knows what hes talking about,that’s why UBP’s clean campaigns failed,and E Rat’s dirty tricks won.

    They were laughing when Gibbons and Dunkley took the high road and proclaimed they believed in the “Bermudian voters intelligence” LOL

  49. Oh come now Sean. They, the BDA had to decieve us. Why do you challenge the words of Red Party.

    The BDA are nothing more than a bunch of old white people hanging on trying to pay off a UBP dept.

    Tell yah what. I wish them the best becuase we need some representaion for the people and of the people.

    If you want revolution then just tick a box. Sanity is part of the stroke of a pen/pencil/computer.

    Fools Gold is not within reach. Platinum can be bought but were broke.

    Keep up the good work BDA. I’m tired of “Quo Fata Furunt”……………

  50. I think after much thought they all should resign.

    Just imagine. With Jamahl Simmons in charge of speaking for the Premier they could recruit him and all will be well again.

    Of course thats until he deceids to change course again.

    Det buy muz be a Master Mariner. Always changing course and finding a new port in a storm……………………..

    Tell you what…he ain’t nor ever will be a George Welch.

    Gotta run………Rolf horn dee lyne..Vat? Vat?… Me a House Gee? Yah betcha……………………….

  51. The BDA are trying to pull the PLP back to the right. Ronald Reagan fiscal policies. Business lawyers, international business puppets.
    Not one social program announcement to help the workers.
    They hate the fact the the middle class vote is not a target under a two party system anymore.
    There is no difference between Ralph commisiong and Duane Dill. Both dress up like Uncle toms.
    Until a party appoints a worker to the senate they will all be condemned for hating workers.
    Workes must vote workers not overpaid lawyers and doctors!
    African Republican Party Vote red!

  52. Red Party,
    I was going to address your concerns right up to the 4th sentence. Sorry mate you lost me there. Do you even know Duane? You sit behind your typewrite and issue a foul detestable name like that. At least Rolfe had the conviction to say it to his face like a man, and I have extremly little respect for Rolfe, coward. Stop being a troll and join the fight. You want a worker in the senate, have you volunteered with either one of the parties? Put up or shut up.

    You want change? It ain’t gonna happen just sitting smugly behind your computer mate.

  53. “Senator calls BEST ‘discredited’ and a ‘muppet show'” from today’s RG.

    What a crock!!! He really shouldn’t have been so childish, it makes him look really bad!

  54. “Senator” Bean, a Rastafarian former taxi driver,
    another paid consultant,race pimp in Ewart Brown’s gestapo,

    is just saying what he is paid to do, if he want them checks to keep coming in!

    just in case you forgot, the inconvenient truth, that is more or less what current “victim”, former UBP, switched to PLP , investor,Nelson Hunt called Southlands /BEST protesters in August , 2007

    Hunt calling one local resident a “stupid b****” ..

    Mr. Hunt was heard to say: “You want to be an ***hole too?

    You people are completely out of order…..You’re like a bunch of beggars”.

  55. Maybe in your eyes and others Sara. No disrespect too you.

    The propaganda machine is in full swing and thats what it is all about. Even the owner of this site is joining in in the fray along with others from other domiciles.

    Personally, I think the Prem. wants a confrontation so that he can manouver and ‘save the day’ or just say ‘I told you so’……………

    You know the old saying..”Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Well too many sheep will definately change the content of the pasture………………….now thats a classic…………..

    A great day too all and don’t forget to support the BDA. “Bda” needs you………………………………

    El Rummo……………………..


    We still waiting to hear them talk about the real issues effecting the working class along with their solutions and that may show us y we should vote 4 dem

    if they not prepared to stand up right now and champion the cause of the average working poor simple people then they aint worth shit

    if they aint prepared to fly to de uk and force the issue of reform in all areas of bermuda life then they aint worth nothin

    case n point


    will the BDA step up and lead to have this bye armstrong held on the island until the family mounts its own appeal and gets a result

    will the bda call for the the fireing of the incompent judge who caused this miscarrage of justice

    will the bda lead the way and force a judicial review to force upgrading of all bermuda laws?

    the people are watching

    n talk is cheep n political talk is bull


    we tired of lawyers drs and eliets in politricks they dont represent us

  57. The law has been watered down. Once this happens, there is no neutrality left on the island. If you can overturn things like this, people will continue to drive drunk and kill! That is the message this system is delivering! Please be careful driving everyone, cause you never no when the next drunk driver will be out on that road and kill you or your family and friends! Ladies and gentlemen, we now live in a pretty much lawless country, sit back and hold on for dear life!

