Is The PLP Silencing Internal Dissent?

The printed media (both the Bermuda Sun and the Royal Gazette) have run with a story based on a leaked internal PLP email that was sent out by Chairman Santucci. The email in its entirety read:

Dear Members;

The recent publication in the daily of comments by party members prompts me to remind all that the Party Chairman and P.R.O. are persons constitutionally authorized to speak on behalf of the Party.

We have achieved a sufficient level of political maturity to encourage a diversity of views and opinions. and a forum for the expression of those views and opinions is available within the Party. It is distressing when comments are instead published in the daily which may be misrepresented or misunderstood and could possibly sow the seeds of dissent within our ranks

Please use the internal resources available to you for the expression of views and if you feel there are deficiencies the executive and C.C. can remediate.

Thanks Chair

The articles in the media, and ensuing discussion on it at least on the BIAW forum, has mostly viewed this email as an attempt by the PLP to stifle free speech and diversity of opinion within the Party. This view would appear to be reinforced by various PLPers, mostly anomynous, who were quoted in the papers reacting to questions about the email.

I recieved the email on January the twelfth, as did everyone else on the mailing list. I did not see it as an attempt to stifle free speech at all. I saw the email as a direct response to Mr. Rolfe Commissiong’s comments in the paper concerning his personal views on Mr. Dale Butler’s chances in a PLP leadership competition.

As part of Mr. Commissiong’s personal appraisal he argued that Mr. Butler’s support for amending the HR Act to include sexual orientation may be unpopular within the Party, and some may see it as part of a ‘gay rights agenda’ conspiracy. Mr. Commissiong also voiced some criticism of Mr. Butler’s view on racial reconciliation. While I read Mr. Commissiong’s comments as his own personal views it soon became apparent that many (predominantly those opposed to the PLP) saw these comments (on amending the HR Act and approaches to race) as the PLP party line, and began criticising the PLP for being homophobic and racially divisive.

It was in this context that I saw Chairman Santucci’s email; he was neither criticising or supporting Mr. Commissiong’s (or Mr. Butler’s) positions, only attempting to stress that when speaking to the media members should make it explicit that they are not speaking for the Party but rather their own views.

While it was obvious to me that Mr. Commissiong was only speaking for himself, I can see how others (particularly those with their own filters) would confuse them with the party line as long as there was no explicit statement from Mr. Commissiong that he was speaking in a personal capacity.

This understanding of mine was reinforced by a follow-up comment by Chairman Santucci when he sought to clarify the misunderstanding, stating that:

“As long as it is made clear that they are speaking in a personal capacity we have no objection.”

So, to the question ‘Is the PLP silencing dissent?’ my answer is ‘no it is not’, and I certainly did not regard the email by Chairman Santucci as even implying such. Of course there are those, both within and without the Party (but mostly without), who have a vested interest in pursuing the PLP as totalitarian, either due to their opposition to the Party or opposition to Dr. Brown as leader.

I would like to encourage fellow PLP supporters (and especially members) to take the comments by former Senator Davida Morris as guidelines, that constructive criticism should be encouraged. Feel free to criticise the Party with an aim to helping it to be better (and in the very process of engaging in constructive criticism you do so).

Just make it clear that you are speaking in your own capacity, not the Party, as only the PRO or other elected officials of the Party can do so. Its simple. And its not silencing dissent. Its just about clarity. Nothing more and nothing less.


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  1. Jonathan

    If the central issue here is…”It is distressing when comments are instead published in the daily which may be misrepresented or misunderstood and could possibly sow the seeds of dissent within our ranks”…

    ……..then adding the caveat that is a personal view is rubbish.

  2. Mike, the fact that many people misread Mr. Commissiong’s views as representing those of the Party in this case are, indeed, distressing. It misrepresents what the Party is doing as far as amending the HR Act for instance. That is all it refers to; to make anything more out of it is almost deliberate misrepresentation.

  3. Jon, it doesn’t really misrepresent the party in any way. Until the party distances itself from Rolfe’s comments and not those of Davida and Dale, then it is readily apparent that Rolfe’s view is the party’s view.

    And I know from personal experience during the last HRA amendment that the party was vehemently against including sexual orientation in the Act. They rejected the suggestion out of hand.

  4. I doubt the PLP will make any comments whatsoever about Ms. Morris’s comments, just as they won’t make any comments abour Mr. Commissiong’s. Those are viewed as they’re personal views and thats that. The question is whether people will only take Mr. Commissiong’s views as representative of the PLP and not Ms. Morris’s. Just because the PLP neither endorses or opposes eithers comments does not mean one view is more representative of the PLP than the other. They both are and both aren’t.

    I too know that the PLP was opposed to the amendment in the past. Even now there is strong opposition to it. However, it was included in the 2009 Throne Speech and I have every reason to believe that it will be amended accordingly. I think the Party Line would be something like ‘we recognise that there exists a lot of hesitiation and even fear about this issue within the Party, however we also recognise that amending the HR Act is something that has to be done. We will amend it and continue to allay any fears within our membership’. Or something like that.

  5. Regarding making a statement over the comments, the leaked email says it all. The comments that they are distancing themselves from are Dale’s and Davida’s.

    I sincerely hope that Dale and Davida are more representative of the party than it would appear, because their voices are much less strident than the others’.

  6. I have written in the original post that it was clear to me that the memo was addressed in response to Mr. Commissiong’s comments – as people were mistaking his personal views on amending the HR Act and on race issues as those of the PLP.

    How do you reach the position that they were distancing themselves from Dale or Davida?

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  8. It looks as though the PLP is distancing themselves from Dale and Davida by the timing of their statement. Responding directly after Rolfe would be indicative of distancing from him. That is all.

  9. Take a deep breath Comrade Starling. Google “Renaissance”.

    There lies the rub and purpose.

    Also, it’s called attack and divide. Rens pretty good at that along with his supporters as you can see by the traffic here and oberdear.

    They don’t call him Rudolph the “REN NOSED” for nothing…………………………………

    Kleenex anyone?

  10. @ Renman – But the memo was sent out immediately after the article by Rolfe, not by any articles concerning Dale or Davida. As I wrote, the email came out on the 12th of January, Rolfe’s comments were on the 11th; it just wasn’t reported in the media until a day or two later.

  11. Jonathan,

    In spite of what Tim Smith and the Royal Gazette thinks about Davida Morris, I don’t believe that she is considered to be a “spokesperson” for young people in Bermuda.

  12. I agree Jonathan.
    I interpret the email as saying that people can say what they want from a personal capacity, but when the Rolfe’s, Davida’s, Jonathan’s, Laverne’s speak to the press they are doing it as individuals, and not speaking on behalf of the PLP. thats all.

    everything is not always something sinister.

  13. @ LaVerne – In fairness I don’t think either Davida or the RG characterised her as a ‘spokesperson’ for the young people of Bermuda. She simply gave her views on the issue. I don’t think there is anyone who we could really consider a spokesperson for the youth.

