The Leaked Cabinet Memo

As most readers now the Government had put a temporary injunction on the RG concerning a story they were going to print. A Supreme Court judge lifted that injunction, and the RG has now published their story. Basically it seems that a Cabinet memo concerning the purchase of some office buildings in Hamilton, particularly the old Swan building on Victoria Street (opposite the Marketplace there), was leaked to the RG.

After reading through the story I have to admit that I am at a bit of a loss why the Government even bothered to try and prevent the publication of the story. It really does strike me as a waste of time and political capital on the part of the Government. At best I reckon it was the principle of keeping Cabinet documents secret, you know, not wishing to set a precedent for future Cabinet documents.

I have to admit I was expecting something alot more juicy than this, even if this relevation has some interesting aspects all the same.

I agree with Minister Burgess’s argument about relocating Government offices out of rented buildings in order to reduce long-term costs. I don’t have a problem with that at all, in fact I think it is a good idea. In fact, that was, afterall one of the reasons behind the new Court building, at least as I understood it. So I’m cool with that bit of the memo.

I do however seriously question why the focus was on the Swan building and to a lesser degree the old Bank of Bermuda building on Par-la-Ville. For starters, the price of $25 million for the Swan building, which must be at least thirty years old now, is seriously overpriced, especially in our current economic climate. Then again, I’m certainly not an expert on the costs of these office buildings, but I seriously get the feeling that Government would be getting ripped off in this deal.

Secondly, if Government really wanted to save costs over the long-term, as well as help stimulate the economy, it seems to me it would make much more sense for Government to commission a brand new building. Doing so would help the construction industry as other works dry up, thus helping a good number of Bermudian workers who may otherwise be facing unemployment or reduced wages otherwise. Also, a brand new building could be custom-built for Government’s requirements, as well as take advantage of new energy-saving technologies. The new building could also be used to help invigorate otherwise depressed areas of the City, or even outside of the City altogether.

Simply buying these old buildings will see only a transfer of public monies to the already rich, whereas constructing a new building could distribute monies more fairly, help with stimulating the economy and help reduce the threat of unemployment for many workers.

Again, I have no problem with moving Government offices out of privately owned buildings to save costs, but I am surprised at the consideration of the two buildings involved. Granted, constructing a brand new building will undoubtedly cost more initially than purchasing the Swan or Bank of Bermuda building, and will increase government debt, but at least such construction can help stimulate the economy and help secure jobs.


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  1. I concur with your comments about not buying existing buildings but building new. Unfortunately as most know and understand there is no money for such projects because so much has been squandered on other projects, overspending on tourism failures and the looting of reserves in the good times rather than adding to those reserves for the predicted recession. Now would the ideal time to undertake capital construction projects including the hospital but the Island’s bank account is already severely in overdraft. Jobs are going in all sectors, but not making headlines. Once the downturn really kicks in next year and the receipts drop further the borrowing cap will rapidly close in on 10% of reduced GDP. This is the fiscal prudence that the Government kept boasting about? Fiscal recklessness more like.

  2. For the first time in the history of Bermuda, a cabinet document has been leaked to the press. The fact of the matter is under collective responsibility, it the cabinet agreed to the purcahse, the public would have been informed anyway.

    There used to be a law in Bermuda against receiving stolen property, but I guess that only applies to certain people. Even under PATI legislation, cabinet documents would not be available to the public until after 30 years.

    As I see, this is just another example of how low the Royal Gazette will stoop to try and destroy the PLP. Of course, I don’t expect anybody on this thread to agree with me.

    But gone are the days when government offices were housed in buildings owned by government MPs. I guess that might kind of upsetting to some people.

    In my opinion, it’s like someone looking in another person’s bedroom window and telling the public what they saw. Nasty!!

  3. Nasty – maybe. But necessary whether we are talking PLP – UBP or any other P for that matter.

    You’re right, no one will agree with you. The sad thing is that I haven’t talked to anyone – or seen any blog – that shows understanding as to why the Govt felt it necessary to spend my taxes on seeking and injunction on this issue.

    Such action simply suggests that there is something to hide.

    In the final analysis, it comes back to the fact that the UBP was not trusted, and neither is the PLP.

    Simple really.

  4. Ms Furbert,
    You imply that The Royal Gazette was in possession of stolen property. Why? Here’s how things played out. Some members of Government suggested that Government buy the Swan building. This idea was discussed in numerous e-mails between more than half a dozen people and Cabinet. If one of those people, who legitimately received such an e-mail then passed it on to a third party, be it The Gazette or anyone else, where has a theft taken place?
    Furthermore, in what way was this an attempt by The Royal Gazette to destroy the Government? Again, Government is kicking around the idea of spending $25 million of taxpayer cash on a building. The Gazette learns of this and, believing it is in the public’s interest (it is their money after all), wishes to let the public know about it. Could you tell me why you don’t think the public should know about it?

  5. LaVerne, you will never get it will you. You gather, sort, edit your own paper. Natrually it is biased towards your goals and that of the BIU and the PLP.

