Mid-Ocean’s Sinking

I was surprised at the news about the Mid-Ocean’s demise. I knew that the newspaper industry was in some difficulties with the rise of the internet and the current economic climate, but I hadn’t realised that the situation was as bad as it is. To be honest I didn’t really read the Mid-Ocean much. I wouldn’t really buy it myself, but did enjoy reading the columns by Tim Hodgson and especially Alvin Williams. I hope that these are picked up by eithe the RG or the Sun. Similarly, I hope that most of the workers involved in the publication of the paper are not greatly affected, and I reckon most of them will be absorbed into the RG.

5 thoughts on “Mid-Ocean’s Sinking

  1. Local advertising dollars are apparently in a steep decline. You should probably read more into this than the demise of a newspaper or “the internet”. It reveals the immense strain facing our local economy. Our economy reportedly has 1000 fewer jobs than a year ago. The trickle down from that hurts.

  2. I was surprised when I first arrived here years ago, that the island could support 3 newspapers, and have remained surprised since. It’s not as if there are major discernible differences between them, i.e The Times v The Sun (UK).

    Similarly with radio stations that essentially play much the same music – well to me at least! Why can’t we have a Radio 4 here – lol!

    No doubt some will be pleased it has crashed – Col Burch called it a ‘rag’ on one occasion.

    Questionable that the RG/Sun can absorb all their people, although it might permit Bermudian to replace expats perhaps. I have to say – I will not miss Alvin Williams.

  3. This is proof we are in a PLP recession where was the bail out plan for the Mid ocean?
    ZBM could be next. Many black busineses have sunk during this recession economic empowerment was an ignorant arrogant policy nothing but bad loans without continous government support. 1000 jobs down the drain 1000 mortgages if things dont change or a stimulus packgage is created by the finance department. Real talk true story ,
    ” People are losing three jobs a year cars and apartment work or crime is coming in 2010″

  4. This leaves the Sun as the pro PLP newspaper to counteract what the Premier sees as the remaining bastion of the combined opposition. Ironic he doesn’t see that he has shut down the PLP voice in the Mid Ocean. None so blind as they who don’t see. Oh what a chip on the shoulder can do. President Obama welcomes a free press as a check on Government – no wonder the Premier allegedly considers President Obama as a sell out and a description favored by the Immigration Minister (Lt Col Burch). Can Bermuda survive until Dr Brown leaves? Must be a close call.

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