  14. its so ironic that the un official plp spokes person and chief public defender ms furbert would have any opinion one way or the other about other people in the community being a spokes person for whatever the cause issue or demographic.

    we read n hear u speak all de time furbert…..many say de same ting bout u …. IE I don’t believe that u r considered to be a “spokesperson” for ALL OF THE PLP.

    but yet u talk as a spokes person furbert

    any one who speaks out on an opinion is a spokesperson

    BDA is the way it is now…regressive….cause we got a lotta old people in the way of progress talkin BS and stealing money


  15. The fact of the matter is that while Davida Morris may have a negative impression of the PLP, there are many young people who remain active members of the Party. For whatever reason, the Royal Gazette makes no effort to contact them.

  16. …there are many young people who remain active members of the Party. For whatever reason, the Royal Gazette makes no effort to contact them.

    And you know this how?

  17. the plp n the ubp have not performed to the proper level of good governance. This is reflected by the various problem areas in the social structure and its development and engineering


    crime as a result of poverty n drug addiction
    deal with drugs frm a health issue perspective instead of a criminal justice perspective

    economic divide/ class division
    jobs n reforms in the employment act, workmans compensation act

    home ownership based on persons income

    poor education system

    repairing the destruction of the bermudian family

    progressive people 20yrs ago put forward social structure reapair solutions…….the same persons in politics now claimed they would fix the problems in bermudas social engineering

    THEY HAVE DONE NOOOOTHING to prevent this long predicted bullet ridden atmosphere frm existing.

    but some of these mis guided bermudians who put political parties over the country continue to support wrong outdated thinking, from emotionally scarred old people with issues about the past.


    thoese who stand in the way of that reform are some how profiting by letting these conditions continue to exist in bermuda.

    how else can one explain allowing people to fall into an underclass?

    it has already been proven by recent headlines that lack of political will is preventing meaningful change. this from Former heads of governemt grown review boards


  18. @ Laverne – I didn’t see any of Ms. Morris’s comments as implying she had a negative impression of the PLP. What I did see was her expressing some concern about some of the Party’s actions and rhetoric and suggesting that the Party may be setting itself up for problems in the future (namely risking loosing the youth vote eventually). She may be right or wrong, but her intention – as I read it – was that of constructive criticism, aimed at helping the Party, not hurting it. Just because one supports a Party doesn’t mean we are blind to its faults; if anything we should be more vigilant to them and try to make it better, and this can be done in many different ways. We have nothing to fear about disagreeing.

  19. I received the email on the 12th as well Jon, and I didn’t really see it as the attempting to silence members. Nothing in the memo seemed out of the ordinary or overly critical nor did I feel it was directed at me especially. Mr Santucci is correct that he and the P.R.O. are the only ones sanctioned to speak on behalf of the party and I really don’t have an issue with it. I do think there is a tendency for some to read a bit more into comments based on their personal viewpoints and experiences. It’s human, we all do it. It just unfortunate when those feelings cloud judgement or disallow other viewpoints, that’s not healthy.

    My interview was strictly based on my opinion. I would think that much obvious but I have no problem stressing the point in future interviews if necessary.

    As for the comments on this blog, hopefully this will clear some things up. I understand that my comments cause irritation, consternation and occasional aggravation for some members of the party but make no mistake, I do it for the party. I am not a ‘yes woman’. I cannot and will not keep my lips pressed together on issues I feel need to be addressed. Of the three present political parties, I do believe that the PLP is the strongest and most well equipped to run Bermuda but it doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvement and it is dangerous for the party to think that as well. Complacency in any organisation is never a good thing.

    If anyone operates in a manner that I feel is unhelpful to the continued prosperity of my home, I will speak out as long as freedom of speech is law and there is breath in my body. Bermuda is my country and I am fiercely protective.

    LaVerne, I really don’t have a negative impression of the PLP as a whole. Yes, there are elements I do not agree with but there are some things I think are great. The beauty of constructive criticism is that while it breaks you down it can simultaneously build you up. If you choose to look at it that way anyway. Your comment on my view of the party is your opinion and has no basis in actual fact. In the future when it comes to my opinions and what I believe, I think it best we leave them to me to express. If there are any questions feel free to ask me.

    FYI, I don’t think I’m a spokeswoman for young people, but I do have a passion and vested interest in them.

  20. Whatever Jonathan. The fact of the matter is that there are “young” members of the PLP living and working in Bermuda whom Tim Smith could contact if he’s looking for comments from young members of the PLP. However, he chooses to contact “Ms. Morris”. Why not contact Mackai Dickerson who is now a member of the executive and quite outspoken on his views? Of course you know that there are several other on 35 active PLP members but their views are never sought.

    As as I see it, since Davida Morris was relieved of her Senate position she has had nothing positive to say about the PLP. I don’t think any of us who publicly support the PLP are blind to the Party’s faults, after all “we, that is those of us who are members” are the Party.

  21. LaVerne, how do you know that he didn’t contact others? Or at least attempt to do so?

    And, on the assumption that some of these individuals did speak to him, how do you know what they told him? The fact that he doesn’t specifically quote them doesn’t mean he didn’t talk to anyone – after all, dissent isn’t exactly well received.

  22. LaVerne …your so full of it. Guess she’s just another “confused negro”…………………

    HRC?……………….Lighten up lady…………..and I don’t mean Front Street…………………

    Really…how much do you get out of the deal…………….never mind……………………..Gotta take care of those LA baggy pants and sneakers………………………

  23. **Just to clarify, Ms. Morris’s comment was stuck in the spam filter, and Ms. Furbert’s most recent comment was posted without being able to read that of Ms. Morris.**

    @ LaVerne – I don’t know whether Mr. Smith contacted others or not, or even if he knows how to contact Mr. Dickerson. I assume he is now leading what is left of Progressive Minds? I would strongly disagree with your opinion that Ms. Morris has been only negative towards the PLP, but she is more than able to speak for herself as she has.

  24. Ms Fubert

    Maybe Mackai Dickerson could write a short piece and submit it to the press.

    Failing that, perhaps publish something on the PLP blog.

    Whilst a number of you know him obviously, I wouldn’t know this guy if I fell over him – so would be interesting to read his views.

  25. “I don’t think any of us who publicly support the PLP are blind to the Party’s faults, after all “we, that is those of us who are members” are the Party.”

    ya u all just either too chicken lazy or brainless to fix the parties faults and address the peoples adjenda for reform



  26. Ms. Morris,

    No, Mr. Dickerson is not leading what is left of Progressive Minds. Mr. Dickerson is a full-fledged member of the PLP.
    As a reporter, Mr. Smith should not find it difficult to contact younger members of the PLP as there are many.

    Ms. Furbert

  27. As a reporter, Mr. Smith should not find it difficult to contact younger members of the PLP as there are many.

    Which brings us back to my earlier question.

    how do you know that he didn’t contact others? Or at least attempt to do so?

    And, on the assumption that some of these individuals did speak to him, how do you know what they told him? The fact that he doesn’t specifically quote them doesn’t mean he didn’t talk to anyone – after all, dissent isn’t exactly well received.

  28. LaVerne,

    I never made a comment about Mackai. But I do have a few questions about how you worded your comment. If a person is a member of the youth wing, PM or otherly named does it mean they are not a full member of the PLP? And does this mean that while PM was in existence that the party considered its members not fully PLP members?