    Yet you constantly attack William Zuill et al not always by name.

    How much they pay you. Is that you really replying? I think not but a compilation of spin ‘ductors’……………

    Confused is your staple word especially when it comes to people of colour.

    I’m sure you’ll be out over the holidays, out and about with no fear.

    Have a safe and pleseant 25th.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  6. Bermuda is a corrupt tax haven that oppresses poor people with real estate poverty and violent crime. Where is tyhe income for John Swans $25 million sales receipt. Blame the US and UK government for alowing a corrupt tax haven to exist in Bermuda.

  7. The US and UK visitors should be banned from Bermuda for allowing this corrupt tax structure to destroy poor people. We need a socialist government.

  8. Laverne, I’m sure we’ll hear much more about the leaked memo over the next few weeks. If nothing else it will allow the powers that be a way to direct attention away from the crime situation (and anything else that they don’t want us to focus on) but, more importantly, it demonstrates the importance of introducing whistle blower protection legislation to the island.

    I can’t help but wonder why this particular memo was the subject of so much interest – the merits of the real estate transaction aside, why would someone knowingly place themselves at risk over something that appears so innocuous and why would government go to the trouble of obtaining an injunction to block publication of a story about such a non-event? Obviously the courts didn’t feel the subject of the memo was such that the Gazette had to be prevented from publishing it – to the extent that the memo was obtained via illegal means (“unethical but not illegal” doesn’t count as has been demonstrated before) it would have been a lot easier to apprehend the guilty party if no fuss had been raised.

  9. Laverne,

    Are there any circumstances when you would say that it is justified to leak confidential Government documents?

  10. Only when 12 more Uighurs are being brought in ‘The Truth’.

    If Cabinet says it’s Platinum and the RG says it’s Gold the only way to find out is to follow the yellow brick road……..

  11. I agree with Blankman in that I am surprised someone went and risked their career over leaking this memo. It is an interesting story, but it is hardly something astounding.

    Minister Burgess had spoken about the idea moving government offices into a government owned building just after the Throne Speech. And as I said above I think that in itself was/is a good idea, although I question whether the Swan Building is worth it.

    I too support the addition of Whistleblower Legislation, and I do think Cabinet minutes should be available to the public, although I can understand the argument about keeping them confidential for a set period of time, and could agree to a 15 year limit.

  12. Had the memo been a Cabinet minute, then an injunction would have been justified. Obviously it was not seen by the judge to be such breach. Looking at the meat of the matter, and based on a present rental income of $1.9m the normal return around 6% of value, the value should be approx $20m, not $25m. Factor in the age of the building, repairs, maintenance, upgrades and the like, plus the cost to finance, then to pay $25m is way too much. No wonder the Minister of Finance said no. Which leads me on to the state of the islands finances. If the person controlling the money says no, and I don’t see any great financial minds in the present Cabinet, then the others should pay attention. More proof of the reason for the qualified Auditor’s opinion maybe?
    Meanwhile this whole issue has been blown out of proportion. To have the police investigate the matter takes them away from much more pressing issues, but maybe that was the plan all along?

  13. After reading the article in the Royal Gazette, it’s not difficult to figure who the civil servant was who passed the information on to the Royal Gazette. Why this person would risk his career is beyond me. If Cabinet had agreed, the matter would have been public knowledge anyway.

    As I see it the judge’s reasoning for allowing the Royal Gazette to share the document with the public was flawed because VSB had already aired a contrived story.

    Whether it was a cabinet minute, memo, or anything else, the civil servant needs to be found and dismissed simply because he can no longer be trusted. Unless of course you all think that the civil servant and the editor of the Royal Gazette should be the only ones to decide what the public has a right to know.

    I wonder how Mr. Zuill would feel if someone leaked information about what happens in the Bda. Press Holding Ltd.’s board meetings.

    Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter how you spin it and in this case the civil servant was wrong. Of course the police should investigate it, just like they investigate any other crime.

  14. The Truth,

    I believe that if a civil servant feels it necessary to leak confidential Government documents, he should have the courage of his convictions and resign his position. The civil servants at the level who had privy to the information are very highly paid and the one who leaked the information is still be highly paid. What other information can we expect him to leak to Sam Strangeways?

  15. Must have been a confused negro who leeked it.

    Spin Laverne spin……………………….detz ok dear…………it’s a cultrual thing………………………

  16. Robert Bryce,

    Do you think only Bill Zuill and Sam Strangeways should know who leaked the document. Or do you think the people have a right to know?

  17. You know who leaked it, and that Bill Zuill and Sam Strageways know? Well in that case you have a duty to inform the police and save them wasting valuable time and manpower so they can go back to the real issues rocking the island. With your instinct presumably you must also know who sent the bullet to Ewart Brown and who planted the “forged” cheques in the new Court House building file? Or maybe not, nor does anyone else apparently. Such enquiries can be very embarrassing sometimes when the result is inconvenient.
    Anyway as you have stated on many occasions, your view is that the Gazette doesn’t print the truth so this whole issue of the memo must be untrue.

