Writers Block

I have had writers block for the last few days, and it is still with me. So I apologise for the lack of postings here. I hope to be back posting soon.

17 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. Well, I’ve been waiting for you to initiate it over at BIAW – I thought it would be best for you to outline your position first.

  2. I think if capitalism plays a 4 5 1 then they’ll be hard to break down although if they play Ayn Rand in goal they’ll have no chance as I believe being a discredited plagiarist hack is now a straight red card offence.

  3. Hi Rummy, the offer was actually originally made on BIAW, and as I would like J Galt to outline his position first, I thought BIAW would be better than my own blog. That is all.

  4. Why would BIAW be better?

    I am sure you have a position on it as well as others. Your avoidence is puzzling really. All you had to do was make your side and see where it went. I hope you use your graduation for a good cause and self betterment. I will be following your comments along with others.

  5. How about staring a heading on how it is possible to go over budget by 77million taxpayer dollars? Just food for thought.

  6. Jonathan,

    Personally I don’t understand how and why you continue to contribute to BIAW and you have your own blog. And then you say you have writers block, yet your “pen” or fingers flow on that site.

    Yes, there are a few bloggers from BIAW who contribute to your site, but few people who contribute to your site join in the debate over there. Maybe you can explain it to me.

  7. The irony is LaVerne that BIAW is made up of a select group composing of blacks, whites et al. If you toe the line you can say and engage all you want. Basically kiss ass.

    I don’t post there because I don’t agree with all they say. Of course they will come back (here, using another pen name and say that I am just a old drunken fool but I take that with a grain of sand and theres a lot to go around.)

    Thats my opinion on your comments but I am sure that Mr. Starling with answer your question/s too him because basically it was addressed too him.

    Blogs and Gangs are similar to in a way. Your either in, out, play by the rules or just get a day in jail. Ironic eh? A day in jail, banned, et al. Rings a bell too me.

    Anyway, you have a great Christmas and keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers as we all struggle to find a remedy to current incidents that affect us all.


  8. LOL – Writing ones own articles/posts is quite a different thing than posting in an existing thread. I guess its a bit like the difference between writing and giving a speech versus joining a conversation. I guess it is not really all that different from you writing LTTE despite having a the Workers Voice.

    People are free to comment – or not – on any of the blogs and forums. I choose to at least try and engage, and I hope that more and more voices will also choose to engage. I see conversation, even with those who strongly disagree with my views, as inherently more valuable and constructive than grudging silence.

  9. You’ll go far Johnny Star. Just remember that, when you make par.

    Nostra Rummy..circa 2009…………………………..winky winky………………….

  10. No Jonathan, there is a difference between you and me. While I may write an occasional letter to the editor, I do not neglect “My Opinion” column in the Workers Voice. That’s my first priority.

    But, it’s a free world and you’re free to write where and when you please.

    Did you travel to London for the Premier’s Dinner?

  11. LOL – Another difference is that my blogposts don’t have any deadlines, unlike a newspaper.

    Unfortunately I was unable to attend the dinner down in London, but I am sure it was quite nice. London was, at this moment in time, to far away for me to travel.

    Any developments on getting the Workers voice online by any chance? I would like to be able to read it while overseas.

  12. LOL is right. Um cunfoozed according to LaVernes second last sentence.

    Gotta run………….’it’s a free world’…….well mabe not to the tax payers in Burmudan.

  13. “While I may write an occasional letter to the editor, I do not neglect “My Opinion” column in the Workers Voice. That’s my first priority.”

    As both a paid Union employee and someone in possession of a journalist’s pass it should be a priority. No?

  14. theres been an inquest going on here where a family followed all proper proceedures and admitted a family member into the king edward hospital via police escort and further onto the mental health hospital via police escort.

    the member of the family apatently attempted to harm himself and was succsessfully talked down, and was admitted to the government run hospital and governement run mental health hospital for treatment.

    that person was able to kill them selves while under government care in a government run facility.

    What should be the out come of that?
    why isnt the family with small children not be awarded damages for this clear case of negligence


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