    As for Tim Smith, I supposed you would have to ask him why he doesn’t contact Mackai or any other young person who is a member of the PLP. I really have no influence on that. I for one do not doubt there are young people who are members of the party. I just think that becuase of the party’s actions and/or inaction, depending on how one looks at a situation has stopped more young people from becoming active members.

    LaVerne, surely you realise that my comments are based on what actually happens and what people say to me on what they see happening. If my comments seem consistently critical its because the party are doing things that we don’t agree with. I know that to many politics is personal, it just isn’t personal to me. I make a differentiation between politics and government. I like politics, its constantly changing and evolving entity, that I find interesting. I love government. There you get to really help people and shape the world you live in. A complex and rewarding task.

    Admittedly I haven’t been as active on my own blog over the past holidays but there is a new blog post on Bermuda Jewel (shameless plug) praising the PLP for the changes its making to the education system. And then there are my comments about Mr Weeks in the gazette. I do try to be balanced but at the same time I need more to work with.

  29. LaVerne, it was me and not Ms. Morris who asked if Mr. Dickerson was leading what was left of Progressive Minds. The simple reason for my asking that is that the youth wing of the PLP is supposed to represent the PLP on youth issues. As such it makes sense for the media to contact the youth wing should they be trying to get a hold of PLP youth or the representatives of such. If there is no active youth wing, well, that leads to some interesting questions in itself, especially as you maintain there are plenty of active PLP youth members. I personally have been offering to help with organising (as best I can from afar) a youth wing since I left (at which point PM more or less folded, as others left at the same time). I have never received any replies to those offers, but I continue to keep it open should they like whatever help I can offer.

    However, in as much as Ms. Morris was one of the co-leaders of the former incarnation of the youth wing, and a former Senator, with which the media have some sort of rapport – just in that they know her from previous issues – I am not surprised they spoke to her, and she has as much right as any citizen to express her views. Due to her past public profile it is understandable that she is seen as some sort of political commentator, thats all.

    To be frank I do see your approach to anyone who is remotely critical of the PLP to be one of attack and attack some more, almost as if you are trying to discredit the messenger and avoid the message. I am not sure if you are actively trying to push away potential members and former ones, but that is the net effect of such tactics, and I don’t know why you would want to do that.

    Anyway, Mr. Dickerson is well aware of this blog and I understand he reads it relatively often. He is also aware that both I and JEWEL operate an open mic policy and he is more than welcome to write a piece and we will publish it. He is also, as are all PLP members and supporters, able to post on these blogs. There is also the effectively defunct Progressive Minds blog which he and the current Progressive Minds could and should be both resurrecting and posting on. I hope that he, and others, use these opportunities that are readily available to them.

  30. I havent posted in a while because i thought it was futile. However i want to say a few things.

    I think that the discussion process within the PLP is actually wider and more open than ever before. I think people with gripes and disagreements towards and with our leader then tend to use any decision made or opportunity to blame everything on him. As someone said to be the other day, a broken clock is even right twice a day. While i mean in no way to disregard our leader with that, I interpret that as saying that even if you don’t like someone for personal reasons, it doesnt mean that evertything they say and do is wrong.

    I have read Ms. Morris views in the paper. I don’t particularly agree with them, but I don’t have to. I also find it interesting that she is interviewed as the voice of the young PLP, when she has had little to do with the party since being a Senator. I am sure the RG can find many more young people that are members, I know of many. However, we also know that the RG has a mandate to portray our party in a negative light, so the reporters there are more likely to seek out people that might support this mandate. While Ms. Morris didn’t outright blast the party per se’ she has made comments over the past months/year that did reflect negatively on the party. Again though, this is her right to do so, and my right (and others’ right) to disagree.

    I saw Chairman Santucci’s email as a reminder that just because some is a Minister, MP, or member, it doesnt mean that he/she speaks on behalf of the party. Simple as that.

    This year is going to be challenging…we all know that their are national challenges, international challengers, and challenges within the party. There will be a leadership election, which will likely leave some contenders bruised and battered, figuratively of course. But I think the party as a whole will be better for it.

    Finally, i wish people would stop saying that Dr Brown is stepping down in October. He is actually not running for reelection. His term is up in October, whether he wanted to continue or not. Had he wanted to continue he would have to run again. Stepping down to be, signifies that he would be finishing prior to completion of his term. Which is not the case.

  31. As the PLP’s most prolific public commenter I would have thought that LaVerne should be heeding her Chairman’s advice and putting a plug in it.

  32. Regarding Mrs. Furbert:

    “To be frank I do see your approach to anyone who is remotely critical of the PLP to be one of attack and attack some more, almost as if you are trying to discredit the messenger and avoid the message. ”

    That needs to be repeated … and often.

  33. @ Ken – Thank you for your comments; I would obviously encourage you and other PLPers to continue to post. Otherwise it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that the blogs are strongly unbalanced and anti-PLP. Based on emails I know that there are plenty of PLPers (members and supporters) that do read this and other blogs and I am continually frustrated that they choose not to post and instead contribute to an unbalanced blogosphere.

    I don’t think the RG interviews her (Ms. Morris) as ‘the voice of the PLP youth’. I think Ms. Morris just happens to be willing to speak her mind and has the courage of her convictions to do so without hiding behind the mask of ‘anomynous PLP sources’. PLP members/supporters often criticise the phenemona of people speaking while hiding in anomynity, and yet when members/supporters do speak publicly they are often heavily criticised or attacked for so doing, which is not to the PLPs credit. Also, Ms. Morris has a particular interest/focus on issues of education, healthcare, childcare and the youth in general, and as a result happens to speak on those topics; as she herself has said she does not consider herself the spokesperson for anyone on these issues, just gives her opinions on them.

    While there may be many PLP youth it doesn’t seem that the youth wing is organised, and this needs addressed by the Party. One problem is that, just like the blogs, many PLPers also don’t seem to want to speak with the RG, which again contributes to a self-fulfilling prophecy, as those critical of the PLP (or its leader) will do so.

    Thank you for stressing the point about Dr. Brown not seeking re-election as Party Leader as opposed to ‘stepping down’ which gives a false impression of reality.

  34. Jonathan,

    I did think that the comments regarding “Mr. Dickerson” were from Ms. Morris, so I apologise for that gaffe.

    As far as the youth wing of the PLP is concerned, in my opinion the PLP Youth Wing should be made up of young people under the age of 18 because they are unable to vote. However, from 18 onwards, they should be just be regular members. I think that is one change that needs to made to the constitution and I will continue to push for that change.

    I stand by my comment that every time the Royal Gazette wants to hear something from a “young” member of the Party, they contact Davida Morris when there are so many other young people involved in the Party. By the way, does the media every contact Thaao Dill or Marc Bean or Marc Daniels? Each of them are “young”.

    As far as you opinion of my approach, you are entitled to your opinion. Because I public support the PLP and correct mis-information you have described it as attack. As I’ve said on more than one occasion, I will make my criticisms of the PLP within the PLP. You have chosen to make your criticisms public and that is your right. By the way, I don’t see any of the anti-PLP posters on this site as potential members.

    By the way, it is most interesting that the person who leaked Mr. Santucci’s e-mail to the Royal Gazette didn’t leak my response.

