Can Dr. Brown Still Be An Effective Leader?

The RG contacted me concerning an article they were writing, which is in todays paper. Due to space restrictions, they obviously weren’t able to use the full answer I gave them to the question they posed, so I am presenting it below. The question that I was asked forms the title below. It was written I think on Tuesday, so it doesn’t account for the articles in yesterdays paper concerning gambling.

‘Can Dr. Brown be an effective Leader for the next few months before stepping down?’

I would say that yes, he can be an effective Leader, but not on all things. For example I doubt he’ll be able to push through the gambling legislation that he tried in the last year. I think thats a write-off. I know it was in the Throne Speech, and I understand that the Gaming Task Force report was handed to Cabinet some months ago, but I personally would be surprised if anything gets passed regarding it. Might go out for public consultation and discussion, but I cannot see any legislation being successful, and doubt he would bring it into play.

I think that the main focus of the next few months will be on tackling crime, pushing ahead on education reform, setting in place the long-held PLP objectives of making the municipalities more democratic (this goes back to decades old PLP election platforms) and some frank discussions on race. I think that is what he was saying when he said that as he isn’t being re-elected he can speak freely. I think he’s going to give his frank assessment of the race problem, of social problems stemming from education and the breakdown of the extended family system (kind of a community safety net which has really been torn to pieces due to changed economic circumstances from the mid-80s on).

The Party, despite some public spats by some members of the parliamentary caucus, recognises him as the Leader. That is a fact. Until the new Leader is elected, the Leader is the Leader, its that simple. I don’t think there is as great an opposition to Dr. Brown within the Party as one might think from various comments in the media, but at the same time I don’t think there really is as great a number of supporters (by that I mean people petitioning him to run again) as some suggest. He is the Leader and most people recognise he says he won’t run again and yes, there are some who will be sad about that, others will be relieved, but the vast majority, I think, aren’t even focused on it; they’re focused on continuity, the transition to the new Leader and anticipating the future direction of the Party. In general there will be respect for him and his last months as Leader. Even those that are critical of him are not going to use the coming to an end of his office as an excuse to sharpen knives. The opposite will be the case, people will start talking about how great his tenure has been, what was achieved in it. The negative aspects will be quietly forgotten, or at least placed on the backburner. Of course, as I said above, really controversial things like gambling, individual things like that will cause friction and be opposed. But in general people will be happy to let him cement his legacy.

Dr. Brown and I, well, we certainly have different political ideologies I think, but I still maintain he’s been a great Leader and we have made some progress under his term. We’ve had some setbacks too, the most important of which was the Uighur issue. Members will quietly learn from these things, but I don’t think your going to see anyone bringing them to the front for the purpose of conflict.

So yes, he’ll be an effective Leader for the next few months; he may even be a better Leader than we’ve seen to date.

77 thoughts on “Can Dr. Brown Still Be An Effective Leader?

  1. Hi Jonny, good stuff on getting your voice out to a wider audience.

    Quick question, and I’m honestly not trying to be facetious: you mention that his tenure will go down as a success, why do you believe this? What exactly did Dr. Brown achieve, I mean tangible benefit to Bermuda, during his time?

    My personal view is that he was good for Bermuda in that he was charismatic and American, and strengthened our links with them. Outside of that, I believe he thouroughly failed as a Tourism minister (where are all the hotels he promised? Air arrivals? Spending?). The only great success as Transport minister was pre-Premiership (and I do like the ferries, even if their timing is awful). And as a premier – well he had the lowest recorded approval rating that I can recall (sub 25% at one stage – lower than George W.!) and he will leave a more divided Bermuda than the one he took over.

    I will, however, agree that his form of politics has successfully cemented the PLP’s position as de facto governing party for as far as the eye can see, so I guess maybe that should be viewed as his great success.

    I’m sure I’ll be attacked by certain posters as being anti-black or anti-Brown or anti-Bermuda or whatever, but I’m a trained economist, I’ve spent literally years studying the success of political terms as measured by certain indicators.

    Bermuda’s crime is up, economy in every facet is down, tourism is down, International Business spend is down, political apathy is up and I feel much less safe walking down front street at night than I did 5 years ago. Bermuda gained some worldwide recognition – but it was of the bad variety. The golf tournament and music festivals are both nice, but cost us money, when they should bring it in.

