‘The Bermudians’ Website

Crikey, I took the day off to watch the football and cricket, and I see there are some, erm, interesting conversations going on here. Not sure if I’ll have the chance to respond to them at the moment, but I will try to do so later. Anyway, I was just skimming through the various blogs, and I came across a post on Breezeblog announcing that ‘The Bermudians’ have set-up a website for their group.

Now, this group ‘The Bermudians’ were the subject of my last post, Picnic Protests. They also a somewhat controversial group in some circles, and I hope that their having a website to articulate their views will clear up some of the questions relating to them. I am not associated with them, and so I certainly cannot speak for them. I do hope though that readers take the opportunity to visit their site and form their own opinions.

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