  35. Ok…Someone fill me in…(easy nah, take a number)…..

    Whats happening on the 10/10/10…………………really..I want to know.

    Short, brief……..twenty five words or less………………

  36. @ LaVerne – I did not say that your public attempts to correct misinformation constituted an attack. I was referring to how you approach it, or at least how you have responded to various individuals who have simply expressed their own views.

    It is true that the PLP Constitution does not explicitly state the criteria for membership in the youth wing on the basis of age. While I was Secretary of the youth wing we decided to operate under the basis of the 1990s Progressive Minds constitution, which defined membership as any PLP member under the age of 30, roughly contemporary with the system used by the Regiment for conscription. We had originally recieved permission from the Party Leader to develop a new, updated constitution, and I believe we set the age bracket at 25 and under. We developed this through researching the constitutions of both our sister parties and, where applicable (which was most of the time) the constitutions of these sister parties youth wings.

    Again, it is only you (I believe) that is alleging the RG is contacting Ms. Morris whenever they want to hear from a ‘young’ PLP member (former or otherwise). I believe Ms. Morris would agree that the RG approach her because she is approachable and willing to express her views publicly, and those are the only reasons.

    I was not referring to ‘anti-PLP posters that post on this site’ as potential members, although I think some of them could be potential members, yes. My reference instead was to those who read this blog but do not post; I would wager that for everyone person that actually posts here there are maybe twenty or so who simply read the threads.

    I don’t know what to make of your last comment. Unless it was you yourself who leaked the memo (with your reply attached), it makes no sense.

  37. Jonathan,

    Why would I leak an e-mail to the Royal Gazette. If you read the article in the newspaper, prior to the leaked e-mail, you will see where I commented. The e-mail that I’m referring to is one that I sent in response to Mr. Santucci’s e-mail.

    If you want to take my responses as attacks, so be it. I cannot change your perception and wouldn’t want to.

  38. Hello Ken

    “I think people with gripes and disagreements towards and with our leader then tend to use any decision made or opportunity to blame everything on him”.

    Whether you are right, or not, I don’t know. In fairness, it does seem to me that it is certainly ‘easier’ with this Premier to take that view, than perhaps with previous Premiers.

    Sadly that is not helped by the view that many of us have that he really doesn’t like us (whites) or want us as part of the Bermuda process. And that’s fine; I certainly won’t loose any sleep over it.

    Secondly, he is ‘the boss’ at the end of the day, and the buck has to stop somewhere.

    If he doesn’t like something that happens – then he needs to correct it. Yes – I know that that would be a strange thing for any political leader to do, because it shows weakness. Nonetheless, he has that opportunity if he wishes to take it.

    From a personal point of view, I hope you will continue to post. I find your writing (shall we say) less vitriolic and some what less defensive than others.

  39. ““To be frank I do see your approach to anyone who is remotely critical of the PLP to be one of attack and attack some more, almost as if you are trying to discredit the messenger and avoid the message. ”

    … and in the span of only 5 posts …

    “By the way, it is most interesting that the person who leaked Mr. Santucci’s e-mail to the Royal Gazette didn’t leak my response.”

    “If you want to take my responses as attacks, so be it. I cannot change your perception and wouldn’t want to.”

  40. Mike,

    I dont think the Premier doesnt like whites…thats the part that bothers me.

    I am not targetting you, but in one breath people say he hates whites and doesnt want whites to be part of this new Bermuda etc etc, and then in other they say he gives all the contracts to Correia and DEsilva and he is friends with Wendell Hollis etc…it cannot be both ways…and that is exactly what i mean about criticism just for criticism’s sakes…

    Just because he wants(ed) whites to actively participate in resolving the race conflict, and to a large extent take responsibility for the advantage they have in society, and work to making things more equal, doesnt mean he doesnt like whites. I know of many black people and white people who feel the same exact way and would never characterize them has hating.

    I think that many peoples’ main problem with Dr Brown is that he doesnt back down and cower in the corner when confronted with opposition.

    I hope as the year progresses, and when his successor is named, that the people will give this successor more of a chance and more of an open mind than they have given to Dr BRown. Just in June people were saying “out with Brown, in with Cox” at the protest, but I am afraid that if Minister Cox takes over, after a brief honeymoon period, there will be criticisms. And to be fair this will happen with any leader. Because you cannot be all things to all people. And once one group feels they arent getting what they want, they will start their open critiquing.

    I think Dr Brown made himself a more open target by not withering and cowering awat and along with the press and the Opposition they put a bullseye on him and it was open season. Followed by a leader that may not be of his same style, i wonder if the same people will really give this leader a real chance, or will find superficial stuff to criticize.

    October & November of this year will be the real test.

  41. I just want to say that we would all be better off not making it about the person/personality.

    He has already said he will not be seeking reelection.

    Jonathan, also I have read your issues with the Youth Wing, and the fact that it isnt as active. I agree that it could/should be more active. However, there are many young people under 30 that are very involved in the Party in various capacities. Personally I think the youth wing should be at the oldest up to age 21. I think it should be a group that perhaps from 12-21. But I think this debate is more for the Party and not to be had on a blog.

  42. Ken,

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but, by your logic, am I right to conclude that a person can’t be seen as racist if they have friends of another race?

  43. Ken…your full of… …………….”not be had on a blog”……………

    Where you want it. In/on the RG? Bermuda Sun. Workers Voice…………..Oh the humanity……………..

    Do you have shares in Kens Steak House?…………………………..

    Ken, you reaped…………………but you took your seed with you………………….

    Any drunkards watching this TV show?………………….

    Irony……….irony irony………………..

  44. Are people really naive enough to think that Dr. Brown haters are only haters because he doesn’t “back down and cower in a corner”? That may be so with certain people, but for a large number of other people we don’t like him because he makes poor decisions concerning Bermuda, plain and simple. I could list them and will if anyone wants me to compile the long list, but I think you all know the bad decisions I am speaking about.
    Of course Dr. Brown doesn’t hate whites, he just wanted the people that were going to vote for him to think that:)
    Behind your backs he is brushing shoulders with all the other elite rich people he can, white, black, brown, tan, blue, pink etc.

  45. Absolutely correct Sara………….Thats what I have been saying for years.

    It’s not whats in your’s where you left your purse………..

  46. It’s ok Sara…..I did reply but as you know here are incomming missels nd the quake is on it’s way.

    Make sense?………..Tink about it………………..

    El Ex Sucko…………………..

  47. “I am not targetting you, but in one breath people say he hates whites and doesnt want whites to be part of this new Bermuda etc etc, and then in other they say he gives all the contracts to Correia and DEsilva and he is friends with Wendell Hollis etc…it cannot be both ways…and that is exactly what i mean about criticism just for criticism’s sakes…”

    The question here is why *these* whites then. What’s so compelling about these few?

  48. Compelling”………..”Quo Fata Furunt”……… with the aftermath……………..

    Oh Thats right……..”the truth”………………..

  49. You’ve got to love it that in the same forum discussing the PLP’s directive that only the Party Chairman and P.R.O. are authorized to speak on behalf of the Party, LaVerne Furbert is chastising the RG for not consulting some random young members or the party instead of Davida Morris. I would imagine that after the chairman’s emailed directive, no one the RG might have contacted would dare to speak out. If they did, they would no doubt be lined up for a tongue-lashing from who? The same Ms. Furbert.