    Anyway, would just love to hear a rational response as to why he’s been a success other than ‘well you’re racist so you don’t get it, me and the majority of Bermudians I speak to are more than happy with Dr. Brown’ which seems to be the de facto response.

  2. Why do people keep giving Dr. Brown credit for the fast ferries? Those had been in the works for some time when the PLP first took power.

  3. “people will start talking about how great his tenure has been, what was achieved in it.”

    Are you kidding? What has been achieved. Crime is dramatically worse. Economy is dramatically worse. Education is dramatically worse. Tourism is dramatically worse. Debt is dramatically higher with nothing to show for it.

    I can think of no material measure that has improved under Brown. His time has been a disaster.

  4. Dr Brown has achieved very little without spending considerable sums of money. He is a very astute politician but is hopelessly impatient so takes a number of short term knee jerk decisions that are politically expedient but often costly in the long run. We often have the grand announcement or photo op followed by the long drawn out process of either downsizing the policy or the indignity of Paula gritting her teeth and taking another shafting from her colleagues – witness her extraordinary statement of victim hood this week….

  5. I cannot imagine any political party saying anything other than the outgoing leader was a success. In years to come, they might, but not right now.

    There are certain things you never say in public, and that is one of them.

    For reasons both quantitative and qualitative, many will be pleased when he goes.

    He had a choice when he became leader; either unite the island and it’s peoples in a C21st context, or work to alienate. Sadly, he chose to alienate. Whether born out of his personal history or not, it matters not.

  6. Funny, he loves touting his fast ferries. I remember thinking how often he mentioned those in his speeches to the point I was like okay okay you gave us fast ferries, great. And turns out, it really wasn’t even his idea to take credit for.

  7. Seriously… The main issue with the pre-fast ferry service was the schedule. Rather than spend Millions of $$$$ on the fancy, high maintenance (but nice and fast for sure) Ferry, and restructuring the Ferry stop docks, and closing of certain stops only to have to hire mini buses to truck all the people to the other ferry stops, just adjust the schedule and maybe add to the amount of ferries on the run.

  8. This man was called a lame duck years ago. His decision to quit is an admission of corruption in the BHC scandal where he even gave back the monies from realestate deal back to BHC.
    His race problems overshadowed his entertainment and business skills.
    His lack of allegience to the poor because of his miseducation as a negroe elite is the real legacy of Brown.
    Dale Butler is worse than him and Burch, they really believe that right wing capitalist racism exposed by Commissiong during the Big conversation.
    The social agenda is the direction the PLP needs to go to prevent crime against law abiding citizens many talk about.
    Leadership must be reasonable and fair fulfiling the needs of the voting majority not the educated minority.
    Cowardice on Independence suggests african american conartism running game on dumb island people. We are all fools who believed in him.

  9. In my opinion this question has to be broken into 2 distinct issues. As leader of the PLP, he will be seen as the best leader they have had. He is a brilliant politician, and election stragegist; he is smart and charismatic and all the rest. He has held the Party together despite many adverse situations, some of his own making. That’s as Party Leader.
    However his own personal agenda against the island will mean his legacy as Premier will be seen as him being the most unpopular, divisive, spendthrift, racist, and destructive Premier. He could have used his skills as a leader for the benefit of Bermuda, but chose otherwise, and Bermuda has and will continue to bear the consequences long after he steps down.

  10. I think it is about time I clarified an aspect of this article. I was addressing Dr. Brown’s ability as a political leader, and, as Mr. Bryce acknowledges, Dr. Brown is, at least in my opinion, a brilliant politician and strategist. It is this which I was speaking of when I say that Dr. Brown has been, and is, a ‘great leader’. My comments refer solely to that, as opposed to a ‘great statesman’ which has an entirely different meaning, although one that is often confused.

    Dr. Brown has shown himself to be a master of the Westminster system, and in doing so he has shown us both how to use it properly, and the limitations of this system. Some may even go so far as to say he is a modern prince, in a Machiavellian sense, and there is much in his tenure that can be learned from. He is, very much, the most perfect, most consummate politician of our times. He is, for want of a better term, a great leader.

