Questions For The PLP

Yeah, I’ve been neglecting my blog for the last week or so. I’ve been a little pre-occupied at the moment and not really motivated to comment on any local politics. Besides that, I really haven’t seen anything in the media that really caught my interest. In the mean time I’ve been focusing my energies into building the Scottish Socialist Party in my local area and reading some interesting books, namely ‘Not Yet Uhuru‘, an autobiography of Oginga Odinga, and ‘Small Is Beautiful – Economics As If People Mattered‘ by E. F. Schumacher. Both make for an interesting read, and I’ll write a review of them after I finish them both.

This post is more one of an open letter, or open questions, to the PLP, about some issues that I and quite a few others expected them to work on since coming to power over a decade ago. All of these issues were mooted at one time or another by the Party but since than have been quietly dropped since, almost as if they were taking instructions from the Chamber of Commerce. I want to stress that I do think the PLP has done some progressive policies since coming to power, but I doubt I am alone in thinking those that have been done were too little too late. I for one am left wondering where the Party currently stands on the following:

The 35 hour week.

Unemployment Insurance.

Minimum wage (and a living one at that).

Facilitating workers co-operatives as opposed to businesses.

Reforming the various legislations pertaining to labour rights (beyond the Employment Act 2000), with a particular focus on regulations relating to pickets, and reducing the period required for strike notice down from 21 days. The proposed Trade Union Freedom Bill in the UK could be looked at as a possible model for reviewing our own legislation.

Rebuilding the Parish Councils as empowered, elected and accountable forms of local government.

Some form of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment system, of which the Workplace Equity Bill was at least a rough draft in the right direction.

Election campaign funding regulation (so that elections are won on policy and not by the amount of monies the respective parties can raise for propaganda activities).

Reform of the Senate into an elected body, and replacing our Westminster system with something more akin to the Holyrood system.


26 thoughts on “Questions For The PLP

  1. At the end of the day the top-down solutions that you propose simply don’t work.

    The magnitude of the problems we have today are largely a failure to manage policy properly and so the effects from poor housing, immigration, and education policy then show up downstream as crime, poverty, and inequality.

  2. John, your first paragraph is the clincher.

    Nothing happening in Bermuda that caught your eye but your more concerned with a Marxist movement in Scotland.

    I REALLY need a RUM……………………………..

    You let me down son.

    I guess you found your comfort zone……..damn……………………….

  3. @ Alex – And has laissez faire trickle down approaches worked, or facilitating pro-business legislation? Besides, the above ideas are hardly ‘solutions’ but just part of a necessary transitional program.

  4. Jonathan

    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on why you think they are necessary.

    Perhaps, it is relatively easy to understand the necessity of an Empowerment program – but reduced notice on strikes?

    Unless I have missed something (and that is very possible!), most of the Ind Action here is ‘unofficial’ isn’t it – and notice requirements apply to ‘official’ and TU authorised action. Why have yet more legislation – particularly if there doesn’t appear to be a need?

  5. Johnny,
    I think you have become so preoccupied with the Scottish scene, you have not kept pace with what is going on in Bermuda. There is no need for Trade Union reform as the Premier neutered the BIU over the Berkely debacle. They have no purpose any more. Decentralise power to Parish Councils while the Government is hell bent on taking over the Corporations of Hamilton and St Georges? Unemployment Insurance, minimum wage and 35 hour week? You must be joking! After his trip too India, Ali Bu (an extremenly derogatory and insulting comment from EB) and many like him will be imported to do what the Bermudian worker won’t.
    Bermuda is run by the Brown Elite Party, and to hell with everyone else.

  6. J Starling – You’re misusing “laissez faire” and “trickle down”… I’m really not sure how to explain this stuff to you because there are some really deeply rooted misconceptions that you’ve taken to heart… but I’ll try.

    A mixed economy is one where we have both market forces in action and a non-market government. In a perfect world markets allocate resources to the highest rate of return activities naturally – ie. the economic activities that produce the goods and services to maximise the utility of that productive effort. However, left alone that produces a world devoid of infrastructure with huge wealth inequalities and overall small productive power (See: The Third World).

    In comes the government – which we give the power to confiscate a portion of our income/wealth so that it can solve collective action problems and correct market failures. Without ceding power to this central authority we are powerless to invest in things that benefit us all – roads being the biggest.