  18. @ LaVerne – I think people will caution not to shoot the messenger and instead focus on the message. As I’ve said above, I don’t really see why the leak thought this was so important to justify leaking, so I am curious what the individual was thinking.

  19. I don’t see why cabinet minutes would need to be held classified for more than a 3 or 4 year period.

    As for the memo, I think we all know why it was leaked. We can play dumb and wonder(because of course we have no proof or confirmation), but really it is a waste of conjecture.

    As in every situation of this sort the government expends more energy on the plugging of leaks than the actual problems of the island.

  20. Ms. Furbert,
    There is a major difference between decisions/actions of Government being made public and decisions/actions of Bermuda Press Holdings’ board meetings being made public.
    Bermuda Press Holdings is a private company accountable only to its shareholdres. Government is a public enterprise accountable to all of us.
    I’d aso like to echo Jonathan’s remarks concerning your readiness to shoot the messanger. For a supposed journalist (and I use the term very lossely) you seem to have a distorted view on government accountability and public access to information.


    Nothin wrong with govt buying a building to consolidate….the problem is however…25 million should be going to the people to support them during this recession.

    THE WHISTLE BLOWER DID A GOOD DEED by protecting the public purse n the intrests of the people.



  22. The fact that such a great effort was made through the courts to keep this information from the public is troubling indeed, and has shades of the Government appealing to the Privy Council in another case, at the taxpayers expense no less.
    Obviously Cabinet must discuss confidential matters, but in this case to send it to the courts is plain stupid and breeds suspicion. It would have made sense to issue a press release outlining the facts and move on. Cox has finally shown that she has a backbone, simply by saying no. Better late than never I guess, but she must continue!
    On the other hand, if a crime was committed by revealing this information, it is a matter for the Police to deal with, not finger pointers.

  23. As someone said on one of the talk shows yesterday, maybe cabinet meetings should be held in Par-La-Ville Park. Bermuda could set the example and Britain could follow suit and hold their cabinet meetings at Trafalgar Square.

  24. Whilst no doubt tongue in cheek Ms Furbert, I think that’s an excellent idea.

    If you think about it logically, what possibly can there be to hide?

  25. Laverne

    If you think that Ewart Brown could survive a week with the sort of scrutiny that British politicians face then you are off your meds again.

    Of course that would be moot as in the UK he’d be disbarred from politics and possibly subject to serious charges for such scams as his pay to play shenanigans. Lets not even wanda what happened to the THE cash….

  26. Ms Furbert,
    A straight question for you. As a member of the PLP and BIU why are you not horrified by the proposed payment of $25m to the UBP ex Premier? Would it not be better spent by awarding contracts to smaller unionised contractors, properly supervised to avoid another Pro Active fiasco, and help the working class by building a new purpose built office?

  27. “it’s not difficult to figure who the civil servant was who passed the information on to the Royal Gazette.”

    Why do you assume it was a civil servant? It could just as likely have been a member of Cabinet.

  28. Laverne,

    As Mambo points out, EFB wouldn’t survive for a week given the sort of scrutiny that UK politicians are routinely subject to.

    In addition to digging into the “normal” political news, and looking for any signs of transgressions, regardless of how small, Fleet Street would have a gay old time (pun intended) outing MP’s, regardless of their political affiliation, and rumours of affairs, abortions, and the like would be front page headlines.

    Here the press is remarkably restrained, gentle even, where our politicians are concerned.

  29. Hypothetically…

    If you were a senior Cabinet Minister who was increasingly disenchanted with your ethically challenged spendthrift Premier who’s actions were steadily trashing your reputation and chance of taking the top job when he “retires” you might leak a memo indicating a lack of support for a back-room sweetheart deal that rescues an over-leveraged speculator from insolvency.

    or maybe not.

  30. I recall when I worked at the Treasury when Blair’s son was caught drunk and disorderly in Leicester Square and the PM was pilloried as a poor parent and unfit to govern.

    Imagine if he had been caught in flagrante with a local news reporter and had his official car wrecked by an outraged and cuckolded spouse with a cricket bat (for example).

  31. Robert Bryce,

    What’s the difference between buying a property from a former UBP Premier and renting from several current UBP members?

    And, do you know any unionised contractors? It’s workers that are unionised not companies. But it’s nice to see you are concerned about the working class.

    But I know if the memo had contained information that government was looking to purchase a property and build on it the reaction would be the same on this site.

  32. FWIW, parliament is already open to the public when the house is in session. Cabinet is not. Meeting out in the open would just allow for more people to watch, but I don’t think attendance would be that high. You can only tolerate so much kindergarten behaviour.

    Some Hansard minutes of procedures would be most helpful, for both Cabinet and Parliament records. The maximum time for keeping Cabinet documents sealed should be one year less than the period between fixed elections (sure as hell not 30 years). That way, voters could actually have the information to make informed decisions. Whether they use that information, well…

  33. LaVerne…………….”Workers that are unionised………….Bawahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Name the ‘Union’ or unions…………………….

