Wayne Furbert & the PLP

I see Mr. Christopher, the press officer of the PLP, is quoted in todays RG concerning Mr. Furbert’s interest in joining the PLP. I agree with Mr. Christophers’ estimation that there is no reason why Mr. Furbert cannot join the PLP, however I am wary about any suggestions that Mr. Furbert could sit as a PLP MP. Obviously, should he join the PLP while sitting as an Independent (yet UBP elected) MP, he would automatically become a PLP MP. That being said I think it would do more harm than good for the PLP to have Mr. Furbert as an MP. Nor does it do much credit for Mr. Furbert, after the numerous and harsh attacks he recieved from the PLP while leading the UBP (or for that matter, the same PLP attacks would reflect back on the Party). Accepting Mr. Furbert as a PLP MP would be sheer folly for the Party. I for one (for what it’s worth) would strongly oppose any such development as being contrary to the PLPs aims.

11 thoughts on “Wayne Furbert & the PLP

  1. After Wayne Furbert’s almost criminal YTB pyramid scheme that exploitated and manipulated Bermudians, I believe that he is nothing more than a self-serving, greedy and underhanded politician that cannot be trusted. Allowing Wayne Furbert to join the PLP will only add to people’s speculation of a corrupt PLP government.

  2. Furbert is an out of touch old man like many old blacks. Everything they got their house shoes socks came from pre PLP era. Now with the blatant greed rampant under the PLP in real estate. young 18 years old have to stay home with their moma like nerds and squares. Worse fools get trapped with their parents tied on a mortgage living with some old witch telling them what to do.
    If old people pay $800 at rockaway with cars and some houses of their own.
    18 year olds deserve the same opportunity.
    Gays must be banned from the Regiment to restore order.
    If voters are not entitled to jobs and housing politicans are not entitled to vote for these greedy corrupt old politicans.

  3. Hangover there.
    Politicans are not entitled to receive votes from the voters.
    One more thing since we dont have income so these old corrupt blacks can pay their fair share to government pension pay outs to old people who own property or businesses needs to be terminated. Pensions are for the needy not the greedy. Old people owe young people a better quality of life than they lived or face cout d etat.

  4. And what does sexual orientation have to do with the Regiment for crying out loud? Gays are no more likely to abuse power dynamics than straights. Furthermore the Regiment is in chaos. The last alleged case of sexual abuse there was almost seven years ago.

  5. Wayne Furbert… What can one say really? He’s a bit of a joke.

    @ Red Party
    “Gays must be banned from the Regiment to restore order.”

    Had to check my calender just to be sure. For a second I was certain my idea of what year we were in was off by about a century or so.

    It’s disgraceful that such ideas are held by anyone in 2009.

  6. Old people are useless trash when it comes to politics and must resign peacefully the orders are out.
    Why should we pay some old fat pig a pension check to go on a cruise when he already owns three houses. income tax would force these old greedy pigs to pay their fair share. As a former soldier who witnessed Officers call recruits big nuts gays should be banned the Bermuda Regiment we know who you are hope and pray we dont go Independent.

  7. Yoh Red Party…..I don’t now what your smoking but I don’t want any. “Cout d etat”..?

    Ready your post makes me think you got left out somewhere along the line. Welcome to the club. “the club” meaning that many have had hard times but have somehow managed to make better with what they have.

    “Old people owe young people a better quality of life”..?

    You’ve no bleddy clue what has transpired in the last 100 years.

    A few from both sides of the ‘coin’ made a profit and that helped us all as a country to exceed where others have failed.

    Your not “Red” your ‘blue’ because you feel left outThe real world with all it’s faults is a bitch. Most want to move on. Can you?

  8. Only people without communication qualifications post personally back and forth.
    The majority of Bermudians support antigay laws, the majority of bermudians are struggling, the majority of young people are being ripped off by a corrupt tax structure that pays landowners pension checks when these same landowners are not taxed on the rental profits.
    Only stupid old people talk about race because they do not understand microeconomics.
    They all can go to hell. Race cant pay rents, phone bills or buy baby formula.
    Only a fool would be jealous or even compare himself to someone who had slaves for 400 years.
    Stupid old fools and miseducated fools and devils who dont understand microeconomics.

  9. @ Red party

    Please, enlighten us on the subject of microeconomics that you profess to know so well while government economists and accountants are so completely ignorant to.

    As for your throwing in of a mention of anti-gay laws while I can’t figure out for the life of me why it’s relevant I have but, only one comparison for you.

    At one point in time THE MAJORITY of people supported the enslavement of an entire race because of only the colour of their skin. Does that make it right?

  10. Let’s not forget that while slavery ended a long time ago, segregation and racism were rampant less than 45 years ago. That was not 400 years ago.

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