    The value in our economy is largely human capital, ie. skill. This is something that to a large degree a product of stable families, good education, and responsible culture. This is the #1 thing that matters. It is the ultimate collective action problem. We MUST increase the value of our human capital – drugs, violence, struggling families, absentee parents, failing education, and corrupt government all impair the people of Bermuda’s ability to have a good life – and all of those things are only getting worse.

    We don’t take our car to a doctor or lawyer and expect him to repair the the transmission and we shouldn’t take our economy to a lawyer or a doctor either.

  7. Damn Bryce’cy ..I never heard of the BEP. Is that an offshoot of the ,,,,,?

    You can bet your ‘BEP’ it is. I also heard that he 41 thieves are still thick…….

  8. blah blah blah blah blah @ starling

    more talk while the people suffer and the eliets get richer

    time for the gangs to wise up and shoot who needs to be shot AKA REVOLUTION



  9. @ Alex – I am well aware of what a mixed economy and all that is, but thanks for the recap. What you don’t address however is how we go about fixing the problems that you acknowledge in your post. I got from your initial post that you believed the solution would be to adopt a more laissez faire economy as opposed to an interventionist/Kenysian mixed economy approach, hence your criticisms of my modest proposals. What, exactly, do you propose instead?

  10. @ Jonny – you need to run through your list and simply ask yourself the following:

    1. Will continuing to not address this issue realistically prevent me from being re-elected?
    2. Will spending time addressing this issue require me to put in some effort?

    For all of the above, for all of the PLP’s reign, the answer to those questions has been yes.

    So we continue on as before.

    We’re currently in a state socially and economically where the PLP needs to focus on not screwing everything up. Then they can worry about such niceties as the reasons they were elected.

  11. Apologies, that first question should read: 1. Can I continue to not address this issue and still be re-elected?

  12. Good on you. The answer is still the same., you bet your Dark and Stormy I/We can…………………………

  13. $11 billion profit to corrupt tax haven insurance companies.
    2000 locals jobless homeless some sleeping in Tom moores in the trees, evil wicked capitalism only the red party tells the truth.

  14. Where are white socialists? Blacks suffer and die because of greedy black capitalism revealed during ralph Commisssiongs Big conversation, where opposition to the welfare state was proven to be based on hatred of poor blacks, it is time for some action on race.
    Bermuda did not spend trillions on the War on Terrorism like Uncle Sam to fall into recession.
    Political coruption proven by former Hon. Nelson Bascome testifying in court to underbidding contracts or himself, closing of Indigent clinic to increase the Doctors pockets and the BHC scandal Beyonce trickin etc.
    Bermuda recession comes from corruption.
    where are the white socialists have a heart.

  15. plp supporters starling included = 2 pussfied to keep it real and force their party to be accountable to the working poor, in order to effect reforms to the environment to prevent the spread of crime amongst poor people who ultimately will have no choice inorder to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables.

    cut the bull**** talking n stuff

    or get shot n kicked out of office

    all power to the people by all means nessicary

  16. Red Party

    If that is the case – then you need to get your message out there tomorrow. And the day after. Oh yes – and the day after that too.

    And then – just to make sure the message has got out – then you need to do again.

    Just in case you’re wondering, I ain’t kidding either.

  17. “If that is the case”…..?

    Well Mike you want to expand on that. I take it from that comment that you don’t know what “Red” is talking about.


  18. Listen up ‘Rayed Party’ ann de rast….

    Doze lutt “Oberdear” kepp refering too me and my quotes, words et al……


    I look at it this way. I can’t have free speech/(each) since certain owners from .bm to all have cut me off but doze lutt steal love mighy stoopidnaz………………

    So, I must be doing something to bring critical thinking ( Cabinet meetings excluded)

    Gotta run…….Smoking Gun and Crymson checking out the formula that Guy Fawkes used in his attempt to give Ewart a ‘Blow’ job………………………………………………..

    Damn it’s cold here in Montana….Where the hell is Al Gore when I need hyme…………………………..

  19. I really don’t understand how a government elected so passionately and emotionally by the majority of people could go and just spend their hard earned money so extravagantly and poorly. What a slap in the face if their ever was one!
    How has the vast amount of money they burned through helped the people that voted them in? And please, spare me with the fast ferries!!!

