Wayne Furbert’s Resignation

This is the first of the new category of unfinished posts. I’m trying to post them chronologically, with the oldest unfinished posts first.

To put it bluntly the news as it broke on Thursday (29.03.07) wasn’t exactly surprising. About the only surprising aspect of this whole Opposition debacle is the timing to be honest. I like Wayne as an MP, even though he is from the UBP. But to be quite honest I did not think he was a good leader, and the revelations in the media right now about the internal bickering within the UBP more or less are an indication of his failure of leadership. I’ll agree with Christian Dunleavy that the problems were not simply Wayne, that the UBP itself has serious issues to deal with and only put forward a facade of unity, but that Wayne did contribute in failing to lead within the UBP. I don’t know enough about Mr. Furbert or the internal life of the UBP…

2010 Update:

Since Mr. Furbert’s resignation as UBP Leader my estimation of him as an MP has declined greatly. He is no longer a UBP MP, having left the UBP after the 2007 election, where he was re-elected as a candidate for the UBP. He has so far rejected any notion of initiating a by-election in order to recieve a new popular mandate from his constituents to reflect his new status as an Independent. I could understand a year, maximum, of putting that off, in order to establish his independent credentials. That is why, although I think the sitting BDA MPs (who were elected as UBP MPs) should resign their seats and contest a by-election, I am willing to give them maybe six more months before I write them off as cowards.

The revelations of Mr. Furbert’s pyramid-scheme and his handling of them have really disappointed me. And his constant, almost sycophantic, statements about considering to join the PLP and run as their candidate in the next election have reinforced my image of him as an opportunist. The PLP has not officially commented on these mumblings of his, but I for one think it would be a serious mistake of the PLP to consider him as a candidate. He is welcome to join the PLP as much as anyone else, but to run him as a candidate? No thank you. That decision is, of course, up to the branch in question, but I certainly would discourage it.


3 thoughts on “Wayne Furbert’s Resignation

  1. This is perhaps where if allowed, the constituents of Hamilton Parish West would petition to recall a sitting MP, namely because they have switched banners and may represent something different from what they elected him as.

    As far as notions of changing political parties entirely, that’s a very weird prospect. While he, as UBP leader, indicated that he was supportive of the idea of having PLP members sit within his Cabinet if chosen Premier, most of his political history was spent running as a devout UBP member in one of the biggest battleground constituencies on the island.

    Mind you, it wouldn’t be the first time that a UBP member has gone on to carry the PLP banner. Jamahl Simmons quit the UBP, and I believe is now a PLP member – and who can say he won’t eventually run for a seat for the PLP in a future election?

    I suppose maybe the fact that people can so quickly and easily switch between political parties shows that from an idealogy and policy perspective, maybe there really isn’t that much difference in the two main political parties?

    Pyramid schemes = bad, very bad.

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