Lots To Read!

Well, there has been alot of documents to read of late and I haven’t had the time to read over all of them deeply enough to comment on any of them. Additionally, I have some other documents that are more pressing at the moment, and have some travelling to do over the next few days. So I don’t think I’m going to be writing much on them over the next couple of days; hopefully I’ll be able to do so over the weekend.

In the mean time I thought it would be wise to direct readers to some of the other blogs who may be able to comment on these issues (and others) until I can comment myself.

There are two new articles over at Bermuda JEWEL. One of them is actually from me, writing about a gang initiative in Glasgow, Community Initiave to Reduce Violence. The other is an open mic from ‘Pied Piper’ discussing the themes of narrative in politics.

The newer blog ‘Bermudas Wishful Thinker’ also has two new posts right now. The first refers to the recent releases of the Bermuda First Report and the Young Black Male study, and the second discusses the recent event in London where the UK Youth Parliament showed up the ‘real’ politicians as a waste of space.

Tales From The Triangles Tip writes an insightful post his motivations for blogging, as well as on the issue of using psuedonyms.

Politics.bm and VexedBermoothes both comment on the recently released reports.

The study on Young Black Males is available in a pdf format from the Bermuda Government website, while the Bermuda First Report is available (after a fashion) from the Bermuda Sun site; I hope that it will be made available in a more easily read pdf format somewhere shortly. I have just found a pdf copy of the document through the RG site.

2 thoughts on “Lots To Read!

  1. Get set for a whole new round of whining

    the black men study will be used to whip up resentment,entitlement & payback as Bda inc. goes into even deeper winter layoff offs and business closures .

    Why no mention of the EB policy of cutting the throat of Front St. tourism and retail that provide jobs for young black men ? .

    $400,000 to point out that young black men should enter the technical trades ?

    Millions wasted on Education consultants to point out that half of young black men drop out?

    as usual,all talk no action

  2. Could someone please explain why we have to have studies done on everything?
    Can’t the government see what needs to be done for the disadvantaged youth?
    Is it really rocket science? As I have said many times in the past, their has to be a VALUE on education. This study proves that many don’t value or even quite grasp how important education is in our society today. Even with the “free” education at Bda College, their wasn’t a dramatic increase in enrollment. Why is that? I think its due to the fact that people aren’t going to take advantage of something they don’t value. Any thoughts?

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