Third Parties Discussion

Denis over at 21 Square has responded to my musings on the UBP and 3rd Parties with his own musings on Minority Government.

What I will say here is that my own writings were based on how to solve the problem of the UBP disbanding and a critical mass of its members and supporters moving to support a new Party. If that were to develop then we would be no closer to helping move forward the maturity of our politics. We would, quite frankly, have the UBP with a new name and nothing else.

While I agree with Denis that the dissolution of the UBP would indeed spark an ideological dispute within the PLP, as long as the new entity replacing the UBP is the de facto UBP, this internal PLP discourse will once again become stifled and politics return to its present status quo. The question then is how to form a new Party in such a way as to doom the UBP from ever forming the government again (other than a junior partner), while obtaining support from both the PLP and the UBP as they exist today. To me this would avoid a reincarnation of the UBP, while also fuelling discourse within the PLP – ultimately maturing our politics.

The only way I see for this to happen is for the UBP to continue on, with at least two new parties forming to challenge the PLP-UBP hegemony. This scenario avoids a wholesale desertion of the UBP and joining a new party en masse – and so resurrecting the UBP.

I do agree with Denis’ assertion that new parties would be best targetting marginal seats than charging gung ho into PLP-UBP strongholds, but this blitz tactic, benefiting from split votes in the marginals, must in turn see the marginals converted in new party strongholds.

4 thoughts on “Third Parties Discussion

  1. Understand what you are saying Jonathan – but – you still have the problem of what 1 or even 2 new parties would be able to offer up to the public.

    In substantive terms, what would make these new parties any different to either the PLP or UBP – particularly since it is generally held that there is little between them.

    Yes, some would drift across because they are unhappy with the horse they currently back, but it would take more than that I suspect.

  2. it appears bermudians are fixated on a third party and continuing the failed experiment of the westminster system of governance in bermuda…are u all high?…wtf?

    is it so hard to process that we the people can run this nation without political parties.

    this is proving that bermudians are still infants politically. This is regression…..and can only result in the further lack of unity in this society…. sad.

    **power to the people by any means nessicary**

  3. Bermuda can’t find enough worthwhile candidates to make up two parties, I have no idea where you think a whole load of new ones will come from. Sad but true. The best minds are not going to get into the racial, nasty, family-damaging game of politics. They’ll leave that to the lesser but more power-hungry minds, while they set their families up with great lives in the private sector.

    Politics in Bermuda is no longer about being statesmen, and making the island better. It’s become about winning at any cost, maintaining ones’ personal status and income and keeping out dissenters at any cost. In other words, it’s caught up to the cesspit that is US politics. Where everything gets talked about, and nothign gets done.

    Sorry to sound negative, but it’s just the way I see it. There are no issues any more, only power plays and party whips. Even voting on lying in the house wasn’t permitted on concience. The UBP started the rot, don’t get me wrong, but Dr. Brown’s administration has gone past the old boundaries, into pure slanderous, dirty, sh*t-flinging politics the likes of which Karl Rove would jump for joy over. And it works, if by works you mean keeps a man in power who has less than a quarter of the popular support. Good system.

    Bermuda needs to work out a way to succeed and grow in spite of the party system that we’re stuck with. No way will the PLP allow any change while it suits them, and no way will anyone else be able to excercise any influence.

    So best and brightest of Bermuda – get out there in the community, in your workplace, and affect change there. Unfortunately the houses of parliament have become little more than a sad old mens’ pissing contest.

  4. Hi black press, I agree with you about the need to develop a new political movement as opposed to ‘more of the same’ political parties. My advice is to start building it, starting in your neighbourhoods. I would much rather see a whole new political system being built, but I also see the challenge to a PLP-UBP hegemony as providing fertile ground for just such a new political movement to develop – an anti-party party of sorts.

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