All’s fair in love and war?

I wrote this in the run-up to the last election, just before both Parties released their election platforms. I actually thought I had published it, so I was surprised to see that I hadn’t. I was really quite dismayed at the way both Parties were campaigning. I hadn’t learned how to create hyperlinks at this time, but I will try and fix that today, just to make it a bit of an easier read; I’ll also see if I can find links to some of the things I wrote about.

The title of this post is a traditional well-known saying. Traditional and well-known however does not make it true. In an earlier post I likened politics to war, and the election periods a particular fluid war, a war of movement as opposed to the trench warfare that predominates in between elections. In this war of movement there are the official military forces, the organised Parties (the UBP and the PLP), there are also proxy forces in the form of various blogs (I would categorise New Onion, and (Vexed Bermoothes too?) as de facto UBP blogs; bermudasucks and are essentially neutral battlegrounds, but predominated by anti-PLPers, with one being slightly more dominated with right wing opinions than the other; and are formal PLP blogs, Bdastr8nochaser is pro-PLP but its relation to the PLP formal forces are not as clear as the pro-UBP blogs despite superficial appearences; this blog itself is pro-PLP but seeks to acheive an independent line of constructive criticism; 21square and the devil island I view as liberal blogs). In addition to the blogs, other proxy forces would be the anti-independence group, which is pro-UBP in practice, and rogue supporters on both sides (responsible for anti-PLP doctored photos by pro-UBPers for example), and any legion of letter to the editor writers and call ins to the various talkshows. New weapons are also available and have thus changed the nature of the war as well, principally in the realm of telecommunications, the blogs, youtube, also greater reliance on television commercials.

I also wrote earlier that I have a love-hate relationship with this time of the war moving from the trenches to active moving war. Its the politics I love; its the politricks I hate.

So far in the election politricks has dominated, and I am not impressed with the mutual mudslinging from both sides.

From the UBP I find their advertisements largely repugnant and hypocritical. The UBP is desparately trying to portray themselves as taking the high road, avoiding gutter politics and sticking to the issues. But in almost every single ad they have done the opposite. While they do dress up their ads with the appearence of dealing with substance, they similteonously are doing just the opposite. Most of their campaign has been an attack on Dr. Brown (personalities not the issues) with ads screaming headlines like ‘We will no mislead you’ (a direct reference to Dr. Browns’ post 2003 election speech at a special delegates conference) and ‘Trust’ (attempting to portray Dr. Brown and by extension the PLP as untrustworthy). Furthermore, they are engaging in a number of smears and misrepresentation of facts. In particular they are attempting to give the impression that crime has increased under the PLP, and that only a return to a UBP government will save us all. They also try to portray life under the PLP as being one of increased taxation, and of a breakdown of ‘family values’ whatever those are. Then there was that awkwardly awful fish animation of theirs. Full of innuendos and smears, let alone creating a strawman PLP to attack. The worst aspect was it wasn’t even done very well. Truly pathetic.

Another funny part of the UBP campaign is their response to the PLP car flags. The UBP car flags are not even clearly UBP; one has to go up real close to read the fine print. When I saw them I thought of CURE or CURB, but not the UBP. As for the image they seek to portray with it, one of racial unity, I have covered my analysis of this in the post ‘A Boxful of Crayons’ where I put forward the argument that the UBP only puts forward a superficial appearence of its racial composition for political gain; they deliberately mislead the people for political gain.

Their proxies are (a) carrying on these false arguments, and (b) putting forward more extreme and false views. For example Vexed Bermoothes and are at the very least insinuating that should the PLP loose the upcoming election there will be riots (and by extension the PLP will be responsible for these riots) (see and Vexed). This is echoed in two threads on bermudasucks (there was also an earlier thread, a couple months ago that had a similar argument, but I haven’t bothered to hunt it down yet).