    This example of the twisted logic that swirls around most of Ms. Fubert’s pronouncements should make anyone shudder who is planning to take a case to the Human Rights Commission, to which Ms. Furbert has been recently appointed.

    It’s worth noting that Ms Furbert persists in ascribing motives to critics of the PLP, suggesting here that Davida Morris is critical of the party only since/because she was “relieved of her Senate position”. If such logic was accurate we would be justified in believing that Ms. Furbert’s picking on Davida Morris was only because she was jealous that Davida had been appointed to the Senate while she, Ms. Furbert, was not.

    What we DO know is that whenever Ms. Furbert cannot mount a credible counter (to an argument or to a demonstration, for example) she stoops to attacking the person or group.

    How sad.

  50. There have been suggestions that the PLP Youth Wing should be those under 18, or between 12 -18. This has all the hallmarks of indoctrination, and 70 years ago, in a part of Europe that laid waste to so much, they would be termed “brown shirts”. How ironic that history is repeating itself.

  51. wait furberts appointment to human rights comission isnt a sick twisted joke?

    get prepared for a lot of political interference complaints about the HRC

    robert bryce ….i was thinkin the same thing

  52. Not yet Bryce…………The fence is till being erected…………….

    Irony is, many are shouting…Mr Brown..tear down this wall………………….

  53. Sara,

    I’d like to see that list.

    Observer and others,

    Who are you to judge what is credible or not. To most of you, credible means criticising the PLP and Dr. Brown. If I respond to what a person has said, I’m attacking a person or group. All you every do is attack Dr. Brown (person) and the PLP (group).

    By the way, I was very happy for “Ms. Morris” when she was appointed to the Senate. I’m always happy when young, black people achieve. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen myself as a Senator. I prefer to work in the background and make it happen for people like Ms. Morris.

  54. I received the PLP Party Chairmens email. I understood where he was coming from with it. No one other then himself or the PRO are allowed to speak to the press on behalf of the party. Meaning that they can speak of the collective view of the party on things that the party collectively agree on. Anyone else who speaks can only speak for them self, be they an MP senator or otherwise give your opinion on party matters is one thing but to speak as if what you are saying is the opinion of the majority of the party is misleading and can put the party at risk of having to unnecessary defend itself.

    One example is this topic. The chairmen never stated what particular article if any caused him to make the statement, yet some are assuming it is statements made by certain people. Ms.Morris has every right to give he opinion as does anyone else, but it has to be given as just that an opinion nothing more and certainly not as the opinion of any segment of the party.Ms. Furbert is correct the paper is not fair in seeking opinions of young party members like myself and others to bring forth a balance of negative positive views. They do not call me for comment nor any other young active members that I know and they know all to well who we are and how to contact us.

  55. Ms. Furbert,

    When you malign Ms. Morris’ character by suggesting gossippy motives, that’s a personal attack. Likewise when you label a group a “lynch mob” that’s a personal attack. That’s very different from addressing the issues.

    And are you suggesting that because others may criticise Dr. Brown or the PLP it’s then okay for you to make personal attacks on them? Whatever happened to your advice to others that “two wrongs don’t make a right”? Or has your double standards raised its head again?

  56. Ken

    As are you, I am certain that whoever replaces Dr Brown will be criticised. I can’t think of any ‘leader’ in politics who isn’t criticised.

    One might expect though a mix of positive as well as negative critique during a leader’s time at the helm; I don’t see much on the positive side where Dr Brown is concerned.

    To be frank, I have concerns as to whether Paula Cox is the right person for that position. Her rebuttal the other day regarding the true debt in Bermuda, was misleading. To suggest that the shortfall in Assets (to meet the liabilities) in a pension scheme should not be included in determining debt was amazing. I accept, that one would take a longer term view of the debt following actuarial recommendation, but it’s a debt nonetheless that we face. And – if the annual investment measure is in excess of 13% (amazing in this climate) – then goodness knows what the debt would have been had it not been for ‘superior’ investment performance. Indeed, if the schemes in question had performed as my pension has, we would need to sell the Crown jewels to get back on track.

    Not unlike Dale Butler, Paula has drawn people towards her for various reasons including the negativity against Dr Brown. That is not a sound reason to select her. Both people have weaknesses in my view.

    And this thing about ‘being a strong, black man’…what is that all about. Is it that he went against the Constitution on the issue of the Uighurs…is it that he lied to his Cabinet and his colleagues and by extension, the people of Bermuda?

    If breaking the rules of the club you belong to, rather than try and change the club you belong to, is ‘being strong’, then I am quite pleased to be weak frankly.

    What is wrong in backing down? Do people say…”oh, I won’t vote for this lot again because they got it wrong”. I don’t think so.

    I want a strong leader, and I suspect everyone else does too. But I don’t want someone who is all about photos with Beyonce, about not being on the island when he needs to be, about spending taxes in the way he has, and so on and so forth ad nauseum.

    If the PLP can find that person, you will be on a winner.

  57. Ok, I’ve read as much as I could bare without commenting.

    I received the email as did other PLP members. I also took part in the talks that took place on the matter before the Chairmen felt it necessary to send the email. The email was in no way an attempt to silence members. It was a much needed reminder to members that unless they are the PRO or party Chairmen that they cannot speak to the press on party matters unless they make it clear that they are speaking for themselves and not on behalf of the party. All to often there are comments made by party members in the daily and other media that shed a negative light on the party and party matters. These comments are often taken as truth and mistaken as the view of a majority of the party. This is not always by mistake as some in the party have personal objectives and are very careless as to how they obtain them.This causes unnecessary upset and puts the party on defence mode on matters that have no place outside of the party doors. This topic is one clear example of that. Matters arising out of this topic are another example. The Chairmen never mentioned anyone’s comments as being the reason for him sending out the email, yet here some are assuming it is because of comments made by certain people in the RG as of late. They may have added to the urgency of the email being sent out but to believe they are the sole reason is far from the truth.

    While Ms. Morris, Mr.Commissiong and others have every right to make public comments their comments should in no way be taken as the views of any segment of the party. I myself can only speak my views and cannot give the impression that i am speaking on behalf of the party. That’s plain and simple, anything else that you make of it is your own spin and twist.

    As to “whats left of the youth wing” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) No I am not heading it up. I am however assisting on a advisory basis, the young party members who are active in building the youth wing up in the way in which it is outlined in the party Constitution. It is very productive at this time and I am confident that it will take of with great success in due time. That is all that i can say at this time on the youth wing as it is a party matter not yet ready for the public eye.

    I believe what Ms. Furbert meant when she said that i was a full fledged member of the party is just that. She was not taking any thing away from members of the youth wing. Primarily members of the youth wing are junior members of the party 18 and under. While older members take part they are considered full members and not members of the youth wing as per the Constitution. There are great opportunities afforded young members of the party as far as seats on the CC and Executive as well as party committees. It is hoped that these young members act as a council to the youth members under the age of 18. This gives us a venue for all ages to take part in the political process and to be politically educated.