    It should also be added that, from a purely partisan point of view, Dr. Brown will go down as the PLP Leader who oversaw the practical collapse of the UBP, that great nemesis of the PLP, as a viable alternative party of government. While it is still too early to tell if the UBP is indeed a defunct Party, it is at this moment essentially defunct.

    For better or worse Dr. Brown’s tenure as PLP Leader has been a pivotal moment in Bermuda’s political history. Our political landscape has been (and continues to be) radically altered. Bermudian politics, including the PLP itself, will never be the same again. A whole new era is upon us.

  11. As usual Jonathan your last sentence is always the kicker my friend.

    I think you meant to write “error”.

    In ten twenty years when I am no longer here ( or even tomorrow) history and possibly ‘ His-Story’ will reveal where all our monies went and why the island is in such a state.

    Bring in gambling, $50 flights, $25 a night lodging and they still won’t come.

    We have nothing to offer that our Fathers and Mothers, Grand Parents et al worked so hard to build and sustain.

    My two cents.

    I want to know where all the millions have gone, hundreds of them. Our Grand Children will know one day when they once again till the soil and fish and make due with little.

    Today could have been saved but greed and personal stuff will be the irony.

    Mark my words.

    Gotta run………I need a rum but with all this snow and windchills mabe just a warm beer and stare out the window at a white pristine and naked landscape that changes with time……………………..

  12. @ UE – Yes, you are correct (but shouldn’t it be ‘qualified’?). I thought it was implied in my original statement, sorry.

    @ Rummy – Depends on your point of view…

  13. “Point of view” ?

    History will prove the above quote just like it has done with other people/s and events.

    Better shut up before I get a summons from Saul Froomkin.

    Ponzi schemes are great but this new type of venture is really cool………

    Gotta run…..need to consult my US advisers on a study of how to sell Nonsuch Island to the Smithsonian for $800,000 a year or was it the Aquarium fund ..damn…I need an independent firm to look into this. Gotta learn to take everything in ‘stride’……………….

    Anyway……Jonathan, you can come back and be ‘Currator’ that would be a great job. But what would you ‘curate’……

  14. As for a great leader, if you remove ethics from consideration as precisely and as thoroughly as the surgical hand of Dr Brown has removed them from his party, then yes, he’s definitely a great leader.

  15. I was going to qualify further by adding “Political”, as he, as Jonny pointed out, IS a great politician, but I think the addendum of “of his Party” implies that well enough…

  16. Johnny,
    I’ll add to my previous comment. His leadership of the PLP will be forgotten once the infighting begins but his destruction of Bermuda will be what will be his legacy. One thing still baffles me – why did he only run for one term? Unless there is a specified term such as the USA, why would a person only run for one term unless they had a personal agenda, which obviously he has? If you had the islands’s best interest at heart, if you wanted to make positive change for people, if you wanted to do good for the people, surely you would want to have as long as possible. The recent comments by Paula “I’m politically and now fiscally neutered” Cox, Dale Butler and now David Burch effectively trashing Zane’s future son in law indicates all is not well in the PLP. Paula has shown she is only the Minister of Finance in name and she has no control over other Minister’s spending despite the announcement 2 weeks ago of wanting 20% reductions in spending. The delay of the budget is most telling. She is not Premier material.
    Ewart Brown knew that the political setup is wide open to abuse if you are not honest, and took advantage of it to the detrimant of the island. He quelled back bench dissent by paying the MP’s more than they could earn in the real world, knew that he needed to have the central committee eating out of his hands and then went on his merry way on his personal agenda. As you say, Bermuda will never be the same again. If only that meant it would be better, but when the debt that Paula says is good and needed needs to be paid, get ready for increased taxes, and devaluation of the Bda dollar. Dr Brown learnt this when he was in Jamaica in the 1970’s and imported it here.

  17. Hammer hits nail….square……………

    Welcome to a new show hosted on the Government Channel…

    “The Bryce is Right”

    (well me too but yah know)

  18. @ Robert…

    I wonder just how may of those who Dr Brown has ‘purchased’, through high salaries (MP’s) and others, actually understand that all is well ‘only’ whilst the man is Premier – but when he leaves, the nature of the game changes.

    There is likely to be a draft of cold air blowing through the halls of the House when he goes. Nothing to hide behind to keep them warm.

