Swan Still Sailing On

Well, I guess I should offer my congratulations to Mr. Kim Swan who seems to have successfully been re-elected as leader of the UBP. I had predicted that Mr. Richards would emerge the leader, based on what I saw as the various albatrosses around Mr. Swan’s neck (reform inaction, NewBP schism, lack of strong leadership actions, failed motion of no confidence).

It will be curious to see how the UBP develops from this point on, especially with the rise of the DA. It may be possible that the UBP finally begins the transition to a conservative political party that truly reflects Bermuda’s racial demography, as many of the UBP’s long-suffering White members jump ship over to the DA, invigorated by the novelty of the development. Alternatively the DA will succeed in eclipsing the UBP over time; however this just simply leads to a political shell game, where the DA becomes the UBP in everything except name.

Personally, I’m hoping that the DA’s actions lead to a more ideological politics, with three political parties representing the ideological positions of social democracy, liberalism and conservatism, with each party having a racial composition more representative of our populations. Hopefully this will help further our political maturity by going some way to de-racialising our political system, and allow politics to become more about ideology.

17 thoughts on “Swan Still Sailing On

  1. I was surprised as well, but pleassantly surprised. I feel that Mr swan is definitely more genuine than Mr. Richards. However I dont think either man is the savior that the UBP are looking for, or that they need.

    I wonder what Bob Richards will do now.

    He has never made good on he and his wife’s threat to leave Bermuda upon the PLP’s election in 1998!

  2. What isvery interesting is that according to the RG, this was a secret ballot, and the vote tally hasnt been released, not even to the members themselves!

    Very open and transparent don’t u think?

  3. Good day Ken and Jonathan,

    More so @Ken So much energy you put in to what the useless UBP are doing. Just a thought Ken what do you think of PATI not be retroactive I am interested. As you are so vocal on politics but yet I notice you have no comment on this very important peice of legislation. Should it be retro why or why not?

    Looking over what you do post on it seem that you just like to critize. You remind me of someone just can’t put my finger on it.


  4. “Well, I guess I should offer my congratulations to Mr. Kim Swan…”

    Sound as if you are struggling to get that one out Jonathan. Lol!

  5. Mike, while everything done in Government may not appear to be transparent, you must separate Government from the PLP as a party. Every leadership election at the PLP has been done in much more transparent manner than these UBP elections. I mean, come on, to not even have the members know the tally? How are we even sure that it was legitimately added up?

  6. Why do you keep refering too it as the “DA” ?

    Besides your Marxist views and propaganda you’ve lost sight of your heritage.

    Then again, thats why your a Marxist Lennonist. How stoopid of me.

    It’s BDA man.

    How much they paying you? Can’t be much if your still in Scutland.

  7. Hi Rummy, please refer to my previous post ‘The NewBPs New Name’ where I addressed that particular issue in the final paragraph. Other parties throughout the world that use the combination of ‘country+Democratic Alliance’ are referred to within those countries simply as ‘Democratic Alliance’ or ‘DA’; furthermore, the DA themselves are referring to themselves as ‘the Alliance’.

  8. @ Mike – LOL! Yeah, a little, but more because I had to eat crow seeing as I’d predicted Mr. Richards would win.

  9. Poor people need an aggressive oppostion not someone walking around town fat from food at the Red carpet.
    Workers should vote for workers not lawyers and doctors weaklings incapable of CREATING JOBS HOUSING AND QUALITY OF LIFE.

  10. “Yeah, a little, but more because I had to eat crow seeing as I’d predicted Mr. Richards would win”.

    It’s rare to find such honesty these days. Lol!!

  11. Ken….

    Any thoughts? Seriously?

    “PLP Blog

    Practicing What You Preach


    The secretive United Bermuda Party refused to release the results of their leadership election – even to it’s own party members. This secretive practice runs contrary to their professed commitment to openness and transparency. It’s ironic that they would hold government to one standard of transparency and their party to another. If the UBP is truly committed to an agenda of transparency and openness, we challenge them to practice what they preach.