  20. Pretty quiet round here. Guess the Brownites are keeping their heads down until Bermudians forget about the budget. After reading just what a rabbit hole we’ve gone down:

    I eagerly anticipate a LTE from Ms. Furbert discrediting whatever institution Mr. Simmons received his training from.

    Once again I leave a question which will undoubtedly remain unanswered to the Brown-faithful: why do you support him, because it’s not based on what has happened to our island under his rule:

    Crime is on the rise, in all areas
    Tourism is down, in terms of spending and air arrivals
    We have no new hotels (but lots of ribbon cutting and ground breaking ceremonies)
    Unemployment is up
    Debt has risen by almost 30% a year (!!!)
    Capital management has been ridiculously poor
    IB growth has slowed, and income from existing companies is down

    I know I’m to be labelled as a hater, but at least when I posed these questions before the election some 5 years ago now, articulate PLP supporters were able to give me a pretty decent list of why it wasn’t all bad. And I had to agree once the facts were there. Nowadays…

  21. Well, to be honest blogging hasn’t been my top priority at the moment. I’ve also been waiting to see how the PLP handles some of the accusations relating to government expenses in the RG before writing anythin in-depth on them.

  22. Bawahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    You don’t blog and Denis can’t make meetings……………

    Gotta run……………Edinbourough Pleese horn dee lyne………………………

  23. Jonny,

    Events are moving fast here in Bermuda, what with the Southlands fiasco and the Premier’s links to Turks and Caicos. Then we have the Budget on Friday to end the week. On a previous thread I commented on the dubious educational background of certain Cabinet members, which prompted a rise from Ms Furbert, curiously silent these days following her attacks on Larry Burchall in the Bda Sun and Workers Voice. The following, copied verbatim from the PLP website, seems to show that the PLP Government really needs to concentrate on the basics. Since Financial matters seem to be a lost cause until we can get a new and improved cog as Min of Finance, let’s look at Education.
    This is copied verbatim from the PLP website:

    Junior Justice Minister Michael Scott further explained the essence of the law:

    The Amendments to the Criminal Code giving power to deal with obscuring or concealing of identity is both operationally necessary and sensible. Identitification of hoodlums is necessary to any conviction without satisfactory id evidence the conviction won t happen laws passed by the government and new policies aimed at more success in … detection of importation of drugs that is primary fuel of the gang fighting fighting that is reinforced with guns is alos being deployed policy presence has also been taken to new levels of deployment So there is a multipronged operational stategy that is taking place and you should find much assurance that the fight is taking place on many front. Modern fashion use of handheld and mobile phone because these are the currency that innocent young Bermudians conduct their basic mundane transactions with We have to accept to that criminals are also using wearing and transacting using these things and when they are abused the law will target clothing helmets and cellphones to help fight back.Agin it is not a silver bullet law the so called Hoodie Law it has been pulled into play and once the community sees violent crime stats erode then this amendment has provision to have its life span last until 2013 when it will fall away provided we have put a real dent in violent gun crime. ”
    Over to Ms Furbert and/or Makai to provide their informative response.

  24. They probably are too busy with cleaning up the Southlands mess.

    How can anybody reasonably be expected to deal with a crook from the TCI, and how can anyone deny that the FACT Brown has been pushing for this joker to come here and get the Morgan’s Point contract does not wreak of suspicion?

    All Brown needs is a crooked horse.

    The Brownites can defend him all they want, he could care less, his money is long gone from these shores, we have been sold up the river. Now he is directly attaching IB execs, insulting local businessmen and trying to actively get crooked developers on island…

    To those who have defended Brown for the past four years, this is all your fault, sleep on that when your dollar is worthless. I hope you made out well on the friends and family plan, and were paid in US cash.

    I would laugh at the rest of the weak ass politicians in the PLP if it was not such a pathetic site to witness. Like a train wreck in slow motion.


  25. over 1000 bermudians going hungery every day

    the long awaited riot is comming

    mps will soon want armed security while the people struggle wit their half a loaf of bread

    starving people = more crime

    birtch needs 2 b fired….no stimulas plan no jobs no capital projects to produce jobs

    n plp ousted

    corrupt lot


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