Congratulations to Michael Weeks

I just wanted to offer my congratulations to Mr. Michael Weeks who has been elected by the PLP branch of Constituency 16 (not 4, lol), and confirmed by the PLP Central Committee. His name was not included in the previous discussion on possible candidates as he had not been publically named as a potential candidate, and the purpose of those discussions were always more speculation than anything else.

From what I do know of Mr. Weeks he will be an excellent MP for the area, and will hopefully carry on the late Mr. Bascome’s committment to community involvement. While it is unlikely that the UBP or an Independent candidate will be able to win this by-election, Constituency 16 being a solidly PLP safe seat, it will be interesting to see the level of turnout and support the by-election will produce. Traditionally by-elections tend to have a lower turn-out than general elections, and this may be more so in a stronghold contest where the winner is almost a foregone conclusion. However, the by-election may be used by the UBP to test their level of support from the 2007 election – has it gone up, down are stayed the same. Should an Independent run and win more than the UBP this too would be telling. I don’t feel that many Independents will choose to run though, partly as they would be running against the sympathy vote from Mr. Bascome’s passing, but also because as far as I know there is much talk but no formal organisation of a third party that could support them.

Anyway, congratulations to Mr. Weeks, and best of luck in the upcoming by-election!


27 thoughts on “Congratulations to Michael Weeks

  1. Doesnt look like any Independents were named but the media is reporting Keith Young as the UBP candidate. He is the same candidate who lost to Nelson Bascome in 2007.

  2. I thought you guys did’nt buy the Royal Gazette. Damn. So up too date.

    Ken, there’s an election in “Area 41” did you know that? Their running on the format of ….’alienation’.

  3. Rummy,

    You think that the Royal Gazette is so powerful that when someone refers to the media in Bermuda that they’re automatically referring to that newspaper?

  4. LaVerne, have a nice day. I think you dropped the twine that spins your top. Anything else constructive? How much your cousin paying you.

  5. hey laverne ….. did u tske our list of systemic reforms to he plp central comitee, so they can make it happen for all bermudians?

    are u going to?

  6. Rummy, who’s paying you?

    Hey Black Press,

    I did talk about your list on my radio show last week to see how other people thought about them.

    Why don’t you become a member of the PLP and bring the reforms to the CC yourself?

  7. we bermudians who are not members of any party should not have to be a member of any political party or participate in what basically amounts to pay to play…aka corruption, in order for the political party in charge of the govt administration, to heed the words of non members and take action and follow through on its constitutional mandate to represent all BERmudians regardless of political affiliation or race.

    we find that polotical party members have a very narrow field of vision when it comes to reform and whats best for ALL bermudians regardless of political affiliation or race…. allmanner and forms of conflictis of interest come into play b4 they do what the people want….AKA corruption

    we are not concerned about your talk show….the list of reforms are what the people want and what every day average man in the street will benifit from we have been asking for these reforms while tha upb was in power…and the plp has been in 4 over 10 yrs and the reforms have still not come. The plp has waisted its political capital, taken the grass roots 4 granted , and continue to run this place as Bermuda inc like the ubp….how long do u think we gonna put up with this modern day slavery?

    increased drug trafficing by average people in order to survive economically…as detailed in the bda sun…is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to what people are preparing to do to make it under these economic times….and until reforms are made…we hope they get away with all the criminal activity they are planning.

    how long and how worse do things need to get b4 reforms happen?

    ….so when are u goin 2 your central comitee to present these reforms?

    or does tha man in the street have to put their support behind the white party since the plp is too caught up in gettin rich n ignoring what the people want n need

    far less bs talk ..grandstanding, photo ops n worthless talk n more action.

    **power to tha people by any means nessicary**

  8. Please tell me when and where Laverne’s show is ! I can say no more except I will tune in once to see what it is all about and who the sponsers are ?

  9. Black Press,

    I fully agree with you that one should not be a party supporter or member to be heard by the Government. The Government is NOT a political organisation. A political organisation offer candidates for elections and the winning party forms the Government. Political parties advance political ideologies Government should and must advance the will of the People…this is where many politicians go wrong.


    LaVerne is absolutely correct, the Royal Gazette is not THE source of information Bermuda. I am curious as to why you automaticaly referred to the Royal Gazette in reference to Ken’s statement.

    Rick Olson,

    I guess you want to know who the sponsors are so you can boycott them. In reality you are no better than what you and others have claimed LaVerne is. You do not like the things LaVerne says so you will try to do things to get her of fthe radio. I guess you are no different from those who have been referred to as restricting free speech.