    Ms. Furbert is correct I have rarely been contacted by any media for comment on my views as a young member of the PLP, nor do they contact any other young active member that I know of and they know all to well who we are and how to contact us.

  58. I am not gonna respond to the Sara’s or Rummy’s etc because history repeats itself and I know their bias is evident and unwavering, so therefore whatever is said in response will not even be considered.

  59. mike,

    I expect leaders to be criticized however not just for criticism’s sake. Give credit where credit is due, criticise where it is needed.
    That’s all.

  60. @ Makai – My apologies, your posts were stuck in the spam filter. Welcome to the conversation and thank you for your contribution.

    There was no malicious intent or anything like that meant by my comment ‘whats left of the youth wing’, just a perhaps badly phrased sentence on my part.

  61. Makai

    “Ok, I’ve read as much as I could bare without commenting”.

    It is unusual for me to make disparaging remarks, but perhaps you can now understand why many of us feel the way we do about this Government. We to have to comment.

    That said, thank you commenting. Perhaps we might hear a little more from you in the future.

  62. @ Mike

    Be careful what you wish for lol just joking.

    But on a real not you will hear more from me. A lot of the distrust and anger people have towards the PLP Government is based mainly on misinformation and confusion. The people who are dead against the PLP do a good job at stirring the pot and those that are seeking answers often eat from the pot as its stirred. Seek the truth and you will get answers.

  63. makai

    “A lot of the distrust and anger people have towards the PLP Government is based manly on misinformation and confusion.”

    Funny how u lot never EVER deal with real legit issues that come up in this blog and in general.

    and instead come with BS drivel that u posted above.

    we seek truth n get BS lines like u have posted

    The issues in this country are far from figments of our imaginations

    the plp n the ubp have not performed to the proper level of good governance. This is reflected by the various problem areas in the social structure and its development and engineering


    crime as a result of poverty n drug addiction
    deal with drugs frm a health issue perspective instead of a criminal justice perspective

    economic divide/ class division
    jobs n reforms in the employment act, workmans compensation act

    home ownership based on persons income

    poor education system

    repairing the destruction of the bermudian family

    progressive people 20yrs ago put forward social structure reapair solutions…….the same persons in politics now claimed they would fix the problems in bermudas social engineering

    THEY HAVE DONE NOOOOTHING to prevent this long predicted bullet ridden atmosphere frm existing.

    n this is commin frm some one whos not with any party and is pro bermuda n not pro party

    how r the conditions on the ground in bermuda that people are facing on a daily basis based on mis information n confusion…r the dead bodies also part of that mis information n confusion?

    or is it that all plp people r truly disconnected from the conditions on the ground that average bermudians face every day?

    Does joining the PLP lift their members from the realities of the dark side of life in Bermuda?

    cut the BS n fix the system PLP


  64. How come you did not print my comments Mr. Starling. Are you falling into he mode like the rest of Bermuda Blogisphere?

    Seems to be a trend.

    The price will be paid at many’s expense.

  65. @ Rummy – Your posts have not been censored; some were stuck in the spam filter and have since been released. One is being held while I reflect on it in relation to the moderating policy, but that is all.

  66. Black Press,

    You seem to have a lot to contribute electronically and verbally via talk radio. What I can’t understand is why you haven’t been able rally the troops. Have you had your conversation with His Excellency yet?


  67. @ Black Press:

    Silence you!

    LOL, just kidding. I think it is the style of writing that both you and Rummy share somewhat, it seems to catch most of both your posts.

  68. Black press do you think the tone in your text would sit me down? BS? Dark side? I don’t BS and it seems as if that would be what I’d be doing going back and forth with you. I don’t have time for that. When I can set the record straight with the misinformation you seem to feed of I will. Other then that my time is occupied actually doing the work of the people. I know all to well about life on the dark side and I put in work to do something about it in many ways.

    Much of the hardship on this island hits very close to home for me.

    I don’t pretend that the PLP is some big angle of a party with all the answers and can do no wrong. I see it for what it is because I live it. I know who puts in work and who does not. I see what gets done and what does not. I can not waste time talken bout it because I can much better put in work and do something about it. Only a fool would pretend that the PLP Government does nothing and only a fool would pretend that they do everything. I’m no fool I don’t pretend.

    What you need to do is wake up to the fact that lives no fairy tale and everything can’t be fixed with a magic wand and we all live happily ever after. This is real life on every level. The good is mixed with the bad all over. I know that I am doing the work and I know many others who are I know the PLP I see it. I don’t agree 100% with how I live my life so how could I agree 100% with how my party runs this island. Its not possible no matter who runs it.

    All I know is that I’m working as are many of my PLP colleagues on every level. I know what’s getten done and I see why some things are slow getten done but I’m not dumb with it. There are things you must not know.
    Talk to me straight.

  69. Makai,
    You make reference to misunderstanding and misinformation, but this Goverment p[romotes it, despite many Press Officers who are unavailable. Rule 1 for any politician: make friends with the media, do not alienate them.
    Rule 2. Do not ignore the media, and do not take an arrogant stance e.g. refuse to answer because it is a Plantation question.
    Rule 3. Rumours will start and flourish if you ignore Rules 1 and 2.
    Take this evening’s TV News for example. Minister Roban appears to make a statement that contradicts the announcement from the Chief Medical Oficer that no one has died from H1N1. Apparently, according to Minister Roban, it was from H1N1a. Wow, how comforting that Minister Roban’s qualifications put him above the CMO.
    At least Alex Scott was prepared to talk with the media. It is indeed very fortunate for this government that the local media is so soft. If this was the USA or UK they would be destroyed. Does Watergate, or the Monica Lewinsky issue mean anything? i
    If this administration had any sense, or interest in the welfare of the average Bermudian, they would use the media. Unfortunately for the average Bermudian they have been isolated and mislead from knowing what is about to hit them this year.

  70. No furbert others frm the team meet with him …. 🙂

    what i cant understand is since u r de unofficial plp mouthpiece n chief defender y have u not take my numerious contributions, to ya thus far worthless party n central comitee to address real reform in this country instead of kissing up to white establishments by keeping the system in its status quo position

    u can be a real hero furbert…the masses will worship u if u just open your mouth in ya closed door meetings to really help the whats the problem?

    former freedom fighters n black power activists now turned house niggers u all disgust me.

    how things change when u take the vow to serve the queen when one takes office huh?

    are u even capable of addressing issues facing the country furbert?

    oh i 4got theres r no issues in ya eyes ….neva mind

    im really beginning to think the gangs r shooting the wrong people…i wonder if they can be educated so they know who their real enimies are…..the various persons who stand in the way of real reform in BErmuda

    LOL @ starling

    even though my posts r on serious issues i still have a sence of humor

  71. proof is in tha pudding malaki and de pudding is rotten …. blah blah blah

    address my points …. and stop de BS

    my tone shouldnt sit ya down…. the points i list on ya plp performance and hows it adversly affects the people should

    we voted u clowns in to change the system no to keep the status quo

    talk to u straight …lmao wa a joke

    all de work u refer to has been to keep the status quo of the white man u all blame 4 every ting

  72. they r classic definition of house niggers so y edit that out…. holy sh** starling

    do i need to reword that to house negroes instead?