The PLP itself has joined the silliness as well. The one that really gets me are the so-called google bombs. I can understand the advantage of these, and think they can be used well, but the method they have been deployed so far come across as juvenile and generally crass. The full page advert put forward in the papers arguing that the UBP will agitate for corporal and capital punishment could have been done better and researched properly. While there is some truth to what the ad argued, it was done poorly and counterproductively. The same with the ‘puppetmaster’ TV ad one can see on youtube ( while also having a kernel of truth, the way it was presented was not generally effective.

Both sides of the political divide have come out of the campaign so far covered in mud, and I don’t think it is impressing the swing voters at all but preaching to the choirs on both sides composed of fanatics (and yes there are both UBP and PLP dogmatists).

Polemics are supposed to raise the bar of political discourse and develop the political consciousness of the people. The diatribe of mudslinging on both sides along with accompanying spin is instead only contributing to mutual enmity and distaste in the mouth of the non-aligned voter.

I understand that both Party platforms will be out next week, and I hope this will signal a change from reactionary mudslinging to genuine discourse.

While both sides may argue that the other side started the mudslinging, or that under war consitions all’s fair, I believe that these tactics are counterproductive. ‘Soldiers’ are supposed to obey commands unqeustioningly. However, not all commands are lawful, and soldiers have a right and a duty to reject unlawful commands and refuse to carry out commands that are contrary to the goal of the mission. Mudlsinging is one of these such commands.


10 thoughts on “All’s fair in love and war?

  1. Hi Jonny,

    I’ve heard alot of talk about how the UBP commercials were bad but I to date I’ve not see one could you post a link or show the commercial and if it is known who authored them ie the ubp itself or a supporter or …

    I have seen the PLP’s commercials and have nothing to compair them to. Thank you for your help in advance.


  2. I think I actually have a hard-copy of the election day RG somewhere in a box. Not sure how practical that would be for scanning. Not sure about links to the ads that ran in the RG (including the anti-independence ones), but I’ll search about. I’ld welcome ideas from readers who might know where to find them.

  3. CDF, YouTube may have some of the ads. Unfortunately, the very weird and ineffective Flash animation featuring “fishies” was hosted on the UBP’s website and is no longer available.

  4. Hi All,

    I’ve check the royal gazette and have still not seen them I am about to check youtube and will let you know what I found. So far though this is fast becoming an urban legend to me.

    CDF (Formally Ex-Proggressive Mind)

  5. OK I found a puppet commercail for both parties some back and forth about seam campain but no political commercials.
    I must not be looking in the right place.


  6. Funny. Talk to people in the UBP’s campaign and they’ll tell you that their mistake was NOT going negative.

  7. Hi All,

    I can not find the “fishy” commercial anywhere butI do remember seeing something with fishes and I do not remember see anything dirty or underhanded or even offensive about it execpt that the animation was not up to par but yah.

    Anyway I’m done looking if anyone can provide links or any offensive political ads from the Bermuda 2007 election I would like to see them.

    @the Turth I herd someone else say the same thing it was like the ubp were scared to go that way or defend it self against those tactics. Must be because thery were already veiwed to be the white raisist party.

    CDF (Formally Ex Progressive Mind) how long will I have to sign like this I do not know. LOL

  8. Cheezell, I taught I couldint type…………………….jingas chile…………………….bawahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. @ Chizzel – As they were paid ads and not actual articles you will be unlikely to find them online. Your best bet would be to go and look at the microfiche records available at the public library, or you could speak with either the PLP or the BIU as they may have kept a handful of papers from that time. It may still be possible to find the UBP fish video, but you could contact the UBP themselves and see what they say.

    FWIW, although the link on it doesn’t work anymore, check

  10. As Van posts on here maybe people should now the types of things he posted on PLP blog around the election. The pictures that were on that site were the most offensive things I had ever seen. To bad they were all pictures of things that happened in the States but the point did not seem to be geographically associated it looked like “see what them white people did to us” don’t vote for them.

    Just my opinion

    CDF (Formally Ex Progressive Minds)

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