A Request for Assistance

Mel Ayton has posted a comment requesting for assistance in locating photos that may be relevant to his book on the 1972/73 events, re Larry Tacklyn and Buck Burrows.

I thought I would give his request its own thread so that readers may be able to offer any suggestions for his benefit. Myself, I am eager to read his book, as he covers a very interesting time in the formation of modern Bermudian politics, and while it may have its ugly side, I feel it is necessary for us all to learn more about the past events that have shaped our current society.

I reproduce Mel’s original post below:

“My book about the 72/73 assassinations has finally been taken up by an American east coast academic publisher.

The publishers have asked me for any world rights photos I may have for the book. I have a few personal photos supplied by my sources but none of Buck Burrows and Larry Tacklyn. Can you suggest any contacts?

Best Wishes,

Mel Ayton”


10 thoughts on “A Request for Assistance

  1. I’d try the Royal Gazette, myself; they might have something in their archives, and if it was taken by a photographer who was an employee, they would own the rights.


  2. I would have though that in all the years this has been in the works, he ‘d have had a handle on that by now? Bit late in the day to be suddenly looking for photos, no?

  3. Since you have no clue as to what your talking about Mr. Padgett I would suggest a rethink of your comments. No need for me to come too Mr. Aytons defence but I thought it pertinnant to bring to your attention that the book will be published soon and photo’s are just part and parcel to it’s publication. He has many but since he is doing it right, he cannot use CR photo’s.

    The lengths and breadth and hard work put into this book will be a winner even though maybe shy a few photo’s.

    I speak for myself. Mr Ayton is more adapt to dealing with stupid comments than I. He also is world rennouned for his writings.

    For someone with a P.hd I would suggest you put your pen away for a while and reflect on your comments of late.

    My opinion. Have you read his works et al?

    Did’nt think so. Spend too much time blocking me from BIAW…………

    A great day too all.

  4. I have many photos in my files including the photos taken at the murder scenes – photos which I do not intend to publish as it would be extremely upsetting for the Duckett and Sharples families even after the passage of so many years.

    I also have copies of all the RG photos which they have published over the years. However, I foresee a problem in acquiring rights to publish them as my book is heavily critical of the way in which the newspaper has handled the story of the assassinations.

    Over the years I have contacted Government offices, police HQ etc for assistance in acquiring photos and documents. They were of very little help.

    I cannot recall seeing any photos of Larry Tacklyn appearing in any of Bermuda’s newspapers. Do forum members have any? I would also be interested in photos of the following and I appreciate any assistance forum members may afford me:

    Fort Hamilton
    Fort Langton
    Derelict Mortuary on Old Military Road
    Bernard Park/Marsh Folly Road
    Harris Bay
    Marsh Folly Road/Old Railway Tracks
    Entrance to Government House on Dutton Avenue/Marsh Folly Road
    Bleak House (renamed Tyne Bay House) Master’s Ltd Store, Clarendon Building, Hamilton
    YMCA, Cedar Avenue
    Shopping Centre Supermarket, Victoria Street Hamilton
    Bassett Building, Court Street, Hamilton
    Greene’s Grill on Court Street, Hamilton
    Old Devonshire Church
    Hamilton Police Station
    Hamilton City Hall
    Piggly Wiggly Plaza Supermarket, Shelley Bay
    Bank Of Bermuda, Church Street, Hamilton
    Police Commissioner George Duckett
    Bobby Greene
    Colin Greene
    Larry Winfield Tacklyn
    Erskine ‘Buck’ Burrows
    Joanna Knights
    Dennis Alan Bean – a former parliamentary candidate.
    John Hilton Bassett
    Jerome Perinchief
    Ottiwell Simmons Jr
    Any photos of other members of the Black Beret Cadre
    Charles DeShields
    Malcolm Marsden Dears
    Sylvan Musson Jr
    Victor Rego and Mark Doe
    Michael Stanley Basden Hollis
    Edgar Burrows
    Sidney Carl Pitt
    Darrell Densworth
    George Atkins
    John Henry Hillgrove Williams
    Albert Rodrigues Cabral
    Mel Saltus
    Judith JoAnne Spanswick
    Harold Gaiton
    Alpheus Lewis Stubbs
    Barbara Blaine
    Wayne Michael Jackson
    Sharon Laverne Beach
    Nevil Augustus Spencer
    Sir Richard Sharples
    Captain Hugh Sayers

    (The people named above were involved in the murder investigations as ‘witnesses’ or ‘actors’ in the story of the murders and not necessarily participants in the conspiracy to assassinate the
    Governor and the Police Commissioner – nor did they necessarily participate in the murders of Victor Rego and Mark Doe.)

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank many Bermudians who have assisted me in my research – especially former police officers like Territ Cabral, Nick Bolton and Peter Clemmet (and a very senior police officer who wishes to remain anonymous) whose insights into the murders were essential to my work. I would also like to thank Baroness Sharples who supported my research and provided me with the fascinating story of how the police botched the arrest of the third man involved in the assassination of the Governor.

    Mel Ayton


  5. Hello Mel,

    Whilst I cannot help with photographs, it occurred to me that you might like to say something about the size of any pictures people do have.

    Presumably, these are for print in your book and so web size images will be of no use?

    Presumably, the publisher will want to print at 300 dpi? Translated (very roughly) that means you want image sizes of what – 1800 x 1800 for a 6″ x 6″?

    Just a thought.

  6. I understand your wariness about the RG, but really, give them a call – all they can do is say ‘no’, right? And they might surprise you – I think they understand the need for robust debate, and just because you have critical things to say of them, they might still support your right to say them.


  7. You Mel, you’ve put up with me for years but our goal is the same. The truth.

    The funny part is in my view is that all these people/peoples with degrees from MIT et al are telling you how to do your job.

    “Give the a call”….

    Ord Road, those are some words I never thought I’d hear from you.

    As for the Royal Gazette? You win some, you lose some.

  8. Thanks Martin and jnc for your encouragement. And you, of course, Rummy -what people on all these Bermuda blogs don’t seem to be aware of is your incisive intelligence and cutting wit – I think it goes over their heads on many an occasion. They just can’t see around your cryptic phrases!

    Ruth O’Kelly-Lynch has kindly offered to see if she can access some photos and she also requested an interview. I thanked her for her help but decided to wait a while before giving the interview.

    Martin, you are correct – the publishers have requested, “photos be at least 5 x 7s or 8 x 10s glossies. They must be saved in TIFF format, in grayscale, and at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. The physical dimensions of the scanned images matter too: once they are saved at a certain size, they cannot be enlarged much without serious quality loss”.

    A glaring omission is a photo of Larry Tacklyn. Not one image is in the Scotland Yard murder files. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could hunt one down.

    Thanks for allowing me to participate in this very civilized forum.


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