Cement Shoes?

I am glad to see that questions are being asked again about the Dockyard Cement Facility. Since BCC closed up shop and Maxcem took over the operation there have been some unanswered questions surrounding this issue, as well as allegations of crony capitalism.

When Government/Wedco and the BCC first began the protracted disagreements that led to Maxcem taking over I initially argued that the demands by Government/Wedco were legitimate (the demolition of the silos and the construction of a new plant and, to a lesser degree, the position on the length of the lease), although I thought there was enough scope for compromise, both in the details and in timings. Having said that I always got the impression that the issue was less one of rational argument (or alleged covetousness) and more one of some personal animosity. I felt that this personal animosity was not so much between the PLP itself versus BCC/Mr. Butterfield, but more between one or two persons within the PLP and BCC/Mr. Butterfield. Despite this feeling, I could see the argument being put forward by Government/Wedco as plausible, rational and legitimate.

When Maxcem, largely controlled by Mr. Correia took over the facility, while I raised an eyebrow due to Mr. Correia’s political connections, I generally did not have a problem with it, and was of the understanding that Maxcem would be taking over the facility with the conditions that BCC had refused. Otherwise, there was absolutely no point in the whole kerfuffle. Indeed, failure to hold Maxcem to the same standards as BCC were being asked to comply with would instead reinforce the perception that the issue was not one of principle but instead one of revenge or cronyism on the part of the PLP/Government – or at least by one or two members who happen to be in Government.

Naturally, I would hope the above is not the case, that instead there is a perfectly legitimate explanation why Maxcem does not appear to comply with the conditions that forced BCC out. To date though I am not aware of such an explanation being put forward, and the failure to do so will only reinforce negative perceptions of the situation.

I also find it curious that the BIU backed Island Cement Co seemed to have been so readily dismissed, and this in itself raises some questions. I note that the Myron Piper is listed as the then president of Island Cement Co, and that he is now a member of the Bermuda Democratic Alliance, publicly speaking for them recently. I recall Mr. Piper as a former PLPer (although I viewed him as a political entrepeneur opportunist, a class which has heavily infested the PLP since 1998), and I wonder if his newly revealed political connections had any factor in this.

The whole thing just stinks, and needs resolved. Otherwise this issue will continue to be cement shoes for the PLP/Government.


18 thoughts on “Cement Shoes?

  1. If this was the states and I was Mr. Butterfield I would sue, but this is Bermuda…doesn’t seem to be any law here.

    And make no mistake WEDCO does not want the silos there…it is pretty much out of their hands.

  2. The PLP have and continue to live up to the many accusations leveled at the UBP and it’s past. It is a wonder how anyone can take such accusations against the UBP seriously when the PLP are proving they are no better.

  3. “Naturally, I would hope the above is not the case, that instead there is a perfectly legitimate explanation why Maxcem does not appear to comply with the conditions that forced BCC out.”


    With all due respect, at some point you’ve got to stop dancing around the obvious. it’s clear you know what’s going on but can’t bring yourself to say it, so I’ll say it for you:

    This was a stitch up and you have to wonder what is in it for the decision makers when they go so far out of their way to make sure that a certain contractor gets treated so favourably.

    The simplest answer is usually the right one. This was corrupt through and through.

  4. Only black press would say that. Guess you missed your slice of the pie. Then again, the UBP did more than Tom Tom the Gombeys Son………………………………..

    Blame the Gombeys? Yah betch yah………………..all dressed up paid for and stitched by Local#101……………………….

  5. OMG! Yes I am! As I wrote I initially defended the issue, but the fact is Maxcem has not had to abide by the same conditions that BCC had to, and no explanation has been given as to why. If you were to read what I wrote instead of reacting, you might see the point I was making.

  6. @Vanz,

    You just don’t understand that people are getting wise to the governments shady dealings. They will continue to come out and this government is running out of excuses.

  7. Must be the holidays. Vanz….the irony too me of this topic is that you don’t get it except for what you want to portray.

    Cement Shoes. Tell that to Jim Butterfield who had two towers that were destroyed yet still standing.

    Shrug off your baggy pants and white shoes and learn to walk upright. Your cache will only last so long and you will be left with your platinum chain around your ankles and not a grain of seed to plant nor eat.

    Rap on………………………..

  8. More corruption on this tax haven thats kills the poor people with poverty and violence. Dissolve Parliment impose martial law!

  9. starling, out of all the things that are going on THIS is what keeps you up at night? odd…

    what about irelands missed world cup berth because henry’s handball – surely that is more important

  10. Um, feel free to comment on the other threads I have about the recent violence… With all the things that are going on I find it curious that you choose to focus on this thread and not that one…


  11. Vanz is totally right.

    We’ve got to forget about the endemic corruption and cronyism that has enriched a small cadre of plp insiders. We should concentrate on the important things like “writing” op-ed pieces for the local rag whining about waving a flag at an elderly woman.

  12. If Maxcem is not required to relocate the silo’s, then this is practically theft in a most Mugabesque manner. They should be forced to adhere to the initial dealing or they need to find someone who will through open tender.

    man, certain people must be feeling some heat with the spin doctors working overtime.

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