    @ Black Press…

    I actually feel sorry for the people the PLP has essentially ignored.

    To get screwed by the white man is one thing – to continue to face a life of being screwed by your own people…that’s tough.

  19. mike….

    thats why eventually when the blacks wake up to this FACT u stated, wake up to the game that politics has been playing with our lives instead of building the country up for the next generation

    we will see a fundamental shift as far as where the violence in this community is currently directed @

    IE the politicians ans ALL OTHERS who stand in the way of reform in this country so ALL the people can benifit, will need to start wearin bullet proof vests


  20. the bermuda political experiment has failed

    time 4 de uk to take direct control n reform bermuda to 21st century governance

  21. Hey ‘Blacky’….400 years and you through it out with the wash?

    My Phd tells me your candle has two wicks and you have but one ‘match’.

    Next you will blame it on God, or Allah or Walmart………………..

  22. Black Press, your so off base. Your in denial along with the rest.

    “i cant decode drunken messages”………………….

    I never sent you one, nor anyone else. My comments were not from a person whom/who was drunk but a feeling.

    Engage or carry on by any means..”NESSICARY”.

    A great day too all and may the Kisskadees shit plenty on your baron land.

  23. “He quelled back bench dissent by paying the MP’s more than they could earn in the real world”

    Considering Glenn Blakeney did not make it through high school, the same could be said for his cabinet MPs.

  24. Interesting how one-sided this is. Certain posters had plenty of time to chime in about the Haitian plane post, guess they must be too busy…

  25. The real problem is the lack of a black party. The whites have two parties UBP white conservative and BDA white liberal.
    Blacks just have the PLP capitalist conservative party that decieves the people that they are a socialist party. Stole votes from workers and ripped them off eversince 1998.
    Blacks need a socialist party to flog the government to get rid of childless dictators like Napoleon Burch and right wing elites like Dale Butler.
    Institutionalize racism dominates the media where whites have the gaul to attempt to speak for blacks. this is impossible and their opinions only matter to their race.
    Brown is a coward on Independence Homosexuality and the death penalty. He needs to be put on trial for crimes against the black race.

  26. Will also be interesting to hear Dr. Brown’s view on the need for special reports on the dock and TCD. And the budget being delayed. And the audit ratings.

    Or wait, no it won’t, because we won’t get his view. But I’m sure we will hear about how great the ties we’ve forged in Saudi are.

  27. Don’t know how you can get lost in flatts…….hell…yah can’t even get there…………………bawahahaaaaaaaaaa

  28. Auditor General finds ‘serious’ deficiencies in management of capital projects
    Audits of 2nd Cruise Port and the TCD Emissions and Safety Testing Facilities are underway

    Yep, he sure has been the best leader the PLP has had.
    No doubt! What will we find out next??

  29. Johnny,
    Responding to your first paragraph re gambling, I would disagree. IMO gambling is part and parcel of the Corporation seizure plan. John Swan failed with McDonalds, but Dr Brown needs his casino. Remember the docks have to be moved to North Shore (what a dopey idea) so that John Swan’s new building will be the showcase entry to Brownstown? Ideal location for the casino, necessary to generate the taxes to pay off the daily increasing Government debt, or so we’ll be told. No prizes as to the ownership.

  30. Breaking News…..First Longtail spotted………………………

    Ah the memories………………..if only we could get the human ‘longtails’ back…………….

    As for spring……..this to shall pass.

  31. Anyway, back too reality. The Premier is off to India next week to lead a trade delagation.

    The bloody man is never on island. Does he have to do all these things himself?

    Ahhhh…forget it. 10 years down the road ole rummy will be proved right …………sad really…………..everything down the drain.

    Guess he doesn’t trust civil servants to do the countries work. Limelight……………oh how that ‘lime’ will be very bitter in years to come……………………….

    ps. I will get back Jonathan about the offer with my new blog….:+)

  32. @Vanz

    So do you have anything to say about David Saul’s remarks or are you just going to chastize the RG. As Mrs. Cox does not seem to have a back bone why is she the best condidate for Premier of Bermuda? If the answer is that she is on the plp side, or if it is because of who she is or is the duaghter of? Does this make her a good choice? Please explain your logic. Also what does she do for her constituency as this may also be a reason to support the agument. Your foccus of the RG is what is telling to date none have forced the RG to retract stories in the paper that I am aware or any court procedings. Please show me to be wrong as this is now an urban myth to me and I know someone is telling lies but the question is who.

