Militarising The Gang Problem

I commend the Rise Above Bermuda group, and I hope that they are able to really do some good with the problem of gang violence in Bermuda. However, I can’t help but feel that they made a rather poor choice of words when they described themselves as ‘part military organisation’. The last thing that we need is to inflame the situation by using military terminologies like that.

Its probably nothing, but reading it certainly did raise an eyebrow.

I hope that the turnout for this Friday’s peace rally in Par-la-Ville Park at 7pm goes well.


4 thoughts on “Militarising The Gang Problem

  1. These groups appear to be resume building elitists that are responsible for the gang problem because of their financial conservativism beliefs.
    If the government created more jobs instead of cutting the budget things would not be so explosive.
    BHC rents should be dropped because of job losses.
    Payroll tax for low income earners dropped.
    Recession check isssued to workers with less than $5000 in the savings.
    Churches need to offer free wash and bathing for the homeless.
    On the Warfront martial should be declared and mass incarcerations followed.
    Armed security is the way of the future with checkpoints from dust to dawn.
    Gun permits also for all those who give information or testify in court.
    Any politican that does not support these measures is admitting criminal guilt or invovlement in crime.
    Dont trust educated elite because they believe workers should not have children because uneducated offspring commit crime.

  2. This island is being run by plp race pimps and thuggish buffoons, they have turned Bermuda into a criminal ghetto,a banana republic!
    ith role models like this,is there any wonder there is an explosion of crime,drugs and gun violence ,with 24 shootings on a 19 sq. mile island this year?

    Last night,a man shot in Warwick and another man shot DEAD in Sandys.

    Since May there have been 14 shootings where people have been injured, culminating in the murder of 30-year-old Kumi Harford who was gunned down ten days ago

  3. With last night’s action it seems the message/messenger doesn’t matter. Now comes late word via the Sun that there were more gunshots on Court St. 20 minutes ago.

    We’re in for a tough time.

  4. Corporal’s cater can hunt down all the troublemakers and lock them up in an antigang concentration camp of course dirty cops included. Relax do not panic. merry Xmas.

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