Problems For Socialism In Bermuda

With the formal launch of the Bermudian ‘Democratic Alliance’ there is now a potential for a return to ideological politics as opposed to the poli-trix that has dominated our island since 1998. This is because so far our politics has been dominated by that bland form of ideology that is known as the political centre. In truth, there have been some differences between the UBP and the PLP, as I have discussed in other posts. But beyond the question and understanding of race, as well as their respective composition and support bases, there has been woefully little difference between the two parties on substantial issues of ideology and policy.

At most the argument has been of ‘we would do this more’ or, ‘we would do this less’, mixed in with the occasional kindergarten exchanges that defines our parliamentary debates more than anything else. The UBP, nominally a conservative, right-wing party, and the PLP, nominally a social democratic/labour party, have been in recent years about as indistinguishable as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. With the arrival of Tweedleda on the stage, the hypnotic (if not idiotic) dance between Tweedledum and Tweedledee is presented with a challenge that can be answered in three potential ways:

a) Tweedledum & Tweedledee will together push Tweedleda off the stage and quickly return to their status quo;

b) Tweedledum, the UBP, is faced with the greatest initial challenge from Tweedleda, and may simply retire from the dance, leaving us with the same dance, only this time between Tweedledee and Tweedleda;

c) Tweedleda will force a fundamental change to the dance, pushing Tweedledum and Tweedledee away from the centre, Tweedledum to the right and Tweedledee to the left, with Tweedleda occupying the centre.

Only option (c) leads to substantial change for our politics; options (a) and (b) maintain the status quo, even if (b) gives the superficial impression of change. It is for option (c) that I personally would like to see realised, as this option provides the best potential for our collective national development. Of course there is the option that our politics may become more complex should further new parties solidify, such as a Green Party, the embryonic stages of which have been noted already. At the moment however I feel that many potential new parties, such as the Green Party, will pause and reflect on the Democratic Alliances arrival, which, no doubt, will try to co-opt such groups. As such I cannot see the political equation becoming more complex in the immediate period.

It is also hard to tell if (c) would lead to a substantial push to the left or right from the UBP and PLP; the equilibrium could simply result in a centre-left, centre, centre-right combination, although it would be hard to see how the centre will maintain itself over the long-term in such an arrangement.

Regardless of which option ends up being the eventual outcome of Tweedleda’s appearance, the very challenge itself presents an opportunity for at least a brief push towards ideological discussion and consciousness raising. To this end the Bermudian left (yes, there is actually one) should seek to exploit this development, and I hope to explore the problems for socialism in Bermuda that this moment allows. To do so it is necessary to outline what exactly are the problems for socialism in Bermuda? As I see it the following questions must be posed and answered:

What is the state of the Bermudian left? Where is the left? Is there a Bermudian left? Why is the left in the situation that it is?

The question of identity – or the problem of bad examples? The stigma of Stalinism and dogmatism in general.

Reform or revolution? The nature of the revolutionary organisation and the relationship with the ‘traditional left’ of organised labour and the PLP. Armed uprisings, parliamentary elections and political consciousness. Strategy and tactics.

Socialism in one country – to Cuba or not to Cuba? The day after and what comes next.

Socialisms? The problem of groupuscules – the People’s Front of Judea or the Judean People’s Front?

Key questions for the left – racism, sexism, ecology and power.

Over the next few days, when I am able, I will try to answer these problems as best I can. I would welcome suggestions from readers about what other questions they think need answered, and I will either incorporate them into the above problems, or dedicate posts to them alone.


15 thoughts on “Problems For Socialism In Bermuda

  1. @ a)……poppycock

    When you have time you’ll answer these problems.

    Oh yeah you will. What problems? Your tweedly is banging up against your dumb. But hey, it’s your propaganda machine site.

    ‘Tear down this wall Comrade Stalin’…….and yes you should because your bias and “your comment is awaiting moderation”…………………

    Se la ve…………..or however Marxist spell it.

