The Bermuda Green Party?

Well, it gives me great pleasure to introduce what appears to be a fledgeling new Bermudian political party. And no, I am not referring to the NewBP group that has split from the UBP. This is the Bermuda Green Party.

I don’t know who the individuals are behind this Green Party, or how many members they have, let alone their level of organisation. From what I can tell of the group they originated formally over the June days, although it is likely that the idea was in formation before then. I know that they started with a launch on Facebook back in June/July, and have spent the summer apparently working out a plan of action. They have now launched a blog ‘Change Bermuda’ with which to both flesh out their program and encourage awareness of their group.

As stated, I don’t know who’s behind this organisation, and if they will be successful in developing sufficiently to field candidates in parliamentary elections at the moment. I do however welcome their formation and the contribution that they may be able to offer to our political discourse. I hope that readers will take the time to visit their site and offer their advice or constructive criticism; and of course anyone who wants to join them and help build their organisation I wish them the best of luck.

I remain supportive (although critical) of the PLP as the best Party for the country at the moment (although I think they can certainly do better!). I do consider myself an eco-socialist however, and look forward to the impact that this group may have on the political discourse in Bermuda. These are certainly some interesting times for Bermudian politics, with a fractured Opposition, growing civil society initiatives (like The Bermudians) and talk of various new political organisations. I sincerely hope that this marks the greater maturation of our political system, away increasingly from racial politics and towards more ideological ones.

Best of luck to the Bermuda Green Party!

13 thoughts on “The Bermuda Green Party?

  1. Probabley some of Mysty’s friends from BIAW………he’s really into green. Weed, Aliens, money………

    Gotta run…………my coookie is almost ready……

    A great day too all.

  2. “ChangeBermuda
    We are too many to be named…. We remain unnamed for fear of our safety…. We strive for excellence and believe our country has the opportunity to be better… We believe in a new Bermuda…. and…. We believe we can make it happen…. Or at the very least, cause people to question the current state of affairs and empower the people of Bermuda to take action.. We want to show so many Bermudians that feel helpless that we can have a voice and what we say does matter. ”

    The second sentence is a put off for me…they remain unnamed for fear of their safety…well, you can’t get actively involved in politics and create a political party and then want to be anonymous. It doesnt work that way.

    Also, it seems they took the PLP mottos from 1998 “make it happen” and “a new bermuda”.

    regardless, like i stated earlier, lets just see how things develop…

  3. Well, I do think it is a fact that a lot of people percieve there to be repercussions to speaking out publicly. In some ways perhaps this a hangover from the pre-1998 era where there was greater justification for criticising the ruling powers, as the PLP is well aware of. I get the feeling that some people truly do feel that the system is the same, just with different people pulling the same levers. I personally feel that this is more perception than reality (although things like the BCC fiasco certainly don’t bolster the image of the Party). I feel that once this group gets more organised they will be more public in their composition. They just need some time to establish themselves. Already though I feel they are doing better than the NewBP.

    As for taking some PLP mottos, well, imititation is the most sincere form of flattery. Well, until it crosses the line and becomes just plain creepy – lol! There is however a precedent in this, both UBP and PLP have aped some aspects of Obama’s campaign (and this is all the NewBP has done!), and the UBP often took policy ideas from the PLP pre-1998.

    Interesting to see how it develops for sure.

  4. It will be interesting to see if any traction is gained by any of these parties. If the government runs out its whole term, we have over 3 more years til the next general election, and there may well be a lot more variables/concerns in play for people to make decisions on.

    Those that have issues with Dr Brown will likely not have that gripe to focus on, and if it is true that their main problem with the Government is Him alone, then we will see how that transfers to electoral support.

    Those who are more issues oriented can then judge the parties on what has been done and what is planned to be done.

    should be an exciting time.

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  7. Jonathan,

    I have to take issue with you on the repurcussions theory. It is out there live and very active, especially if one is perceived to have been PLP and seen the light and want to improve oneself. Real Mafia type tactics.
    The present PLP has virtually no connection to the original aims and is as outdated now as the UBP. The Premier has used the sheep mentality to his and his friends’ own benefit, and the country’s detriment.
    Example. Last night at a meeting attended by community people and the police, the police admitted that there are still many unlicenced and uninsured cars on the road. How can this be with the multi million dollar VRF (or whatever it is called) system? Must be because it doesn’t work. Who was awarded that contract?

  8. Who was awarded that contract?

    David Burt

    That’s the lesson and legacy of “we had to deceive you” EB to the youth and future generations ,if you want to be as wealthy as me,Burt,David Durham and my friends and family, throw the grass roots voters,small contractors ,and anyone else who doesn’t bow and bend over for me, under the bus !

    Starling,how about tackling real issues instead of this trivial political gossip,such as

    rising cost of living and unemployment,IB exodus

    collapse of law & order & Tourism

    accusations of young black men raped in the regiment?

  9. Jonathan,

    I’m surprised you left the last post by Sal in. His last sentence was way out of order.

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