New Bermuda Blog – The Rock As I See It

I see there is a new Bermudian blog called ‘The Rock As I See It‘. It appears to have launched just a few days ago, with its first article on November 17th. The site appears pretty slick at the moment and already has several articles. While I don’t agree with the political views expressed in its articles so far, I certainly welcome yet another voice for Bermudian bloggers, and I wish this new blog well.


6 thoughts on “New Bermuda Blog – The Rock As I See It

  1. It’s too bad that he sees Bermuda that way. But it’s no different from how most bloggers in Bermuda see Bermuda. Most people I know see Bermuda in an altogether different way.

    I wonder what they’ll find to write about after Dr. Brown has retired.

    By the way, I would suggest he get a proof reader.

  2. I imagine after Dr Brown has retired (to one of his recently acquired properties no doubt) they will speculate whether future Premiers will be able to transform their personal financial position from “unable to pay bills” to “blingtastic” through public service.

    It is ironic that in both the UK and US recently public officials have been pilloried, disbarred and in some cases charged with criminal activity for accepting personal checks and cash from foreign entities and persons; a rerun of our very pay to play scandal.

    str8nochaser – proof read?

  3. “I am fairly certain that Dr. Brown is solely responsible for the racism that he believes is truly so rampant on out island. Before he came around there was very little racism among youngsters and teenagers alike, however it has been so etched in their brains by our wonderful PLP government.”

    from the “new” site ‘The Rock As I See It‘ – as insightful as ever.

  4. It’s a strange blog in that comments don’t appear after the post, yet there’s an option to email them to the author who then posts them all in a catch-all area on the site. Kind of takes away the flow and discourages people from replying to a post, in my opinion.

    That said, one of the quotes from that site:
    “There is no room for well-meaning criticism or thoughtful debate in Bermudian politics today”

    combined with the earlier opinion of:
    “no different from how most bloggers in Bermuda see Bermuda”

    ought to at least indicate that more and more people should be inclined to discuss topics of interest in this particular medium – whether it be praise or criticism, and regardless of whatever particular political party they support or don’t support.

  5. @ Vanz – Fair play where it’s due, that’s an utterly ridiculous thing to believe, and having read it I can’t take the blog seriously.

  6. I have been in email communication with those incharge of this blog regarding the comments section. He says that he is making his site on a mac and cannot have comments after each article without purchasing space from apple. If anyone can figure a way around this im sure he would appreciate it. And i totaly agree, get a proofreader your grammar stinks!

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