  2. The tax structure determines the social agenda. UBP lower taxes less government invovlement. PLP high taxes higher expectation of government social programs.
    Alex Scott had it right. Brown is foolish to talk about entitlement wasting money on Golf and music festivals.
    This Pink Party is the workers nightmare.
    The last election was about more for the poor.
    The next election is about keeping money in the bank for the rich.
    Bermuda first said it all, five years straight of a recession which means poverty and violent crime.

  3. The recession is more important than some minority groups rights.
    Bermuda is going into its second year of the UBP predicted 7 year recession. Bermud first predicts a 5year recession.
    Bermuda college professor predicted an 18 month recession july will prove his accuracy.
    Were is the stimulus package?
    Black contractors have gone bankrupt one begged his old white boss for his old job back. layoffs occur every day.
    Many will not go to financial assistance because of pride.
    The Hustle truck only works three weeks.
    Question ? If layoffs continue this lead to to domino effect of more layoffs asless revenuue for government payroll tax etc., less consumer goods being sold less need for staff more layoffs.
    $250000 to Bank of butterfield shareholders to get rich is criminal the money should have went to poor people who would have spent it and circulated it into the economy dah.
    Capitalism is corrupt and hates poor people.

  4. The lack of economic brains in politics is at an alltime low.
    This failure will be condemned as deliberate corruption.
    Politcans want an unemployed worker to paint their house at 12 dollars an hour. Evil capitalist.

  5. Just wait til next year. Things are good right now compared to what they will be in 2010. Why aren’t they tightening their belts? Why do they appear as deer in headlights?

  6. Crime is the indicator of good or bad times. Right now the Garrison is shooting the Gaza but all that is happening to criminals will happen to law abiding citizens , who are sitting ducks without anything defend against home invasions, vehicle burning etc.

  7. Poverty leads to robbery. Robbery leads to retailiation. retailiation leads to revenge atacks. Garrison and Gaza.

  8. A cabinet minister’s son name is in the rumours in the latest garrison attack.
    This War prevents poor people from uniting and will only get worse.

  9. Garrison war is on the map how far behind is catch a fire on the issue? The governor is a useless liberal a real colonel would have imposed martial law months ago. And outlaw bail for suspects in these cases. The failure of liberalism is in everybody’s faces probation Ati, we the conservatives will rise to the top of the peoples demand for order and deliver peace, for we are superior and liberal are inferior useless weakiings that can fire a small arm straight.

  10. plp cowards … continue the poor governance of the UBP

    fat bank accounts, fat egos, lack of vision for the peoples adjenda, and basically miles out of touch with the aspirations and dreams of the people

    THE PLP ARE NOTHING BUT BLACK Eliete …and are white supremacey in black face…the flip side of the ubp coin…the ubp and the plp are one and the same…and are failing the people in the exact same ways.

    unwilling to use their political power to change the face of the island for the beinfit of the people means more crime and more gangs due to lack of upward mobility for ALL BERMUDIANS FIRST!!!!

    So quick to take advice from a forigner before a born bermudian.

    I hope the crime wave hits u all next so you can really feel the results of your poor social performance and the extent of your lack of vision.

    This counrty deserves all the negativity it will experience beacuse while it had the opportunity to chart a more positive course it decided to ignore the obvious warning signs.

    we have reeped wa we have sown..hope u greedy pigs are happy.

    the gangs n criminals need to target the rich some one should give them a list of the addresses of these rich bermudians who stand in the way of social and economic equality.

  11. The last PLP meeting i wen to i just saw stupid old people. I couldnt even walk in the door.
    Solomon says, ” Blessed be the man that sittith not in the seat of the scornful.”

  12. This visit should have been cancelled because of the recession. How much money was wasted on idolization of the colonial rich?
    This money could have been used for welfare checks.
    Dr. Brown missed another chance to uplift the poor.
    He really looks like a weakling after this.

  13. $100 milion of government failure to expand the economy. In five years we will be back to a $500 million budget like 1998. Where is the $350 million given to bank of Butterfield in last years budget. Where is the media? what will the finance minister do to silence her critics or maybe her hedge fund portfolio is more important.

  14. The editor really has shown his lack of understanding of American application. In America guns are legal you can defend yourself against a gun attack. this is why community policing works. Over here anyone can get shot down like a sitting duck.

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