  73. Sorry about the re-post again but I’m going from my BB to cpu and i did not see it posted so i did it again.
    But the fact remains everyone can speak how they feel but i will not waste time talking to anyone who is not truly trying to work towards better. That’s not what I’m here for. I’m sorry if your rules of politics don’t fit me because I’m on a mission to get the people where they need to be, and that’s where they want to be. So you talk I will continue to work. You say no works being done. I see different because my hands are sore from doing the work.

    A little misinformed are you?
    I think you are

  74. Black Press you made no points what you did is take a cry baby approach to listing the hardships that I face also. What do you want me to do? List the things the PLP has done to prevent it or what they are doing to stop it? You already know you have to since you keep so up to date with whats going on. What you want is for me to play your game. Not my style. Why don’t you do me one and tell me what it is you think should be done. What do you think would work? Or is that above your head? Can you only speak on what others are not doing or where they fail? Yes talk to me straight don’t talk to me fake. Like I said I’m got work to do. Don’t you think that you do too? You talk about bodies what are you doing to prevent more bodies? Do you think Government is the single key to fixing that? If you do you are misinformed and a waste of time.

  75. @ wiaruz – Is it an hour fast or slow? I was trying to set it for Bermuda time, but I guess I messed it up, lol.

  76. game? thats tha problem u plp house negros think this is a game.

    my solutions?….read my numerious previous posts in this blog for the listings of my solutions


    ask ya black freedom fighter ms furbert about my solutions shes heard enough of em and read enough of em.

    what am i doing about the bodies…..workin with others who r in de mix to try n stop them frm shootin each other.

    n hoplefully convince dem to start shooting the real people who need to be shot…the persons standing in the way of the nessicary reforms that will change the system and remove the conditions that produce an underclass that ya govt n party takes advantage of continuously

  77. Makai

    “But the fact remains everyone can speak how they feel but i will not waste time talking to anyone who is not truly trying to work towards better”.

    First off, I applaud your sentiments and direction. Seriously.

    The trouble is, your vocalising it the way you do, “feels” at odds with what many see and hear on a daily basis from this Govt.

    It’s perception. Perception can be a killer – if only because of the old adage that perception can become someone’s fact. I don’t subscribe to that – but – there are people who do.

    You know as well as I do, that the perception that many have is that the PLP is no better than the UBP in many respects. The perception is that many expected a significant change in 1998; a change that didn’t happen.

    The perception is for many, that you have had 12 years plus, and in certain areas – nothing has changed. Yes – you have introduced some good things in those years – but the big ones still need addressing.

    One example – education. The PLP has achieved nothing since 1998 in this most critical area. It started with Jennifer Smith saying that education was SO important, that she was going to take charge of it – never happened.

    Since then, Education Ministers have changed faster than my underwear! And still – no improvement.

    Now – we hear of proposed changes, none of which (imho) will materially improve the outcomes of students on leaving school in the short term.

    Now go back to perception. If education is so important to this Govt, why is it that the Premier never appears to be leading the charge on this? He knows what needs to be done – we all do – and he did it when he closed the New York Tourism office, i.e. you need to loose those who no longer have a contribution to make to education.

    You need to slash through the Ministry of Education. It achieves little – is over staffed – costs a fortune and achieves nothing. You need to carefully manage-out the poor teachers. They are part of the problem – they need to go, just as they did from New York Tourism.

    The problem is – it isn’t good for keeping voters – is it?

    So, saying you want to work towards better is fine; now – you need to do it.

  78. @ Mambo – Makai is a friend of mine and has been in the media several times, with the most recent being the Open Mic at Greg’s last weekend. We don’t agree on everything, but have fun disagreeing most of the time, lol. So no, Makai is not a false name.

  79. @ Wiaruz – Okay, the clock should be fixed now. I had thought it automatically corrects for daylight savings, but see that it doesn’t yet. Let me know if it is still off though.

  80. Random observations:

    (1) the PLP perhaps should revisit their way of getting certain information to its members – if things are getting leaked to outside sources that they wish to keep within the party, maybe the emails need to be replaced with verbal cues instead.

    (2) Makai has written many Letters to the Editor of the Gazette, and is seemingly getting more well known in the broader community as a PLP supporter/member. The Gazette perhaps should solicit his view more. Both Jonathan and Davida Morris (and I think David Burt) have contributed to Gazette articles in the past.

    (3) In relation to point 2 above, the Gazette still is perceived as many to be a news source that shows a bias against the current governing party. They could take steps to change this image by allowing each political party to have a weekly column where they can discuss virtually anything that they wish. The columns can be written by a known member, or a party ‘pseudonym’ of sorts in place of a combined party statement.

    (4) In answer to the original question of “Silencing Internal Dissent”, I’ve read the comments here and elsewhere and the letter itself can be read as one of clarifying that party members who deal with media should ensure that they are only speaking for themselves, and that’s fair enough in my opinion. I think the PLP wants to ensure that they maintain an outward voice of being united, “solid”, even, and not get themselves in any kind of public to-and-fro amongst themselves. Of course, MPs still ought to be upfront to their constituents who elected them.

  81. Believe me I AM working towards better.

    The Premier has took the lead in education you see a change in ministers as a total bad thing why not give the benefit of the doubt? Try this on, maybe he made changes to get the right person in to do the job. I agree that education being on of the most important issues has had the least success. (After all I was not allowed back into Cedarbridge because of insufficient credits and therefore had to travel over seas to obtain my high school diploma)But like the Premier said at last Fridays Open Mic everybody wants to see change but when that change is made they get up in arms. Yes get rid of teachers who are not performing but when that teacher is your family member its a whole different story. Then Government is the bad guy. This is a very important issue and it needs to be fixed with a great deal of urgency. It is long over due. I cannot make excuses for why it has not yet been successful but I can defend the work being done to improve it. The first child that the system failed was one to many. I do not have the answer but I trust that the answer is within the Ministry and that answer needs to surface ASAP.

    On other matters the Government has made great improvement. Now that the relationship between the Government Governor and the police is at its best I trust that their work would benefit the community and help crack down on these violent acts. But that is only a small part of it. The community must continue to play a part even when it dies down to prevent it from rising again. There are many programs available to assist with that as far as rehabilitation and social issues. I truly don’t believe that throwing people in jail will fix it all.

    Also this Government has taken great steps to help the lower class and offer a number of survives to assist people where they can. It is not about handouts but all about assisting people to get them where they need to be.

    Now since so many of you have so many ideas. Why not take them to the respective Ministers or speak on that at the many forms that the PLP hold? What good is it doing just leaving them here. I don’t think any of you showed up at the Open Mic on Friday where the Premier Deputy Premier, Minister Burch and Senator Bean were in attendance, You could have put things on the table there and gotten answers to your questions. Take just as much part in the process as you do talking about it.

    I don’t know what that Vanz comment was spose to mean but just as Vanz is a real man I am also. Don’t be childish with it please.

  82. You know John, you talk in riddles. I previously posted something about remarks by Tryangle and have yet to see it published. Makai can come on anytime. Why don’t you just say that “Rummy” is under constant ‘moderation’…….

    You give new meaning to “Tow the line”.