    How much dey pey yoo………….?

    FFP……………………bet your the Chief organiser of that……………

    What the differance between the BBC and the BBC…………………………………………..define BBC,…………………..

    Your spin on unions and bussiness is why we are where we are today.

    Poor related Saxon families who only knew how too……………

    Happy New Ewart Year…………….Co and company…………….

  34. do you know any unionised contractors? It’s workers that are unionised not companies.

    Laverne, hate to tell you but the term “unionized” is used to apply to both employees and employers.

    But it’s nice to see that you’re so concerned about the workers that don’t see any problem with government contracting with non-union companies.

  35. Ms Furbert,
    You responded to my straight question as true politician would and to me clearly showed that you, like this so called Labour Party, don’t give a damn about the workers. To nit pick about my reference to unionized companies versus workers says it all. By the way, I haven’t seen any announcement from the Police that the person allegedly leaking this document has been identified, so you are either lying, harbouring a criminal or don’t know. A true and loyal party member.

  36. the biu is NOT concerned about the working conditions of bermuda…IF THEY WERE THEY WOULD BE DOING A WHOLE LOT MORE TO LOBBY THEIR PLP PALS TO FIX THE CONDiTIONS ON THE GROUND..that have been left to fester and has produced the underclass that is currently involved in the recent events of social backlash..THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THE WORKING POOR


    THE 6 million bribe the union took = makes them now meaningless as the voice for workers cause they have been castrated by their PLP friends and dont even know it.

    PS ..most people with a fully working brain can see right through u BIU and PLP n UBP people 🙂



  37. You’re all correct:
    1. The Government should make it compulsory for all companies, including banks, insurance companies, department stores, etc. ect. to become unionised and pay the BIU dues to increase the Union’s income.

    2. Cabinet minutes should be open to the public after a year.

    3. The BIU has no concern for the workers of Bermuda, only its administrative staff.

    4. There should be fixed elections in Bermuda, at least while the PLP is in power.

    5. Black Press should be appointed as the next Premier of Bermuda and Rummy, Robert Bryce, Blankman and mambo chazbaps should be appointed to serve in his cabinet. That way Bermudians can be assured that the country will be run well.

  38. “serve in his cabinet”………

    LaVerne, surely you jest. The last thing I want is to be there. I’ve been out of the ‘closet’ for a very long time. The last time I peeked in the ‘cabinet’….it was bare.

    Old mother Bermuda went to the cabinet to find it was bare and full of termites…………………………

    Have a blessed holiday and remember…only you can prevent forest fires.

    Merrrrrrrrry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho and ah buttle uv of Bleckrum………………………..

  39. Cedar beams, pay to play, THE cash, stem cell clinics – Vanz, the guy has some back catalogue.

    We could do a Best of Ewart Brown dvd with a picture of a mangled golf club and GP1 on the cover.

  40. Mambo Chazbaps,

    I like good in all colours.


    Hopefully Black Press will appoint you as his Minister of Justice (and Truth).

  41. Minister of Truth would be great. That way, I could and would expose much and use PATI and FOI. But better keep it too that for now. Would’nt want a counter suit of libel or slander right now.

    But be sure of thing LaVerne you will not be surprised in March 2010 when Mel Aytons book comes out. Maybe a memory of days gone bye when things were such.

    The title has been changed due to Global Warming……………

    Be safe sweety and ejoy the Christmas spirit along with all your fellow Bermudians.


  42. Rummy,

    I can’t wait to read Mr. Ayton’s book. I hope he was able to get all of the photographs he was looking for.

  43. Even without all the photo’s Laverne the truth is still the truth.

    We have no phot’s of the Romans nor the Vikings but they left enough so that it is all in place.

    Also, all the atrossities of the German killing machine were never photgraphed but we all know from ‘documentation’ that they did occur.

    History can be really revealing especially when one takes part in it’s course whether from the inside or just as a viewer.

    Next time you see Smoking Gun tell them I said hello.

  44. “Petty BS”….Whats that. Last time I looked the Workers did not have much of a voice, especially ones of the lighter shade of pale……………….

    Oh well…………2010……….The revenge of the “Pink Panther”…………………………

    Gotta run……………………

  45. That’s your opinion Rummy. Some people love to read the Workers Voice. At least those people that offer their opinion don’t hide behind a name like “Rummy”.

  46. Most of the opinions in the Workers Voice are those from ‘rummies’. And opinions are like rummies LaVerne….everyone has one, knows one, is related too one and speaks too one everyday.

    Now go and gather for the workers. It’s gonna be a long cold bloody winter…………………..

  47. Just in case the rest of your comrades on here don’t know, the regular contributors to the Workers Voice are:

    Calvin Smith
    Alvin Williams
    Eugene Stovell
    LaVerne Furbert

    All of the above are respected by the majority of the readers. Those of who post here, including yourself, are the minority and your opinions are the minority. All you do is whine, whine, whine. You’ve all been whining for 11 years now.

