Obamania – War is Peace

So, I was at the public library the other day reading over David Cameron’s closing speech to the Tory conference, and I overheard some people at the next table talking about President Obama having received the Nobel Peace Prize. I didn’t put much stock into it – to be honest I thought they were just having a laugh. When I found out that it was true I was left speechless.

Mr. Obama seems like a nice enough guy. But the Nobel Peace Prize? For what? About the only action that he has done that could maybe just be of note is withdrawing the plans for the missile defence shield that was atagonising the Russians. Beyond that he’s continued two imperialist wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, maintained a robot war of Predator drones assasinating civilians throughout Pakistan, bankrolled occupying forces in Somalia, as well as forces in Columbia, the Philipines and various third world ‘democracies’ throughout the world.

Mr. Obama is good at rhetoric, at speaking well. But a Nobel Peace prize for rhetoric? For nice-sounding speeches while doing the opposite? For effort? I hadn’t realised the Nobel Peace prize was on level with kindergarten effort awards.

What a brave new world we indeed have, where war is peace, ignorance is strength and freedom is slavery.


6 thoughts on “Obamania – War is Peace

  1. I can’t think of any award or recognition that is not political. Dam it – even the Oscars are.

    As someone wrote in the Times – it’s the Left giving to the Left.

  2. Don’t forget that the closing for the submissions was 2 weeks after he took office.

    I think he’s a great man, and will make a great President, maybe even one day he’ll deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

    But giving it to him two weeks into office makes a mockery of the award.

  3. A ridiculous choice plain and simple.

    Change and all is lovely but, lets give him a chance to actually make some major changes before we shower him in awards.

  4. Anyone that thinks that the people who are most upset are those on the right of the political spectrum might want to look at what the left has to say:

    October Surprise: Peace Prize to a War Criminal


    Depraved, Obscene Absurdities:


    “Almost no one will acknowledge the single, fundamental truth about Barack Obama, the truth of greatest and most terrifying consequence: Barack Obama is a war criminal…”

  5. Re my last post – I was more than slightly surprised since I figured the hard right would have a lot of negative things to say but the left would be all in favour. Boy was I wrong.

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