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For a long time I’ve been hoping to compile a blogroll for our fellow UK OTS, primarily Cayman and TCI, however I didn’t have much success in finding many blogs from these islands and put it on the backburner. A recent email I got from the Voice for Jersey blog has however renewed my interest in this project.

My thoughts for this project stemmed from the fact that most of the UK OTS are small island states like our own, and I thought that developing a greater awareness of our sister islands may be mutually useful. Who knows, perhaps we’ll even get some cross-territory conversations going.

Along with the formal UK OTS I also wanted to include the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man in this project.

Can anyone give me any suggestions for blogs to include? I reckon that ‘many hands make light work’, and besides, some people may already be aware of other blogs.

To start things off, here’s some I know from Cayman:

Revolution Island
First Time
Mad Bull
Such Life in the Tropics
Islas Bellas


6 thoughts on “UK OTS Blogs

  1. I got to level with you Johnathan…if that’s what’s out there – I would drop the project. Lol!

    On a serious note, it at least appears that politics isn’t too evident in cyberspace. Interesting. Maybe we’re just consumed by it here in Bermuda.

  2. Catch a fire.

    Thank you for including one of our Blogs. we do run 3 of them, to include and You will note down the left hand side of our Blogs we have a “Bloglist”. Certainly on the Blogs are nearly all from Jersey. has a more international Bloglist including yours.

    The Blogscene on our little island is growing rapidly this is due to having a State Controlled Media, not sure if it is the same where you are?


  3. @ Mike – Well, I’m hoping that there are a lot more political type blogs out there myself. Figured this would be as good a start as any other! I do sometimes get the feeling that our blogs in Bermuda do seem a bit more developed (in the sense of social and political discussion) than our sister territories or islands. Not sure why that is. Maybe this will encourage others to try and compete with us – LOL!

    @ Voice for Children – Thank you for the heads up. After I get some more blogs up here I’ll organise a proper blogroll for them. Our media is far from state controlled, although the government is certainly hoping to see a more diversified media and will probably assist with that. The question of the media here in Bermuda at least can be a bit provocative, with the main media traditionally being seen as controlled by the White elite. Our current government was forged in the anti-segregation battles and as a result as some, erm, suspicion of the media here. It is changing, but there are still some repercussions of our history in this area.

  4. Sure you know, but Jersey (along with Guernsey and Isle of Man) are Crown Dependencies, not OST’s.

    They are of course self administered and are not part of the UK or EU, although along with the UK they form the British Isles.

  5. One correction, Jonny…
    The main media has been labeled as being controlled by a party that has been labeled and “the white elite”…

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