  48. Ah Ms. Furbert….you keep reminding us of the fact that we are the minority.

    Rub it in some more. Sometimes you don’t even fathom the contents of your words.

    No wonder there are so many confused “negros”.

    But then again, not as many as you think only because they do care and are active in the community and the welfare of their charge.

    Now go have a rum…………………………..this record is getting old.

    Ps. For a fee I can write articles for you and the Workers Voice that may help bridge gaps.

    (anything paid me will be under the Cabinet…I mean table)- then again ..people will ask me “How much they paying you Rummy”. I will only say and will be my standard that ” Not much at all, I do it for the workers”.

    Remember…this is Hug a Rummy week. Give them some change and a blanket or direct them too the nearest shelter. Do your part, and be smart…………………….

  49. Rummy,

    The number of people who post on this and other sites in Bermuda are in the minority, just as the number of people who write letters to the editor or call talk radio are in the minority, meaning the majority of people do not publicly express their opinion.

    You are correct, there are many confused negros in Bermuda, but they’re getting less and less confused. At least most now understand that Sir Henry Tucker was part of the oligargy.

    You seem to know a lot about being paid under the table.

  50. I accept the nomination to be the leader of the plp.

    As leader I will do what 10 yrs of failed leadership had been unable to produce…fundamental forward change in the UBP status quo that the former plp leaders have strived to protect.

    Thanks you for your vote of confidence MS furbert. I am glad to see that you have been able to absorb my numerious ideas and concepts for change in Bermuda, and have become humble enough to nominate me.

    I have my own team to put in place though.

    I will spread word of your vote of confidence far and wide


  51. Black Press,

    I would never nominate you for the leadership of the PLP. I think that you need to have your own party. The PLP is too backward for you. You’re a real visionary, and with your charisma, you will have people following you.

    All power to you and your people!!!

  52. “All of the above are respected by the majority of readers.”
    Just wondering how that conclusion was reached!

  53. LaVerne, how much do you get under the table? Or do you do above and on the table.

    And what Sir Heny Tucker has to do with I have no clue. The gentleman has been deceased for many years and did his best to promote growth.

    Your chain saw company has dwindled the growth to no more than mere weeds.

    Get over it. Your race card will not be eligable for the Bermuda 400. You have already poissened the tank and sensored the viewers.

    You have a mouth but your tongue needs a culling when it comes to racist comments about Mr. Tucker.

    Gangsters comes in many forms Sir. Henry was a member of a gang you bett yah. No1 gangster that flaunted his knowledge of how to make things better without the whip thats need for a ‘spinning top’.

    Now, thats one honkey as you would say. Don’t even get me started on the Black People that paved the way that today are as you call them “Confused Negros”.

    As I stated prior, just walk out your office which is now closed and feel the love and spread some warmth to the workers and the ones that walk the street because they feel left out.

    Good thing John Starling was’nt black (is’nt) ..more meat for the grinder.

    ‘Vee hav vays uv makin yoo tawk”……………….then again, your voice overwelms. Does it not?

    Now, go have a drink at the ‘Chilly Hall’ and report back too the police all suspicious activity that a good citizen would do.

    Workers unite……………only you can prevent miss fires…………..

  54. Hey Rummy,

    I’ve been paid enough to purchase a house here in Bermuda, one for my son that lives in California and other for my son that lives in England. Additionally, I am able to pay for my son’s school fees now that he has gone back to school. By the way, I paid for both my sons to do their first and second degrees with the money that I’ve been getting under the table.

    Now, I’m trying to decide what to do with my Christmas bonus. On one hand I feel donating it to the Sunshine League because one of my sons did a lot of volunteer work there, but on the other hand I just love Eileen Fisher and Calypso has so many nice things there.

    I’m surprised that you didn’t understand my reference to Sir Henry Tucker. I thought you were a top cop. Put on your thinking cap and maybe it will hit you as to why I referred to him. And, I’ve only referred to one person as a confused negro.

    By the way, the last time I heard anyone use the term “honkey” I was living in Toronto and that was over 40 years ago.

    And guess what, as you were writing your post I was actually out there on the street, spreading my love to some of the people who walk the street. They all know me and refer to me as “Ms. Furbert”. They have much respect for me.

    Now I’m going to watch the news on my 50 foot flat screen t.v. that I was able to purchase through the money I received under the table. But first I have to decide if I’ll watch the one in my bedroom, my den, my theatre or my living room.

    Check you later.

  55. Yes, black press, that is a confession. Do you want to get in on the deal – that is, accepting money under the table like I do? Are you into Eileen Fisher? Or would you prefer to shop at Coopers Man? There is enough “under the table money to go around”. What’s you style This “under the table money” can take you to New York, London, Los Angeles or whereever else you woull like to shop. Reading your posts, I think you would prefer Banana Republic.

    Also, by now you must be ready for your own crib. Why share with family and friends when you can get some of the under the table money and live on your own like I do?

  56. what people dont realise is theres always a price paid for the easy road ms furbert…..including loss of personal integrety …aka cant look in the mirror for tool long ….or one has become exactly what they were once fighting against.

