ZBM Goes Online

I see that ZBM has set up an online presence now, with video feeds and even a discussion/blog feature. I’ve only skimmed through the site a little so far, but it looks like they are trying to combine real time phone call-ins with online posting; it look like they are transcripting the phone callers message onto the forum and people can comment on it. It certainly looks like a welcome addition to online media in Bermuda which is certainly something I welcome. I’ll write more about it after I’ve had the time to explore the site properly, but I thought I would see how other people found it as well.

The site is ‘Let’s Talk Bermuda’.

24 thoughts on “ZBM Goes Online

  1. I was having a look at it when the show was on yesterday and while the number of posters wasn’t particularly high it was at least not problematic like the phone system.

    With a little more awareness I think it could become a very nice addition to the net.

  2. Would it really have broken them to get a designer in to make it look like they tried to be professional? Have they never seen CNN, ABC NEWS, CBS, NBC? I don’t like to be critical, but they just did not even try.

  3. Holy Toledo Batman! It’s way overdue but ZBM entering the online world is a good thing. Like loki said, the site’s dated in appearance but before that there was absolutely zero.

    I don’t think Bermuda Braodcasting has the financial resources to build a professional site so I’m giving them a pass for now on website appearance. They’ve immediately surpassed VSB in this regard.

    If they continue to enhance their product, promote their online presence (and hey, maybe sell ad space) properly and imrpove the on-air stuff (namely the handling of phone calls) they may have a quality show on their hands.

  4. This is not on subject, but would like for your readers to understand why certain people DO NOT LIKE the way PLP is doing things these days. It borders on breaking the law.
    I don’t think the PLP quite grasps the importance of the environment and just how dire things truly are. Taking this prohibited land to build housing for foreigners. I mean REALLY!! These are sad days.
    So I’ve also read in paper that Bermuda will be losing 1,000 more jobs by end year, and possibly another 1,000 by end of next year.
    Lord help us all.

  5. I would like to add that the premier is still talking about a Platinum period for tourism. Only now he refers to it in future terms. Does he read the news? fat chance

  6. sara, take a break…we are talking about zbm news website…we know you blame every single issue in bermuda on dr brown…

  7. i think the website needs a bit of work definitely, but the idea seems sound. i think the actual talk show is a good foray for Mr. Moreno, I just wish they would be able to do a better job incorporating the calls into the show. On Monday night Bob Richards had to stop many times from answering Mr. Moreno’s questions in order for them to answer the phones.

  8. and just to clarify sara, it doesnt say 1000 ‘more’ jobs by end of year and another 1000 next year, it says we may lose 1000 jobs by end of year…we have already lost some. and while everyone knows there are challenges with the economy, different economists etc have differing views on this.

  9. Hunt is EB’s ace boy, he’s building 10 story dorm for 450 stacking them in like sardines so the hoards of foreigners the PLP are importing (3 x more than UBP allowed) can make his friends & family multi-millions,run their PAY-TO PLAY business, do the grunt jobs building and working in the new Morgans Point Casino

  10. I believe that the ZBM site will improve over time, and no doubt they are reading the comments here and will take them into account.

    As for the planning permission issues at Hunts Quarry, my position is that every development project should require an environmental impact assesment, and that if the development is found to have a negative environmental impact then it should go back to the drawing board. I also believe we should be much more strict with retroactive applications – none should be allowed, and perpertrators need to be arrested and heavily fined, with the money going to either ecological restoration on site or elsewhere in compensation. The individuals and companies involved in such retroactive applications should also be barred from any further work in the industry. I can only understand SDOs in literal emergencies, as in a state of war or natural disaster.

  11. your govt is building housing for their imported SLAVES ,nothing for locals, the homeless or the Salvation Army ,whose funding they cut

  12. “Let’s Talk is a hard-hitting, investigative, current affairs television program airing……….”

    I’m sorry but this is too funny, hard hitting? investigative?

    Gary Moreno is hardly Jeremy Paxman

  13. Maybe Glenn Blakeney is the hard-hitting one [/lame pun/reference]

    Anyway it’s not like Bermuda has an abundance of hard-hitting investigative journalists (or current-affairs shows), so this is probably as ‘hard-hitting’ as you’re going to get here.

  14. @ Ken,
    If you read correctly, I stated PLP and I also said it was off subject. But it is a much more important subject than ZBM so I thought I would draw attention to the important issue.
    Dr. Brown is at fault for many of these poor decisions. You don’t think Glenn would override planning without the head honcho encouraging him do you? Wake up Ken and get your head out of the sand.

  15. Bermuda is a colony or today known as a Brtish Overseas Territorial Sandwhich.

    Head out of sand? The pinkest and cleanest on the face of the earth.

    Do people appreciate it?

    One grain at a time………………………………..

    Sara, define “Sand”.

  16. Bermuda doesn’t have the cleanest beaches in the world. As matter of fact this year the beaches were the dirtiest I have ever seen them.

  17. Sorry Rummy,

    I did not understand what you were trying to get at, which is why I didn’t answer your question about defining sand. I am not good at interpreting hidden meanings.
    As you noticed, I am the type of person to tell it like it is.

  18. Sara,

    Are you suggesting that Minister Blakeney is just a “puppet”? Do you really think that the Premier is that persuasive?

  19. Hi Laverne,

    I find it VERY ironic that both ministers of environment (Neletha and southlands) have overturned decisions by planning and they both have to do with tourism. Huh, I think you know the answer to that.

  20. “Persuasive:..?

    Yah betcha. Ask Randy, Wayne, et al.

    Come on honey. You can do better than that. Think family.

    What you gonna say when Wayne comes over? He finally found what side his bread is “Browned” on in the toaster of revolving push buttons that never work?

    LaVerne, come to the light side. There is no future without your input.

    Only you can make a differance, and thats a fact.


  21. Hey Wiaruz, your comments are so typical of what exists in this country. Ctiticise, criticise criticise, with no offer of anything constructive. I swear that is in our DNA. Sure Moreno is no Jeremy Paxman. I’m sure he isn’t even trying to be. Guess what though, at least he’s courageous enough do something different in highlighting the issues affecting the community. I often don’t agree with his methods, but, to quote a comment I saw about him on the ‘net’, he is a breath of fresh air, and appears to tell it like it is without bias. Anyways, I like the show and what ZBM is trying to do despite its outdated equipment and appearance.

  22. The show itself is a good idea and a television show of this nature ought to exist. Not since Rick Richardson’s ‘News and Views’ have we had such a thing here.

    Pairing it up with a website and blog component provides extra oomph and makes the series accessible to an even greater population.

    The only thing I’d float, and it’s probably going to be quite unpopular in some circles, is maybe removing the call-in aspect of the show, as I’ve found that it really takes up a heap of the broadcast time that could be better spent on discussing the issues between the moderator and the guests. Maybe ZBM doesn’t have the resources to make it run a bit more smoothly than it does, but this show may run better if it’s treated more like Face The Nation/This Week and less like Larry King Live.

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