    CDF (Ex Progressive Mind)

  33. Larry Burchall, former PLP supporter and worker in the 1998 campaign must be racist too.

    I’m starting to think ‘racist’ is a synonym for ‘realist’.

  34. The only reason Vanz is commenting is to stir the pot. His mother is very quiet so he has taken up the cause. Someone has to keep the fires burning.

    Ms Cox may be a nice lady but the reality is she is wrong with regards to her authority and is being played by Les Premierdonna……

    Dr. Saul has nothing to do with this except point out the Law and the Constitution and her (Ms Cox) authority and responsibilities with regard to her charge.

    Simple, cut and dry.

    Just imagine if other Finance Ministers had spoken and condoned what she has done. PLP….Smee Al Pee…makes no differance.

    Until Vanz and his haters change the Constitution (which works quite well) within reason and world status the definition and responsibilities remain for a safe system that they endorse whilst serving.

    Mabe the Myans are right after all. It could be sooner than later.

    A great ‘haters’ day too all……

  35. Hi Vanz, I don’t think anyone is surprised that the focus of criticism is transitioning from Dr. Brown to Ms. Cox. She is widely seen as the heir apparent to the Leadership. Me, I don’t particularly care either way, but just because the criticism is expected doesn’t mean it should be dismissed. How much of the criticism is valid? How much isn’t? Those are the questions that you should be asking.

    I have no doubt that I will be equally critical of the next Leader as I have of the current and past ones. My criticism is based on the Party selling out from even the faintest of social democratic ideology, let alone socialism. I don’t see any fundamental change coming along with a leadership change, the differences are more stylistic than anything else as far as I can see.

  36. bda of yesterday is gone – it won’t be back – ever – sadly a segment of bda’s population can’t get over that and will choose to bitch and whine all the way to their graves 🙂

    plp all the way – all the way plp!!!!

    aahhh, belgium.

  37. “bda of yesterday is gone”

    No sh**. Low debt, budget surpluses, full employment. Gone. Let’s hope you’re wrong about forever.

    It doesn’t affect you Canadians but those of us who actually love Bermuda enough to live here have to worry about these things.

  38. What the hell does “plp all the way” have to do wityh Paula Cox and Dr. Brown.

    Your not related to Dr. Joseph Goables are you……………….Troll, spin……verz yah mumma. Off to India or LA…………………….

  39. “What the hell does “plp all the way” have to do wityh Paula Cox and Dr. Brown.”

    It means he cannot rebut or refute cold hard facts and the ultimate reality of the situation. So instead of arguing the points he jumps up and down and cries racism and outlines his loyal and blind support for a political party….

    It’s the cowards way…

  40. 9ps, I knew that but thanks for putting it front and centre. As for arguing the points he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    Reality is a bitch and then some are just born bastards…………..

    Don’t worry…something is ‘in the works’………and it ain’t “Public”……………………..

    Gotta run……………..

  41. Funny thing that. When the PLP were the oppisition that is exactly what the UBP people said. Thank you vanz for showing that this is all just a joke to you and by extention the PLP. Are you have demonstratting how the average PLPer thinks,or is this just you? Please clarify?
    Why does it seem that the only important thing to the plp or at least their spokes men is that they are in charge. Even as the majority do the plp realy have the best interest of Bermuda as a country at heart or have they fell prey to power that corupts and its our turn mentality?

    Please be reminded that at one point the majority supported slavery, segragation, and the general degragation of the black people as a whole. In fact I do not think that unless there was support from the other race to stop this situation it would not have ended and Van would still be in shakles working the plantation. So if all white people were bad to the bone as Vanz and others want everyone to think why and how are you free?


  42. Anyways so no one has any sound rebutle to what Dr. Saul had to say about the Finance Minister and her role and authority? No one really.


  43. Nope…..Not even me. What he said is correct as I stated prior.

    At least he had the balls to say it. The truth is reality and our children will see it one day and ask “Why”.

