Black Economic Empowerment

I should apologise to readers that this month is likely to be rather slow going as far as new posts from me on this site. I’m in the middle of my crunch period for writing my dissertation which is going to take most of my time right now.

I am interested in a discussion that has emerged on another thread concerning what the Government has done, or should do, to address the continuing racial inequalities in Bermuda. I think that the vast majority of all posters, across the political divide, agree that correcting our public education system is a key component in this. However it is not the only piece in the puzzle.

I am aware that the government has over time adopted a somewhat informal policy of helping develop Black entreperneurism thorugh government tenders and support (such as Youth on the Move Bermuda for example). There is also the EEZ of the back of town area.

I have my criticisms of these moves, seeing them as more focused on developing Black capitalism than addressing substantial social change (and there is also the risk of it being smeared as cronyism unfortunately). I do however recognise they are better than nothing.

I was wondering though what else the government could do in this area. There was the Workforce Equity Act 2007 draft that was produced but has since appeared to be quietly killed. I had some issues with how the legislation was drafted (and it was just a draft anyway), but I had hoped that it would be rewritten to take into consideration the criticism it recieved. Perhaps that is exactly what is happening, but I find it odd that nothing has been heard of it since.

I am aware that South Africa has developed its plan of Black Economic Empowerment, which has since been revised (in light of criticism that it was too narrow and benefitted on the Black upper classes) as Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. I was wondering if it would be possible for us to adapt some of this programme for Bermuda’s own needs?


5 thoughts on “Black Economic Empowerment

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  2. Jonathan

    Having quickly read the BBBEE, am I right in saying that it looks to encompass the wider community and not just concentrate on a narrow aspect, e.g. education?

    Is the position in Bermuda the same as it is/was in S Africa? (I have really no idea).

  3. There are definitely some analogies between SA and Bermuda, but at the same time there are obviously some huge differences.

    The original BEE was considered ‘narrow based’ because it focused only on equity ownership and management representation. This led to widespread resentment as it was seen to enrich only a few Blacks, and was criticised as creating a class apartheid in the place of a racial apartheid (although the Whites continue to dominate the economy).

    ‘Broad based’ BEE instead seeks to address this by distributing wealth and power more evenly, measuring seven indices. While the original BEE was just ownership and management representation, BB-BEE also measures skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development, socio-economic development and employment equity.

  4. Black empowerment is a scam…..and there are people who can give their accounts on how this so called hands up program has done anything but empower them

    applicants have had their intellectual property stolen and used by the plp

    applicants have had portions of their business plans used by competitors after confidential info was leaked to competitors

    applicants have had their applications terminated after spending thousands when they called for accountability in the entire black empowerment process…leaving them financially worse off

    applicants in some cases have paid close to 10k and spent years in the runaround process to secure capital…one person spent 4yrs and $8k….jumping through all the hoops…and there were left with nothing.

    the plps form of black empowerment only empowers a select few…..the plp form of black empowerment empowers thoese who dont need empowerment…like plp MPs.

    the plp, on the floor of the house of assembly announced that a contract awarded to hot 1075 whose owner glenn blakney plp mp…was an example of black empowerment when they were given $100 plus thousand dollars…without a contract to rebroadcast world cup cricket when bermuda was in the match, via pay pre view.

    this is a clear example of how black empowerment in bermuda benefits the elites and not the average man in the street

    why would a sitting mp need to be empowered? while blacks who are not in politics…those who actually need access to capital to be empowered get the run around and get no capital.

    all one big scam. perhaps one day people will go public to expose the black empowerment scam. and publically embarrass the plp.

    after finding out how some people have been mistreated in the so called black empowerment scam…many who are in the gang culture have correctly pointed out ….. if thats what happens to people who pay to get help from government…we are better off selling drugs than to be ripped off like that.

    have u noticed there are to statistics to show the success rates of the BSBDC

    the entire process needs to be reformed and the quango needs to be disbanded and the office placed in the ministry of social rehab.

    ITs all once big SCAM…..and to be blunt….they should know better than f with peoples hard earned money especially when they are officially poor!!!

    Can you imagine what such things can do to a person who is aspiring to move up in life?

    and people wonder y there are drug gangs….LMAO

  5. Black empowerment is a scam…to distract attention from EB and his gang looting the country

    Starling pull you head out..
    you boast about your Marxist beliefs,and fighting for the workers,whose pockets are being lined by this useless tribe of incompetents?
    Zane desilva,Dennis correia,foreign consultants,Rolf and the race baiting cottage industry, EB and his friends & family,not black or white Bermudian entrepreneurs.

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