    Just because you disagree (even very strongly) with LaVerne does not mean she has no right to have a voice…or from your perspective should she be silenced?

  10. Free speech should be encouraged, as long as it is not slanderous or dangerous (the whole yelling Fire!!! in a crowded theatre argument).

    For the most part, I believe anyone should be able to get o their soap-box and say whatever the hell they want.

    My issue comes from people like Thaao Dill, who pretend to be unbiased, and use their position to influence the masses with outright lies and spin. If he were to simply say, look, I’m part of the PLP, I will do what I can to protect them so take what I say in that context – I’d be fine with it. But he pretends to be thoughtful, honest and truthful. Which he’s not. And the youth don’t know that.

    Given the current PLP leadership’s desperate, consistent and pretty pathetic attempts at berating the RG for being biased, I find it lovely that they have no issue with Hott. Because being biased for them is fine, being biased against them is a demonstration of white hegemony.

    Anyway, for me any mouthpiece of the current leadership of the PLP has lost all credibility over the past 3 years. I literally do not trust a word they say. They’ve continually lied, spun and slandered in a way that I would have hoped Bermudian politics would never descend to.

    Just yesterday we have Sen. Walton Brown saying how the situation in the Turks and Caicos is robbing the citizens there of their democracy. A fine argument if you know nothing about the issue or have read nothing – big evil UK descends with colonial whip – however the majority of citizens in the Turks want them there. So his argument falls down upon the slightest bit of scrutiny. But the PLP leadership spin stories to those that don’t care enough to exercise that scrutiny. And so they are led…

  11. You guys and gals need to lighten up. You have to cherry pick everything. I am quite aware of the areas in which “Media” opperate thank you.

    Everytime I go fishing I catch something and in doing so proves my point.

    Guilden, good to hear from from you. I was under the impression that not hearing from you for sometime on the local sites you must have been planning a comeback in Pembroke.

    Have a great day.

  12. Lost,

    I agree wholeheartedly with you on Thaoo Dill. He certainly is in a position to influence his audience and I think he needs to be as independent as he can while at his “day job”. The media, in general in my view should be independent of politics, it should report facts and not to get listens to lean one way or the other. Talk shows and “specialty programmes” (those programmes that are designed to discussed politics) however, are a different kettle of fish. Thaoo’s show from what I have heard is not a talk show nor is it a “specialty show”. I do believe he crosses the line on many occasions.

    With regard to TCI, I do not agree with the position taen by GB. TCI is a self-governing territory and it should be up to the electorate to determine who it wishes to have represent the people of the country. Commissions of Inquiry are fine when necessary but as they are legal hearings they should focus on proving a case of wrongdoing and/or corruption. They shoudl not give the UK the right to suspend the constitution.

    A country is either self-governing or not, if it is self-governing allow it to handle it own internal affairs and let the people determine the direction of the country at the polls. Suspending the constitution certainly, in my view, removes the rights of the people and thus hinders democracy.

    I have to admit I am not very educated on the wordin of the TCI Constitution, however, if the UK ever stepped in to attempt to suspend the Bermuda Constitutional Order I would have major concerns because as long as internal security is not being breached the UK really have no say wahtsoever unless they wish to act against the wording of the Constitutional Order. I would expect Bermudians to stand up loudly and strongly against it, no matter what they feel about Dr. Brown. Now if there was some attempt at military control than that is different.

    Just my humble opinion.

  13. Lost,

    You stated that the majority in TCI want the Britsh there, are you certain of that? Are there polls to reflect this? I ask in all sincerity because I have not sensed that to be the case from my many TCI friends here in the Bahamas and during my visits to TCI.

    Belongers may have been displeased with Michael Missick but I have not seen where they wanted the Constitution suspended.

    In my view, after the results of the C of I there should have been new elections called so that the people could decide who they wish to have Govern the country.

  14. Lost In Flatts – I do not think you have ever actually listened to Thaao Dills show. He repeats all the time that he has is own biases including being a PLP member and supporter and that everyone listening should keep everything he says in the appropriate context. I do not believe I or anyonee needs to speak for him but I also recall him saying more than once that he thinks objectivity is a myth. So for you to listen to him and say such things, I think not.

    I listen to his show every morning and you are either lying about him inentionally or out of ignorance. Neither is fair and you should stop.

  15. Guilden

    Maybe there are some islanders who are not convinced that change can come from within, and that UK-driven change is a price (albeit expensive) that needs to be paid?

    Not suggesting that it couldn’t have been done in a different way, but maybe this short return to UK control sends signals that are stronger than simply re-electing another Government. Signals that are wider perhaps than just TCI islanders.

