New Bermuda Blog – Wishful Thinking

I hope Nioe deosn’t mind me doing this, but having just come across his new blog, I thought I would add it to the blogroll and advertise it a bit here. I am not sure how long Nioe has been posting on Bermuda’s blogs and forums, but he has certainly become a well-known and frequent poster over the last few months. I’ve always encouraged people to set up their own blogs, as it is refreshing to have more points of view out there, and having ones own blog is both easy and more satisfying than simply posting on the existing forums. The first stages of a new blog are always the hardest as one learns the ropes, but I am confident that Nioe will make out just fine and I am sure this new blog will be welcomed by all.

Best of luck!

Wishful Thinking – A Young Perspective On All Things Current In Bermuda’s News


2 thoughts on “New Bermuda Blog – Wishful Thinking

  1. Thank you very much for the kind words.

    I expected to spend the first few weeks or months flying under the radar a little until I got it all worked out but, it would seem you’ve blown that plan haha.

    I look forward to some good times and good discussion and I hope some of you will take some time to have a look every now and then.

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