  58. Black Press,
    I agree this is something that needs to be addressed and rectified. For too long justice hasn’t been served due to a weak judicial system, which undermines the police and their jobs at an ultimate cos to people like you and I. I will bring this up within the BDA.

  59. now bda mark pettinguill is calling for harsher penalties for drug users

    I though the bda was supposes to be speaking for all bermudians.

    I thought they were supposed to be more liberal

    I though they were supposed to be more proactive and solution oriented to put in place reforms to bermudas draconian laws and policies.

    If this is all to be true BDA…y is your politician who should have resigned his seat once he switched parties,

    making policy comments that fall in line with the ubp and plp.

    not doing a good job in convincing the masses that u r differnt and want our votes.

    So much for going to your public meetings and voicing opinions that are supposed to structure your policy and the comments made by your unofficial mps

    we are expecting much more BDA


  60. There is a time for everything. Friendly fire is friendly fire. right now today the government is planning to destroy us all with nationalism.
    Time to use the aresnal from all compass points.
    We in the red party come from the left.
    The six year term limit was built on racial hatred for eurocentric businnessmen during a booming economy.
    Term limits are not necessary a booming economy needed to be expanded with a welfare state.
    Just like in US and UK.
    No foreigner deserves to be on the BHC list, in public education or use local clinic. Green card prevents foriegners from going on welfare in the US.
    There are schoolgrils who prostitute for abortion money on the island.
    What time of government would take a tent from a homeless person? BDA where are u.
    Any black man in a suit and tie is an Uncle tom in my neighborhood.

  61. Bermudians should not testify or make police statements to a corrupt organization that defended a corrupt Premeir’s role in the BHC scandal. The red party supports a march on the US consul general to arrest DR. Brown in a senate commitee hearing for crimes against the state.

  62. The BDA needs to hold commuity events with money out of their own pockets. They will really have to work hard to gain people’s trust. But, they can’t make any real change unless they are actually elected. It’s the old catch 22 isn’t it?

  63. So our main man Furbert is joining the PLP. Typical…..He can’t win as an Independent because of Party Politics.

    How many more are going to jump ship because they see a secured financial future.

    I heard from a reliable sauce (BBQ) that he is doing this so he can get a shoe in the door and revamp the PLP into a new party under the banner of “BOWEL” sorta like an off shoot of the UBP. The price of beef will drop drastically and you’ll be able to have it and eat it too…..(Crow.an extra $5)

    The Bermuda Democratic Alliance is just that.

    BOWEL in the near future will present a platform of low end everything. All problems easily discarded and easily cleaned with one swipe.

    All inflation, dehydration, constipation, stagnation, frustration and jobation will be remidied in 12 hourz……

    BOWEL will be the movement that will rid our constitution of all ills.

    You’ll be hearing more about BOWEL very soon. Disgruntled PBSU workers are standing buy to take your calls. Donations can be made by using your British Passport or PRC or a waiver from the Birch Society.

    BOWEL will be a movement not like others but the ultimate experience.

    Stay tooned for more on “BOWEL”…….

    BOWEL is a wholely owned subsiduary of Gregorian Meats loacted in Hamilton Bermuda. The stakes are high so read all pamplets carefully…….


    “Bermuda Owes Wayne Electoral Labour”

    Gotta run……………….Ewart horn de lyne….Vat? Vat?….UBP wants me to run for Party Chairman after October 10th…vat yoo tink Rummy ?

    Go for it Ewart………Should be electrifying and you’d be in the hot seat…………………………………..

    Gotta run two…I feel a movement cummin horn……………………

  64. wayne furbert has teeny tiny mouse balls thats why hes thrown away any credability or integrety he may have had to jump on the pay check money wagon of the plp instead of making his indipendence status in the house count for something by being a political spoiler and introducing bills that actually help the non eliete bermudians people.

    stewart hayward did a good job as a indipendent…

    wayne u r a disappointing chump of a politician



  65. The mans restaurant is closed for renovations during a recession he is in trouble and needs a government hand out.

  66. Good to see he BDA fighting for welfare in todays gazette. Nothing wrong with protecting the rich but at least promise the poor more.
    Politics is about the needs of the time, not personal political beliefs.
    Political talent should be recruited and headhunted after all the winner gets a billion dollar budget prize.
    Another drug murder be calm dont prostitute death.

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