    IE the “PLP IS OUT UPBING THE UBP” …Jullian hall b4 he sold out n died

    and thats what we see up n down the rank n file of the plp

    former freedom fighters and social activists selling out….exploiting the peoples problems for economic gain while comming with that old Bs about change takes time.

    u lot actually have the nerve to brag about your time in the trenches and your days in the street way back in the day and your anti government or freedom fighting or black power militancy….and convinved the people that if u lot could get in we can infiltrate the system n make change from within.

    what u lot didnt tell the people was what form of change u were lookin for …the money…prestiege ..and being recognised in the street like u said earlier. nothing but ego and greed…..and nothing of substance that the people of the island want but did not articulate cause of the blind trust people put behind a party

    With all ya time in opposition…. all ya time in the streets claiming to be connected to the various peoblems back then that still effect us now….all the time in control u lot have done NOTHING to reform bda so that the underclass wont exist and we as a community would not be facing the social backlash via these gangs.

    and whats even more alarming is the potential truth behind recent comments that this whole gang violence is just a plot engineered by and for the govt to get control of the police and rail road in new laws that bring in big brother and erodes the civil liberties of bermudians under the constitution.

    and eventually bermudians will politically mature and that will spell the downfall of political parties and the BIU,

    cause it will be thru political maturity that bermudians will realise …we dont need you political parties to secure social justice we can do that our selves.

    and with real social justice operating…there will be no need for the biu cause the workers will have their rights protected from the outset by the government.

    u race pimps and used car salesmen political nut balls time is rapidly comming to an end and u r not better that drug dealers.

    u just sell a different drug politricks

    so u and ya peers enjoy ya ill gotten gains
    just remember u cant take it with you
    the meek shall inherit de earth

  57. “Live on your own like I do”.

    You gott det right girlfriend…………………..You are on your own in Liberty Theatre with your fifty foot screen……………..

    Toronto eh. Looks like you have ‘advanzed’………………

    You can spin all you want LaVerne but guess what. You won’t do it on my dime………………..the workers give you enough as it is……………….

    Now back too the streets. Just by the post directed at me and Sir Henry I can tell that you still are reaching out. If you bite your tongue your hand may be accepted. Are you related to UE? Attention is a bummer.

    Government has a programe for people in need and I think you need councel. Brake the chains of the bond you think that holds you back.

    Flight 007 now boarding for Toronto from L.F……sorry LaVerne Furbert National Airport…………………………

    Now thats a classic be damned………………………….

    Gotta run……………..guess your at Parsons Road and Friswells Hill by now……………………don’t worry…you’ll make the crawl up the hill. Always someone that will help you make it, always.

    Nite sweety pie……………….and remember…only you can prevent confused negro’s, only you…………………(and of course mirrors and windex)………………………….

  58. Just curious, Ms. Furbert, why the opposition to fixed-term elections and a shorter period of secrecy for cabinet documents? Those would benefit the island greatly by fostering openness.

  59. I have no opposition to fixed-term elections or a shorter period of secretacy for cabinet documents. Elections should be held once a year, not up to five years, that way we can get rid of those theiving, lying PLP politicians quicker. Of course the UBP politicians would survive yearly elections because they are all so transparent and without blemish.

    And I think cabinet meetings should be held in Par-La-Ville Park, just like I believe that in the UK their cabinet meetings should be held in Trafalgar Square. We can’t want for Bermuda what we don’t want for other countries that use the Westminster system.

  60. Honestly, sometimes you guys just give me a headache. Remember people, you don’t have to answer every comment; sometimes its better to ignore baiting and just focus on ones argument instead of mutually dragging down threads.

  61. What was wrong with my question? I’m not baiting anyone.

    Why shouldn’t elections be held on a fixed schedule, like every four or five years? Why shouldn’t cabinet documents be open after a similar time period?

    Jon, you should know me well enough by now to realise I am hardly partisan. I dislike all of the current political schema. Some improvement across the board is warranted, just like it has been warranted for the past 40 years.

  62. Jonathan,

    You should know by now that you cannot have a decent debate on this thread. It’s no different from other threads. If you write in support of the PLP you just get put down.

  63. Ren Man, my comment was in reference to the to and fro between Rummy and LaVerne. Your questions (cabinet secrecy and electoral reform) are fine, and my point was that people should focus on those and not be distracted by other comments.

  64. @ LaVerne – My point is that you and other PLPers are often all too easily baited and distracted from you argument. Focus on making your position clear and not reacting – reflect on the points raised yes, but don’t lower the quality of the response.

  65. Fascinating. You can always tell when Laverne realizes she has lost an argument. She resorts to sarcasm and refuses to even attempt to address the points.

  66. @blankman

    Acctually LF relies on racist comments to end arguments much like the plp ministers do in the house and else were.

    on December 22, 2009 at 4:53 pm LaVerne Furbert
    I never whined. I just did what I had to do to ensure that you all whined, and whined, and whined.

    This pritty much somes up her contribution to the convo, and her son does not even contribute to the topics he addresses.