    The PLP Government reaffirmed it’s commitment to transparency with action. We introduced comprehensive PATI legislation and, in the spirit of openness, released the draft bill for public review and consideration. We look forward to moving forward with this landmark transparency legislation and acting on our commitment to openness.”

  12. Personally I thought the title ‘practice what you preach’, while nice, was poorly chosen. To be frank it opens the Party open to attacks of hypocrisy. For example, the PATI legislation, while better than nothing, is certainly not ‘comprehensive’ with its lack of retroactivity.

    On the particular question of the UBP leadership vote I am stunned that the final tally wasn’t released even to the members in question. Did they just quietly count the votes and announce the winner? Really? And the result was accepted just like that, no questions asked? While they didn’t have to call out each individual vote (although I think they should have), they should have at least provided the final tally so the margin of victory could be judged. I reckon they avoided that because they were afraid it would be divisive, but not providing it can equally stoke division, as well as bring the legitimacy of the vote in to question. And it just makes them look silly.

  13. Apparently there was a real sense of rejeuvenation following this vote, despite not knowing the count, and both sides were just keen to move forward.

    Personally I’m convinced that the BDA and UBP will just split the 48% who don’t vote PLP, and that the PLP will continue to govern for at least another 8 years (one more election victory).

    However, if this victory marks a turning point for the UBP, where they can unite their own small team and start acting cohesively they do still have the better infrastructure and system in place to challenge the PLP.

    Does anyone know if we can have a coalition government under the Bermuda constitution?

    Mini rant:

    Why does anyone read the PLP blog? Or quote it or reference it?

    It’s like asking Ann Coulter what she thinks. You know the answer. It’s not based on fact. You can’t respond.

    It’s an intellectual cesspit.

  14. I don’t believe the Constitution specifically addresses the topic of coalition governments, although I don’t see any reason why it would not be possible. The Governor ‘appoints’ the government based on who he thinks commands the majority of MPs, which is not restricted on just the one political party.

    I think the DA has the potential to tap some support from the PLP but only a little, and this will largely depend on its position on the race question, the mythical former PLP members the DA claims to have on board, and the degree by which the DA is seen as disgruntled UBPers in new clothes in terms of key public faces, policy and membership/support.

    As for the PLP blog I remain eternally optimistic that it will improve. I don’t think very highly of the level of propaganda it has become infamous of, and I even question if the site should be used for those purposes. I would much rather have it restricted to announcements and perhaps allow for constructive feedback on policies. The propaganda element would be much better handled by unofficial PLP sites.

  15. As I see the Bermuda Democratic Alliance is doomed for failure, just as the Bermuda Democratic Party, the National Liberal Party and the All Bermuda Congress were doomed to fail and did fail to attract enough voters to make them viable political parties. This, in spite of their claim that Bermudians would be more attracted to them because of their mixed race relationships. Speaking the continued reference to mixed-race relationships, I noticed that the gentleman Gibbons who was on HOTT 107 last night also laid claim to the fact that he was in a mixed-race marriage. I am yet to understand that has to do with politics in Bermuda.

    As I see it, the Bermuda Democratic Alliance has drawn its initial membership from the United Bermuda Party, except of course for Myron Piper and Michael Branco, whom I understand were both members of the PLP. And as I see it, those people who are presently supporting were all former UBP supporters. I do not believe that either Shawn Crockwell, Mark Pettingill or Donte Hunt have what it takes to attract PLP members and supporters to join their party. The BDA sounds like the UBP, using such terms as core values and diversity.

    Certainly any political party that is formed and has no officers, no platform, no constitution, and no ideology as I can see is doomed. People can criticize the PLP all they like, however, those five men – Walter Robinson, Wilfred “Mose” Allen, Hugh “Ryo” Richardson, Edward DeJean and Peter Smith had a vision for Bermuda in 1963 and that vision was contained in the Party’s first platform. One only need to read that constitution to know that the PLP of 2009 has the same vision for Bermuda as those founding members had in 1963.

    As I see it Crockwell, Pettingill and Hunt will all be one-term Members of Parliament. I doubt if either of them will be able to attract enough voters so that they would return to Parliament after the next election.

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