  44. To be honest Chizzel, I haven’t put much thought into it. Or rather I’m a little speechless about the whole affair. I don’t know if Ms. Cox thought her statement was supposed to help her ease into a leadership challenge or not, but when I read it I thought she was trying to deflect blame and she generally came across as having a redundant position (what does she do then?). Hardly inspiring as a prospective leader. I’m waiting to see if it develops further before I reach any solid position though.

  45. Don’t worry Jonathan…….Your the best at ‘Post Mortems’. You really have to wait until the body is before you on a slab?

    When you saw it at the crime scene with it’s throat slashed and an empty wallet…….then again you had to wait and do your thing as to the cause of death and not the events leading up too it.

    Gotta run……Off too India for a week of ‘Suck a Curry Cahow’………………um…………………………….

  46. Actually…………back to the topic………..

    The irony is not “can” but is he…………….

    Part and parcial to an extent but not addressed here.

    A wonderfull evening to all. And, may the suckrocks melt in your mouth along with the Pompano and paw paw chutney…………………

  47. Vanz….define “segment”.

    I don’t think you will only because it is so inclusive but you want it to be seen as a ‘white’ thing.

    When I reflect on all I have seen over all my years I can assure you that many black people are fed up and will take it too their graves also.

    20-30 years down the road, our heritage lost and taken by todays ‘pay back’ kids of the 60-70’s will just be a classic tale of ‘who done it’.

    Of course your parents know about the days of plenty and working hard just like mine. The days when tourists roamed freely and cruise ships smothered the berths with their fare and Hamilton was alive and St. George was bussiling and Somerset was quaint and out of the way.

    This has been taken away from us. Global ecconomics played a part the the straw that broke the ‘Onions’ back is now mixed and mingled with ‘Cedar Gate’, BHC, et al and misleading and lies and deception.

    So when you have a minute just give an update on events from say 1812-1990 with regards to ecconomics and wealth and a stable ecconomy.

    5000 College Students a week…….gun crime, assaults, rapes, spousal abuse, robberies, drugs, et al………………

    And don’t bring up the poor black man. The poor black man made this country and now it is being taken away from his hard labour and those that worked alongside him/her.

    You shoud see the ‘green card’ applications and residency applications……………………and UK apps/Bahama/Jamaica………..Canada………………..

    Maybe you ………………..

  48. Well off goes the leader, sorry, Premier, again on another totally useless, blatant waste of OUR money, trip to develop tourism from India. Unemployment (at May 2009) at 4.5%, and debt increasing daily and what is his priority? It reminds me of the scene from Blazing Saddles when the new Sheriff arrives in Rock Ridge only to be humiliated. Taking himself by gunpoint into his office he sniles and exclaims “these people are so dumb”. The Premier’s comment as he boards the plane on another personal photo op venture flying First Class has to be similar. Talking of dumb what happened to the Premier’s fan club?

  49. Censorship cant deny the truth.
    Nothing wrong with Governmnet spending if it is on the people instead of into the pockets of ministers who demand $50000 for every contract off the top.
    Welfare checks for pregnant women
    Free medical clinics for the poor
    Free Emergency housing for the homeless.
    Increase in government blue collar jobs as Quinton Edness did during the last recession.
    Paula why dont she have children? she would understand the struggle more but more Aristocratia illumanati grand exalted doctors lawyers and tax evading international businessmen politics.

  50. Nothing wrong with being a liberal racist Johnny the internet is a white market. Go to a black sportsbar if you are really an internet journalist like myself.

  51. What the hell is a “Black Spotsbar” have to do with the topic.

    If you live in an area that is predominately white dah……….

    If you live in an area that is predominately black dah………..

    Hell, next your gonna say that I feel uncompfortable in Asian Markets or appear to be that way.

    Osama chuckles everytime he reads your comments.

    “Abdul, no need for bumb….dey keel eech udar in barz. Yoo can sea we hav no barz here. We R freee to have vurjins whilst they pay for satisfaction…..Abdul….R yoo a wanker or is that super gloo on your coat of many wires….”

    I need a rum………………….

  52. “And then a silence fell over the land”

    National Service………..boy did the pundits and media screw this up.

    I fell for it to until I read………………..

    Amazing eh…………

    White power……………………….