    The UK has a responsibility too of course, and as she is often blamed for not getting involved, or ‘too little too late’, or as Derek Burgess put it here recently…’she (UK) needs to love us a little more’, the UK will want to be seen to be positive amongst such apparent wide spread pocket lining.

  16. Martin,

    As I said, I am not familiar with the wording of the TCI Constitution but I know for a fact that under the Bermuda Constitutional Order, Bermuda has full self-responsibility for its internal affairs. There are some who have called for similar action to be taken in Bermuda and my view is that any attempt by the UK to do that should be vehemently fought as it would be contrary to the Constitutional Order.

    I do believe that the Constitutional Order was ignored with the Uighur situation but two wrongs do not make a right.

  17. Guilden

    Well – let’s just hope Dr Brown behaves himself going forward then, otherwise it becomes 3 wrongs don’t make a right and the UK becomes a ‘puppet on a string’.

    There has to be a balance in here somewhere. Tip too far, and you have problems.

    For what my opinion is worth, I can’t see an equivalent event happening in Bermuda despite the fact that there are those who call for it. It is one thing to say you mistrust Dr Brown (and I include myself in that group), but it’s another to find credible evidence that that is the case.

  18. The red party met with Candiate Weeks and his strong family values were collaborated at the Town Hall meeting at the SDA church. The Deputy Premeir showed some leaks of dictatorship when red party questions were answered. the people are more important than party. Senator Bean showed cowardice and the red party is seriosly thinking of runnig in Mp Robain’s contuitency see because of Senator Burch’s influence on the young man. Commissiong is useless. Red party out.

  19. At what point will we look past the party initials and really get down to business on this island? A 20 mile island with a notoriously racist history is being ripped to shrewds by this party political system, because race and politics are being fused into one, a dangerous recipe that is bearing rotten fruit today.

    I frankly couldn’t give two s**ts about either political party, both of them stunk and are stinking up the place, and both have long outlived their usefulness. Especially when what is considered right or wrong depends on which party did it, or the color of the person doing it. And then there’s always the classic and completely thoughtless response of ‘hey, the UBP did it too!!’ Umm who gives a fuck!? We voted for change, not a continuation of what came before. I voted FOR the PLP in 1998 because I DIDN’T want the UBP in BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY WERE DOING THEN. WHY WOULD I WANT THE PARTY I VOTED FOR TO DO THE SAME? Does that make ANY sense?

  20. Um dafinhitly sallin mighy pruperty der.

    Chack yo lutt laytar………………………..


  21. @black press

    “or does tha man in the street have to put their support behind the white party”

    So much for being judged by the content of one’s character, and not the colour of one’s skin, I guess?

    This island is sick through to the core.


  22. The UBP is not aggressive and negative enough. A corrupt politican dies and vultures jump to replace him. If u are not prepared to get down and dirty stay out of red party politics. we are coming soon.

  23. Your biggest problem and will be your demise is the fact that you all only serve

    White WHINE……………………….

    Have to make a not of this.

  24. noel…the content of all politicians characters in bermuda political history thus far has been to get rich via being involved in party politics and being in government.

    You should quote the entire sentence if u plan on quoting :

    “does tha man in the street have to put their support behind the white party since the plp is too caught up in gettin rich n ignoring what the people want n need”

    History has shown that the white party did make some basic concessions for black people to advance in Bermuda INC

    Whers the advancement under this plp administration…

    education is failing younger generations

    opportunities are slowing down for the educated young adult to middle aged adult population

    middle class is not growing

    gap between rich n poor and middle class n poor is growing

    homelessness is up

    drug importation by average people is up

    this is all symptoms of long term political corruption

    and it appears the only way to purge this corruption is by violent revolution…individual character means nothin in corrupt party politics

    so we stand by our comments Noel n ur correct this place is sick

    **power to tha people by any means nessicary**

  25. @black press

    I don’t disagree at all with your list of problems; and I think there is some truth to your characterization of political parties.

    My point was a different one, though: I’m really perturbed that what some people seem to find important about parties is the skin colour of the people in them (otherwise, why your comment about “the white party”), rather than whether they are competent, effective, honest, etc.

    Hence my prior comment. I really don’t give a rat’s ass what ethnic group a politician belongs to: the only that that’s important to me (and the only thing that should be important to _anyone_) is whether they are competent, effective, honest, etc.

    Which does, of course, bring us back to your other points: the things that are currently wrong in Bermuda. Alas, I think violent revolution would create a lot more problems than it would solve. (Revolutions often do. Look at Russia after 1917, or Iran today, etc, etc.)


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