    @Jonny if this seems like a personal attack I would argue that LF’s and her son’s history of blogging warrent my style of argument. After all it was not that long ago that she has been asked to sit down and hush up in her own parties CC meetings. That should let you know how much clout she holds these days.


  67. “Oh the things people say under the cloak of anonymity!”

    You don’t like it when bloggers and letter writers do it, but when MPs do it its ok???

  68. @LF

    The things that people say when they are protected by politicians.

    You know what I said is true. And as I have stated in the past I sign with my initials so what ever lady.


  69. Hey! What’s wrong with Banana Republic?

    You can get nice clothes there!

    I am offended, Ms. Furbert! OFFENDED, I TELL YOU!

    How DARE you impugn the name of Banana Republic?

    (This was a little humour for Christmas. Hope yours is merry.)

  70. Just a question what would this or any Government have to do to get a credible outlash from the public of Bermuda? I’m tring to define how do we as the citizens of this country rate the performance of Government? I value all input as long as it addresses the question thanks.


  71. “to and fro between Rummy and LaVerne”………?

    Listen here my little Marix Lennonist friend, one has only to know the history of both.

    The truth to some degree hurts and I could say much. I like my freedom but I won’t libel myself nor be subject to a slander suit from someone who calls her fellow man a confused negro, denise it and then babbles on about how they were misinterprted.

    Is there a doctor in the house? You betcha and he’s the lead surgeon. Is there a Spin Doctor in the House you betcha and all with sense knows whom that is.

    Unfortunately, the patient will suffer along with their unborn child as bloggers and readers of print will find out down the long and winding roads of Bermuda.

    May you have a great Christmas LaVerne. I’m taking the high road, Lighthouse Hill to be precise. I can see from there what surrounds me, the beauty of my past and what the unborn or even youngsters may not be afforded.

    From the Bible, “and I will make you fishers of men”. I believe Jusus said that in Romans (off the top of my empty head)

    In those days, they used nets to capture their food of plenty from the sea.

    Today, too much “Trolling” has destroyed an avenue for sustinence.

    It’s gonna be tough for ole Rummy to keep his mouth shut with regards to questioning your motives and why it is done.

    But I look at the bright side. History repeats itself and I have and will move on and viewers somewhere down that road or even sooner will realise that ole Rummy was spot on.

    I’m picking up what’s left of my toys and I am going to play. Not on a level playing field but on a field that I can do my damdest to see my work at the end of the day rewarded.

    Over and OUT…………………………………………..

    Ps. Limelight and twilight…………………Ah the irony………………..

    A Merry Christmas too all and peace on Bermuda.

  72. “Now, I’m trying to decide what to do with my Christmas bonus.”

    Wow. I am speechless that the Union executives actually contemplated and approved bonuses for themselves this year.

    These are the same individuals who almost brought down their own organization with their poor fiscal management of their members’ dues (re: Berkeley Bond fiasco) and then had to rely on the taxpayers forgiveness, to the tune of over ten million dollars, to ensure that they didn’t collapse and ultimately ruin thousands of families lives.

    Despite these facts I find it quite interesting that yet they still found the money to congratulate themselves for the “awesome” job they did (on the taxpayers) in 2009.

    Personally, Laverne, all who received BIU bonuses this year should place them in teh Consolidated Fund as a minute thank you to the public for saving your asses.

    Merry xmas and keep up the “good” “work”….

  73. The real issue is should the government bailout John Swan. Of course but the government must make sure the taxpayer does not get ripped off.
    What happened to the Bank of Butterfield bailout and why has this failed to pull the island out of a recession?
    Minister Cox is too conservative for this recession.

  74. If we had income tax we could see if how John swan or any other politican was spending or receiving money.
    Honestly they will pay the srutinity is reletentless.

  75. If we had income tax we could see …

    red party, we do have income tax. We just don’t call it that. Instead we use the term “payroll tax” and only levy it on earned income.

  76. Wrong Blankman. Your throwing apples and ornages in our faces. Which one is it. An Apple or and Orange.
    Bermuda does not have “Income Tax”.

    Define and show me where it is in the Constitution or any budgetary Law, where we do.

    Interpretations? I know where your comming from but you are wrong. Go and eat some Canadian Bacon………………………

    Your just strirring the pot. Get over it and stop trolling evry blog/forum………………….

  77. Rummy, not trolling. Just stating a fact. Bermuda does have an income tax, we just don’t call it that. As I said it only applies to earned income (i.e., salaries etc).

    Before the introduction of payroll tax financial statements for Bermuda companies used to say that “there is no income tax in Bermuda”, now they say that “Bermuda does not levy any tax on corporate profits”.

  78. I get your drift Blankman………………the whole idea behind my coments were the fact that ‘will others understand your comments and verbage’.

    Nothing personal as you well know. I can tell by your response that you do care about much but do others get your drift.

    I am a Rummy not a dummy and when things get ‘blank’ reflection is a miror of same.