  53. Censorship is dangerous. This week a foreigner was shot at and repartiated to his homeland. Grassroot media have the paly by play he ran house to house and was denied sanctuary. be careful with the arrogance people.

  54. the common excuse we hear frm ALL the plp is that it will take time to fix all the problems inherited frm the ubp.

    so far its been 10 yrs and things r much worse in Bda the stats can prove this statement

    how any plp people can say that this dr brown can now be an effective leader while in the twilight of his term is a JOKE.

    hows he gonna fix in a few months what his party has been allowed to destroy in 10yrs?

    His leadership has been worthless as premier…what happened to bda first board?

    he is a semi ok tourism minister…..low cost air travel to island
    and a semi ok transport minister…fast ferries, but are they really worth what we paid for them? gps n taxi issues = poor leadership

    his legacy = decline of bermudian way of life for the masses
    while increasing the wealth of the eliets and defender of the white man system, this is why there has been no plp reform that would have made changes for the working class in the positive direction

    i think its time to start drinkin again

    rummy whe dat bokkle of 180 proof?

  55. Hah cum no buddy sayhin annyting……………….

    Oh detz rite…….yah nit at yah dasks……………muss bee dee veekand………………….

    Damn…I gotta lurn this stuff………………………

    And we wonder why we have a defisite….(deaf)………..

    Gotta run……………Someone just stole my ‘Love Fest’ ticket………………..damn Taxi drivers…………………………

  56. I had not logged in for a few days and there were nine comments stuck in the spam filter. Some were duplicates and some were legitimate spam, so I apologise if anyone thought their posts were not going through.

    I would remind posters that there is an email address in the Moderation & Contact header which they can use should they think their posts are stuck in the filter. I do not log onto this site daily, however I do check the email account daily. I have been busy with more pressing matters the last few days but will post more later.

  57. Yeah Yeah Yeah……..You don’t log on Hare everyday cause you spend too much time “Oberdear”……………………


  58. Tell you what. This new India thing should go down well. I’ glad the Premier still has the courage to help those from his past that helped bring him to power.

    The days of Howard University and the radicalism.

    Just imagine, Vanz gets to expand on his video and photo shop business. No more Canada stuff or LA clips.

    Hell, it even opens an avenue to Bermudians living in Israel to re-locate to a more Muslim and Hebrewish sect.

    Heck, come on guys get with it. This could be a new beginning. Just imagine the movies and extras that could be used here in Bermudan.

    In fact….Ewart could play a role as a day labourer..singing the old words of my friend Frank………………..”I did it my way”…………….

    We could have India House, Curry Beach, Turban Taxi’s whilst the Gays and Lesbians sit sucking lollypops in “Murry’s Whats that Bald Hill Up There”, hole………………

    Anyway…off to ‘New Deli’……………………then chak my buy in Damon………….

    Gotta love these black power meetings……………..

    Hah cum BELCO’s nut inwited………………….

    Gota run……………two containers of yooraineeum just got delivered too………………………………………………

    Have a wonderfull day and remember that only yoo can prevent cedar blight…………………………

  59. Looks like my plan is working. I’m shutting down BIAW……

    Next all Government communications

    Next…..the world……………………….


    Repent…….or be spent……………………………….

    The Rumworm…………………………Bawahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  60. Why does Smoking Gun keep using my comments. One wonders…..I know um good Smokes but jingus…….(Vance/Vanz comment on BIAW)……………..

    Vtaz det vurd……stealing someones vurds……….Humm……….

    Oh yah…..Play Jar Ishim……is him or her…………….

    Gotta run……Rahajing Neeorree horn dee lyne…….

    Brown Curry………….?

    What about ‘Curried Cox Tails’ served over a bed of PWD Seaweed, garnished with Brown BMW and PLP Suckroks au Jur……………………………….

  61. Brown must be reading the blog he is steamrolling laws with no debate. The lack of a free black press is what is responsible for the failure of the government the workers voices is useless no column on homelessness and poverty just aristocratic race history.

  62. Another piece of aristocratic foolishness is not building the five storey office because of some slave building we need jobs today not coffee and tea talking about slavery with dr. Hodgson. 2000 are out of work. 20 plumbers since Xmas. Bermudainssent home everyday and some slave building is denying people jobs.

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