    Anyway, gotta run….2012 and um still diggin this bunker……….

  83. Makai,
    HOTT has been more than accomodating to the PLP view-point and I’d hazard a guess that it reaches more people than any other media member. The Bermuda Sun has also seemingly taken a positive stance on most things PLP in recent times. No?

  84. Looking for a topic but I still feel that it is relevent to post my comment here.

    Why is Walter Roban the Health Minister and not Ewart Brown.

    What are Roban’s medical credentials and field.

    Ah!..I know the answer but can you follow the irony of your thoughts?

    You don’t need a Taxi when you have a $100,000 BMW

    You don’t need Gold when you have Platinum

    Tink about it………

  85. Makai – if by your last post you mean we can see the blinkered paranoia that drives an increasingly small clique surrounding Ewart Brown, then yes, you have been very clear.

  86. Might not agree with everything you believe or have said Makai but at least we know whom you are and you stand your ground.

    That cannot be said of many of our young black men in Bermuda. You don’t seem to be radical but more rational.

    Karma too you young man.

  87. Wow thank you Rummy. I think I might frame that statement from you. Don’t know when I will get another one like that from you. Lol thanks again.

  88. Your welcome son. I have seen the radical and that is part and parcel to where we are now, from all sides.

    Be whom you are and be aware of where you want to go and what lead you too your journey.

    There are many from both sides of the fence and some still sitting on it that you can ask advice of. Heed it all, weigh it ,and I am sure you’ll figure out good measure.

    Best too you.

    El Rummo.

  89. “PS it is the Media that would not make friends with the PLP and that’s the way its always been”

    This statement wreaks of indoctrination.

    While I will agree that the RG does not always paint the PLP government in a positive light, you have to accept, the PLP government does not do itself any favours in many of these cases. The newspaper is a business and will print what sells, and the government news sells papers, especially when you have a controversial leader and a body that actually employs a very large chunk of the population.

    Now, if you ask Bill Zuill does he have a bias, he will, not unexpectedly say “no”. I do wonder if everythign was rosy and Bill Zuill only had positive stories to print about the PLP government, would he then have a bias in the other direction? He is printing it as HE sees it, now the obvious solution, if I was a PLP member is try to find out why, talk to Bill Zuill and keep an open mind and see if there is any way to clear the lines of communication. Why don’t they do this? They try to discredit and villainize the paper, rather than deal with the situation. They spend more time on damage control than communicating. “If someone disagrees, they are against us”, is the message we see over and over again. They call war on the paper. They cheer when a local business has to fold. I put it to you that DR. Brown has been far more antagonistic and combative without he press than any other leader, why is that? There are many leaders that have been caught with their pants down and none have declared ‘war’.

    The Sun appears to be a little more measured in it’s approach, they have seen what has been done with the RG and it also has a lot more to lose.

    Then we have HOTT107.5, essentially party owned and operated, guaranteed to be biased, and that is OK. Why is it not OK for a paper to lean in the other direction? It creates a balance, and we get views from both sides. I believe, even then we don’t get the whole story, but we have to take it in and decide for ourselves based on our experiences and knowledge what to make of it.

    Makai, you seem like a level headed young man, which leads me to believe there is hope for the future, but please try to look at all the perspectives before coming to that kind of conclusion. It you still come up with that, well so be it, we will have to agree to disagree.

    But all I ask is rather than condemn the media every time a disparaging article comes out, deal without he problem, not the messenger. Surely the media cannot be that way off base EVERY time, I have found that usually, when there is smoke, there is fire.

    But keep in mind that if this were anywhere else, in comparison, the media here keeps its kid gloves firmly on.

    As for education, knowing what I know about Mr James, I doubt he is the ideal candidate for the MoEd job, and he is most likely relying on others around him for input and solutions. Very expensive studies and reports continue to go ignored, and more are commissioned. We all know what the problems are, let’s get down to the solutions. Dr. Brown was correct, “everybody wants to see change but when that change is made they get up in arms. Yes get rid of teachers who are not performing but when that teacher is your family member its a whole different story.”

    No, it is not a different story, they have to go, for the sake of the children, we as Bermudians must recognise that. the MoEd is not a social programme to employ failed teachers. And it is not just the teachers, the administration is so top heavy, it is no wonder it is toppling over. Now Dr. Brown has acknowledged this, will they have the political will to see it through. Or at the end of the day will it all come down to votes…you see, that is why the system is failing…

    Thanks for the input, I look forward to hearing more from you, and expect big things from you in the future.

  90. Following on from Letariatpro’s post, simply put, the “media” is biased in the view of the reader, watcher or listener whenever it prints or broadcasts a view point that does not match yours. Another example – ever compared driver statements following a traffic collision? You wouldn’t believe it was the same accident. Is the RG biased? Provide examples. Many have levelled the same charge but then cannot back it up. At least media are controlled to the extent that if they print or broadcast false statements they can be sued. Parliamentary privilege provides a safe guard for politicians – a bit one sided really.
    As I said previously, get the media on your side as best you can. What do all the Press Secretaries do by the way? They rarely respond to requests for comment, so what is their purpose?

  91. Letariapro, your quote may be exact but your of the mark with your first sentence in your last comments.

    “Indoctrination”? I don’t have to write an article like you did above.

    When you relate to all of the above persons, I suggest you put your ax down. You did extend a hand to the young man.

    I suggest you meet in person and make it personal and real. Until then, nothing will change.

    And I’m not a fraid to pen my name. Only becuase I am tired of the crap that goes on and the hidding and sometimes pats on the back, then a stab here and there.

    Nothing will happen as I have said a thousand times before until this crazy game of I know more than you and this needs to be done.

    I can imagine some of the meetings of bloggers……Oh detz Smokes…oh dets Co..oh detz gooby googby or detz……..but don’t tell knowone………………….

    Stand up or shut up.

    Terry Cabral. aka the Rummy and all the other names you call me………………………

    A great day too all.

  92. “Biased” also applies to your comments and mine and others that don’t match whether in print or vocal according too you.

    Thats a new take and I can see where your comming from.

    You want “examples”. Well Robby…we all can’t afford Saul Froomkin like you. But guess what ole boy……………we will make it. If others don’t get your drift, I sure as hell do.

  93. Got no axe rummy, just stating it as I see, only my opinion.

    Perhaps I will meet them, who knows.

    Time will tell on the rest.

    I think one thing we all have in common is that we care what happens to this place. So not all is lost.

  94. Crymson…yah good bye……

    Reply #35 on the thread about Hamilton and St. George re the consultants fees et al………………

    Were you authorised to make that comment/statement?

    Tink about it………………………..Bawahahahaaaaaaa………..

  95. Sal you can kiss my ***. I do not get paid to do anything you have accused me of and I have not done any of them. Get your facts straight. I just brought a bike from a good friend for a good price, I paid for it out of my hard earned money.(Yes from bar tending) Before then I caught the bus to every meeting or place I had to be if not given a ride. Do not try to discredit my opinion by claiming I am on some kind of sick pay roll. That shows me that you are weak and without any grounds for your words. Shut up talking about me and keep me out of your mouth. John please post this as he needs to read it.

    {Edited slightly by moderator 1.26 5:35pm}

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