David Burt’s Resignation

I was saddened to hear that Mr. Burt has resigned from his position as Chairman of the PLP, effective October 22nd, allowing for a new Chairman to be elected at the upcoming Annual Delegates Convention.

I don’t think it’s any secret that Mr. Burt and I had some disagreements, particularly as it involves the managing of the Progressive Minds and PLP blogs. Unfortunately these sometimes public disagreements may have given the mistaken impression that I was strongly opposed to Mr. Burt as Chairman of the Party. This was most definitely not the case. On the contrary I have long regarded Mr. Burt with high esteem for his administrative capacity, and especially for his abilities in facilitating often stormy Central Committee meetings. I have always found Mr. Burt to be a fair and impartial chairperson in these meetings, strongly committed to upholding the Party’s constitution in procedural matters, as per his mandate. His relative youth, almost contemporary to my own, was also a welcome relief and a benefit for the Party as it embarks on its necessary transition from an Old Guard to newer Young Turks.

I am aware that Mr. Burt has been much maligned by others in Bermuda’s various blogs and forums, and his decision to resign as Chairperson is certainly being greeted with a mixture of suspicion and joy by certain quarters. It is not my intention to contribute to those criticisms. Rather, it is my hope to highlight his contributions to the Party’s internal organisational matters. It is my sincere hope that his successor will continue his projects of modernising and rationalising these internal structures. He has been a tireless advocate of rebuilding the Party Branches into more active and better functioning Party and community organisations, and for ensuring that the Party sticks to its own Constitution and rules of order.

For all that I may have criticised him for, I will be the first to admit that he has been an excellent Chairman. He certainly has flaws, as much as any other. But as Chairmen go, he has raised the bar. That he will continue to be active within Party Committees bodes well for the Party, especially as it begins its transition to a new generation of leaders, and Bermuda transitions to a new political landscape with the UBP’s developments.


4 thoughts on “David Burt’s Resignation

  1. I’m glad he’s gone. His influence on Bermuda political rhetoric was to take ramp the attacks up to an extreme that he thought clever but was both laughable and tragic.

    Bermuda is better without him.

  2. Considering how young he was, he was doing a fine job as Chair as I understand.

    But as a spokeperson I don’t think he was doing the Party any favours. It was a bit little watching a High School debate team.

    I’m sure he will find use elsewhere in the Party though.

  3. Anyone who knows David will of course understand what he means by saying the his work with the PLP has been a profoundly enriching experience, no one epitomises the Friends and Family plans like dear Dave.

    Boondoggles, no bid contracts and channelling funds to the Howard alums – none of this ever happened under Chairman Dave’s watch.

  4. That’s the lesson and legacy of “we had to deceive you” EB to the youth and future generations

    if you want to be as wealthy as me,Burt,David Durham and my friends and family, throw the grass roots voters,small contractors ,and anyone else who doesn’t bow and bend over for me, under the bus !

    Burt made a fortune from running EB’s propaganda machine,and PLP web sites and getting multi million dollar govt contracts in return.

    “Pay-to PLAY” has financed his new front St office

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