Bermuda Assistance For Haiti

Bermuda is mobilising some of its resources to assist with the recovery efforts in Haiti. In a statement by Dr. Brown yesterday it was announced that:

The Minister of Labour, Home Affairs and Housing, Lieutenant Colonel David Burch last evening requested His Excellency the Governor and the Commanding Officer of the Bermuda Regiment to identify volunteers for a possible humanitarian mission to Haiti under the auspices of CARICOM.

Additionally, other Ministry resources are being identified should the need arise.

Haiti has already suffered the effects of powerful hurricanes in 2008 and it continues to grapple with economic misfortunes of a high order. It is all the more urgent that support is necessary now.

It is said that much is expected from those to whom much is given. Notwithstanding some of our present difficulties, we in Bermuda are fortunate to be in a position to help.

When it is clearer what help we can give as a community in the days and weeks ahead, I will be asking you to respond with Bermuda’s usual generosity. We expect that we may be able to offer help with shelter, food, clothing and medical supplies, along with financial donations.

We will be in contact with CDEMA (Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency) and PAHO (the Pan American Health Organization) who are coordinating efforts in the wake of this terrible disaster.

Haiti, despite its present difficulties, has an extraordinary history of resilience in the face of natural and man-made disasters. We know that their resiliency will carry them forward at this time. We are grateful that we are able to offer our support.

The Red Cross has set up accounts at HSBC Bermuda (Bank of Bermuda) and the Bank of Butterfield to which donations can be made to support emergency response operations of the Haiti Red Cross.

You may also make donations to Yéle Haiti (formerly the Wyclef Jean Foundation). Wyclef Jean started Yéle Haiti as a movement to help bring hope to Haiti.

Additionally, for those that can spare some change, the Bermuda Red Cross has arranged the following methods of giving financial assistance:

You can donate to the Red Cross of Bermuda by phone, via bank transfer and by mail:

Bank of Bermuda, 010-187417-011
Bank of Butterfield, 20-006-060-663859-200
Call Red Cross at 236.8253 with debit/credit card details
Mail cheque payable to “Haitian Earthquake Appeal Fund” to:
Bermuda Red Cross, Charleswood, 9 Berry Hill Rd., Paget DV 03

Yele Haiti
is a charitable organisation set up by the musician Wyclef Jean, who has now arrived in Haiti to assist with the rescue efforts, and he has asked for people to also make donations to this charity to help with recovery efforts there.

Regional aid to Haiti is also mobilising, with Cuba having set up field hospitals in Port-au-Prince, Venezuela has sent rescue and medical teams, Caricom efforts are being organised from Jamaica, with the vanguard having arrived in Haiti yesterday. Brazil, China, Taiwan, France and the UK have also sent initial rescue teams, and the US is sending troops, Coast Guard and US naval ships to help coordinate the efforts. I believe they are also sending a hospital ship.

The Bermuda Regiment has some experience in post-disaster recovery efforts in the region, with the most recent operations being in Cayman and Greneda after they were hit by hurricane Ivan a few years ago. I wouldn’t send the recruits in boot camp right now, but whatever soldiers they can send should be helpful.


5 thoughts on “Bermuda Assistance For Haiti

  1. Are we (Bermuda) really donating the use of a 12 seat aircraft? Not to belittle the need of Haiti, but this is strange, or a typo – I am leaning to the former.

    “Pledges of support have been coming from our CDEMA Participating States; Partners and other countries in the Region. So far these include:

    1. US$1 Million dollar donation by The Republic of Guyana.

    2. The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is deploying a team comprising of Disaster Medical and search and rescue personnel.

    3. The Government of Saint Lucia, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago and University of the West Indies Jamaica have all pledged aid in the form of services for the affected state.

    4. The Government of Bermuda has offered a twelve seater aircraft.

    5. Grenada is reaching out to the Grenada Diaspora for donations of water and transportation of such to Haiti.

    6. The Grenada Broadcasting Television has also schedule a telethon for Monday 18th January 2010.

    7. The government of the Virgin Islands is offering to deploy a Search and Rescue team.

    8. The Government of Barbados has established a mechanism for the coordination of national relief efforts and has identified military personnel to support the Community’s response.

    9. A Jamaica Defence Force vessel with technical, medical and military personnel and relief supplies is being deployed to Haiti. “

  2. I don’t know but I reckon the Government has had a plane made available to it for this purpose and that it is not that the Government actually owns such a plane. At the moment though I see the priority as getting help to the people of Haiti and we can score points later. I’m not saying you are trying to score points, but its just not something I see worth investigating until later. There is quite a bit that needs saying about the aid and its future repercussions – as well as why Haiti was in the problems it was even before this event – and I am writing an article on that now.

  3. The government’s silence on the plane speaks volumes. Colonel Burch was correct to offer the services of the Regiment. Other financial contributions are also warranted. But if the international agencies know about this plane, why don’t we?

    Personally, I think it was a miscommunication and the plane is from a local IB group, and the donor was misconstrued. But if that is the case, surely they could make a statement?

  4. There is also a fund raiser on Thursday from 6-10 pm at Bermuda Bistro @ the Beach All u Can Eat Buffet featuring BBQ Ribs, Curried Chicken, Bermuda Tuna Noodle Casserole and much more for only $ 19.95 . I expect a big crowd so come join the fun !!!

  5. The plane was offered and financed by a local IB company who notified the government of their intentions to hopefully speed up any red tape if they needed to ship out supplies and technicians – the govt had nothing to do with it but strangely seemed to take credit for it.

    They still persist in linking the dubious claims of the Wyclef “charity” – I guess star power trumps due diligence – and anyone who recalls the dodgy black hole that was the THE debacle might think that EB has a blind spot when looking at ethically challenged “charity” ventures.

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