    A Great New Year too all. It starts with you and may the children have what little we have and make a blossom for all to see.


    Tink about it………………………………

  79. Hi Rummy,

    I have noticed you write a lot of innuendos that have to do with fishing.
    Do you know something that the govt ins not telling us? Have they been allowing long line fishing to research its effects?
    Funny thing is, if they are, they are super idiots because the research has been done already in other countries and it says that long line fishing is not sustainable or profitable in the long run. It would destroy Bermuda’s small fishing industry along with tourism.
    If I am way off with this, then please forgive my inability to read between the lines with your posts.
    Happy and Safe New Year to all!

  80. Sara, some very interetsing points you bring up. “Innuendos” ? Good point but I think your off the mark with that one to a degree.

    Dr. Brown did travel too China. We do have Urguirs here. The only people that know anything about passage in and around Bermuda is Harbour Radio.

    As for your comment about “super idiots”…your on the money. But remember thst years ago the Korean, Japenese and even Italian vessels used to come into St. George all the time. They don’t anymore only because the larger “Mother Ships” stay well off shore and are supplied by vessels that prowl out waters outside and inside our territorial waters.

    Overfishing has depleted our local stock as can be seen by the food chain.

    Good points. A great 2010 to you and yours….your on the mark.

    ElNino Rummy.

  81. I made a comment but it looks like the Red Baron sent it too “Muderation”…

    Ironic eh… was quite straight and to the point. Anyway…lets see if tis gets though Sara.

  82. Actually they were in the spam filter; I had not logged into the site since about the twentieth. On account of the holidays I thought I would take a break from active blogging, being at most a lurker. I figured most people would be doing the same… I’ll be back to active blogging shortly.

  83. Sorry Rummy, I think innuendo was the wrong word to use. Should have been you allude to things about fishing.
    These ships should not be allowed to destroy our waters, but unfortunately, nobody gives a sh… except a handful of people that actually think beyond today and into the future.
    The UBP didn’t do enough to preserve the environment/ocean, and the PLP are not moving forward on the environment. Therefore, the government past and present are actually contributing destroying tourism. Without its environment, Bermuda has absolutely nothing to offer a tourist.
    Instead of destroying it, we should set an example for the rest of the world and become a world renown destination for environmentalists.
    Also, with Zane De Silva in the ministry of environment, there is almost no hope at all left. Funny he is the third one in what 3 years…hmmm wonder why.

  84. Differnce of opinion here Sara.

    Don’t blame over fishing on the UPB. The ocean is still the same, clear, crystal waters, basically free of pollution.

    Destroying ” tourism’ has nothing to do with fishing. Related too that comment, the ones that do come still have the opportunity of deep sea fishing which is still viable and plentifull when permitted.

    Ecconomically, it’s hard to be in the bussines of ‘fishing’ due to the prices of fuel, gear et al even with exemptions from this and that.

    It’s cheaper to buy imported fish/goods than it is to spend time locating local stuff. It’s called ‘reality’.

    As for Zane Desilva…thats another ‘kettle of fish’……………

    Some bottles have ‘caps’ some have corks…………………….

    The product is the same or similar or too taste but when the bottle breaks or bursts it’s usually through


    A great New Year too all. Or as ole Rummy would say……………”One day at a time. And yes your neighbour is human. Deal with it”

  85. Jonathan,

    The exchange between Sara and Rummy may make the beginnings of an interesting new thread which is right in your field of knowledge. Also it seems the leaked memo has run its course as it is unlikely the alleged leaker will ever be disclosed.

  86. Your absolutely right Mr. Bryce. Fishing for the leaker is just a sneaker without laces. At some point, the shoe will not fit and the owner will move on or just get another pair of ‘Docsiders’………………….

    Keep your thoughts going Sara. The longline fishing is not a good venture but as I stated on another site, Carlton Simmons I am sure can contribute some ideas with regard to other seafaring ventures.


  87. Speaking of fishing, I think your trawler the MV Smoking Gun needs to be dry docked.

    We have had our words but I never called you a “Commie Bastard”. A bit much I would say. Relations between the nations are good with regards to reaction.

    I don’t believe in your views and I am sure you can adjust to my simple old ‘lets get along views’.

    I respect the Marxist Lennonist but whether it works in these times is another story.

    I still believe you have the country at heart and your home grown common sense sees you through it..

    Have a great year and influence in positive ways for all Onions.

    El Rummo.

  88. Income tax on rental profits is not payroll tax. Contract kickbacks auditing of cabinet ministers bank account flucuation? Trust fund profit tax etc? Lawsuit at the Hague is appropiate for the Finance minister. Senate Judicary committee are tax laws are criminal internationally truth is truth.

  89. Man…that must have been one “Red Party”………………..too much ‘Red Whine’ ? bawahahaaaaa….

  90. “Criticism” is what I meant. Johnny has his funky stuff going on here……………………

    Ask them. They should be out of the ‘cabinet’ shortly and in public view………….I think……………………

    We have a Government…right?……………………..

    Damn..must be hunkered down in their ‘safe houses’.

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