UK General Election Campaigns Gearing Up

I’ve been a bit lazy regarding the blog over the last few days. The reason for that has been the series of political conventions of the three main political parties over the last few weeks, and my attempts to review all of the reports on them. This has required a bit of a crash course on UK political issues however, and while this have been illuminating, I am aware I have quite a bit of catching up to do still. I was of course aware of many of the issues; as a political junkie of sorts I’ve been keeping an eye on developments here since 1997, and particularly since the I came here to further my education last year. However I had not had the time to fully investigate some policies, like Foundation Hospitals and City Academies.

In between job hunting, hiking and keeping in touch with events in Bermuda I have started to review the election manifestoes of the three main parties (as well as the Greens, the Scottish Nationalist Party and the Scottish Socialist Party) that were produced for the 2005 Westminster Election, the 2007 Holyrood Election and the 2009 European Elections. I figured that these documents were the best starting point for getting a clearer picture of what the 2010 manifestoes would look like. I have also been spending some time in the public library skimming the various literature that has been produced, as well as government policies and their criticisms. It’s all been tremendously interesting – and occasionally VERY boring – and I’ve found some ideas that may be useful for back home and I hope to get around to writing about them shortly.

I’m expecting to write various articles about the UK General Election over the next few months, especially as this may have ramifications for the relationship between the UK and its Overseas Territories over time. I intend to continue writing as normal regarding events in Bermuda as well however; I just wanted to give readers advanced warning that I’ll also be covering UK political events more closely as well. I’ll even give the topic its own category as well.


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