New Category – Unfinished Posts

Over the last few years that I’ve run this blog there have been a number of articles I started writing and then, for one reason or another, I left them in an unfinished state. They’ve just been kicking around since, taunting me almost, lol.

I could quite easily delete them. Some of the more unfinished ones (consisting of a title and a couple sentences) I probably will. The others, well, some are past their relevance date, referring to topical issues of that time.

My intention is just to post the more substantial unfinished ones, mainly so that it may motivate me to rewrite them, as a result of any feedback they may stimulate. Also, it gives me the ability to have new posts – after a fashion – up while I work on newer ones, lol. Either way, thought they may be an interesting exercise in nostalgia, lol.


2 thoughts on “New Category – Unfinished Posts

  1. Thanks – I’ve actually been surprised at some of the ones I didn’t publish and don’t know why. I’ve got at least twenty of them though, and I’m concerned about publishing all of them right off the bat, but its interesting all the same.

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